charles harper
Octoberama by Charley Harper / 30 inches x 30 inches

The Poster Cabaret is now carrying select pieces by the late Charley Harper, including this print entitled Octoberama: a fitting title for the approaching Fall season. Harper was a master in his use of color and ability to reduce elements to their simplest form. These are reflected in the warm, subdued shades of orange, yellow and red seen in the leaves above.


Also available for your viewing pleasure: Charles Harper: Giant Golden Book of Biology

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What a beauty! Loving the autumnal colours and pattern.

Just can’t get enough of those warm tones.

The above piece is one of a series of Gicleé prints on stretched canvas. The cool thing is that they’re large, relatively inexpensive, and ready to hang as they come [or, you could frame them, if you want]. On the other hand, for the $300 you’d spend on one of them, you have a lot of options for Harper’s serigraphs, many of the older ones featuring his own edition number and signature. So, it just comes down to what you prefer.

Couldn’t agree with visualingual more. And at about $400 you dip into the low end of Charley’s Ford Times silkscreens, which were actually produced by Charlie and Edie in their basement.