Rabbit Print by Leandro Castelao

leandro castelao

This week we’re excited to feature this Rabbit print by Leandro Castelao as our poster pick. Castelao is based in Buenos Aires and has previously been featured on grain edit. Rabbit is presented in Castelao’s signature style and I must say that I am once again blown away. The lines look like wires creating some sort of robo bunny with a CD drive on steroids. Good stuff. You can pick up a Rabbit print here.


Also worth checking: Leandro Castelao design work

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Fantastic poster! I may have said it too much (or haven’t I said it enough?), there are many great works coming out of Brazil & Argentina at the moment, in addition to the traditional power houses (US, France, Italy, perhaps the UK?).

Next birthday gift I have to make will be this poster!


So beautiful! Leandro surely has a unique style.

So beautiful! Leandro surely has an unique style!

Great work Leandro! You have a great sense of color and a refreshingly original style. I am really impressed with the work coming out of Buenos Aires as of late. I lived in Buenos Aires in the late 90′s and would love to go back and visit sometime soon. Keep up the great work!

Lovely stuff! You should also take a look at the work of Eric Feng:


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hahah, I keep seeing the Pelican, not the duck