World of Logotypes

world of logotypes

Danish Giftparcels | Denmark |

Some of you might remember when World of Logotypes made the rounds on the design blog circuit last year. If you missed out, Amy over at the excellent Aqua-Velvet blog has highlighted a few of her favorite logos from the book. View Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

You can pick up a copy of World of Logotypes at Alibris.

world of logotypes

Warsaw Agency | USA | Designed by Anita Soos

world of logotypes

Quirra S.p.A. | Milano, Italy | Designed by Patrizia Pattacini

world of logotypes

Leidschenhge | Holland | Designed by Benno Wissing

vintage logos

Uniforms Unlimited Inc. | USA | Designed by Thomas A. Rigsby

(via the Silver Lining)


Also worth checking: Scandinavian Logos of the 1960s + 70s

Stefan Kanchev Logos

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I’ve been trying to find this for years…. ebay, wherever… no luck. THANKS!

The danish giftparcels & Quirra s.p.A are great logotype works.

Thanks Dave for the shout! This book is a terrific resource, grateful to Eric for sharing so much of his copy.

(Apologize if this comment stutters… receiving server timeout messages, your site is well loved/trafficed :)

Wow, this book is great. Ordered a copy from Amazon. Thanks for the post.

I love this collection!

Love this collection!

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but Alibris had one copy for $1.17. It took me all of 3 seconds to decide to buy this.

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