Partisan Memorials in Former Yugoslavia


Makedonium monument in Krusevo

I recently stumbled upon a slideshow of modern memorials in former Yugoslavia over at Robert Burghardt’s FZZ Fanzine. The memorials date back to the early 1960s following Yugoslavia’s emancipation from the Soviet Union. In the preface to the slide show Robert mentions, “These monuments belong to the most important witnesses of Yugoslav memorial culture and stem from the most active period of Yugoslav modern art which has been described as socialist modernism or socialist aestheticism.  As War-monuments they are unique: They do not express the fighting and death, but life, resistance and the energy by which they were carried. They are directed forward while they mark the starting point for a new society, whose products they are.”

Sutjeska Partisan Memorial

Kosmaj Partisan Memorial



Also worth checking: Frederic Chaubin: Photographs of Soviet Architecture

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That first one looks like a giant Bumble Ball (remember those?).

I could see some of those structures as inspiration for The NeverEnding Story.

Thanks for this inspiration.
The first building lokks crazy and awesome! Wow!

This is a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your finds with us.

Annie Choi |

Seen Elsewhere |

hmm… Balkan concrete?

El Piddy |

Seen Elsewhere |

Yea whatever happened to those Bumble balls?

Awesome, the windows on the top one look like the cockpit of a tie-fighter :)

Thanks for the inspiration. The first one looks similar to Pierre Cardin’s villa on the Côte d’Azur in some respects (it was built by a Nordic architect). Others remind me of work I have seen in Indonesia (notably the infamous Sukarno’s last erection).

I have the book. The book is awesome.

barbara |

Seen Elsewhere |

Hi Barbara,
What’s the name of the book?

Are they still up ?i really want to go there.

Yes they are moslty. But Yugoslavia is not divided into indipendent separate states, and not all of them are continuing with NOB tradition (NOB is people freedom front against fascism in WW2) Some of them even destroyed old monuments, but in other states like Serbia all of them are still intact.

Neutrino |

Seen Elsewhere |

The first monument is in Macedonia. The monument is still intact. Maybe it needs some renovation work done:) but it is pretty much the same.

Marko |

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