Sebastiaan Bremer

sebastiaan bremer

New work from NY based artist Sebastiaan Bremer. I’m in love with the found photos he used for the project.

sebastiaan bremer

sebastiaan bremer

There’s a great interview with Sebastiaan over at Bomb magazine.

(via design work life)


Also worth checking: Matthias Heiderich Photography : Photos of Berlin and Beyond

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I LOVE this work. Thank you for posting!

its like a celebration all over the world and confetti is everywhere.

Thanks for the good work! This is a very inspiring body of work.


This is awesome! Amazing how drops of color can entirely transform a simple image.

So beautiful!

The retro feel of these is captivating. I love the contrast of natural backdrops and pop-art-esque bursts of color.


This is great! Thanks for sharing.