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grain edit holiday giveaway

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and now for the prizes………..

Grand Prize

poster cabaret

poster cabaret

poster cabaret

aesthetic apparatus

1 2009 Bike Print set (a Poster Cabaret exclusive) featuring prints by Invisible Creature, Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Eleanor Grosch and Cricket Press.

1 Death Cab for Cutie poster (at the Belly Up Tavern- Solana Beach, Ca.) designed by Jason Munn of the Small Stakes. 18″ x 24″  – signed and numbered edition of 250.

1 2009 Sasquatch Music Festival poster designed by Don Clark of Invisible Creature. 18″ x 24″-
numbered edition of 50

1 Mogwai Concert Poster Birmingham- Apr 22, 2009) designed by Methane Studios. 19″x 25″ signed & numbered edition of 130

1 Conor Oberst gig poster Beaumont Club- Kansas City Jun 26, 2009) designed by Tad Carpenter of Vahalla Studios. 18″x24″ – signed & numbered edition of 200.

1 Doom Flower Mini Print designed by Aesthetic Apparatus. 6″x6″ – Signed and numbered edition of 300

All the posters above were part of grain edit’s poster picks and are courtesy of the Poster Cabaret.




1 Spacetime Vinyl Wall Collection pack courtesy of Poketo.

Features wall decals from Mike Perry, Cody Hudson, Damien Correll and Andy Miller. Collection co-curated by Poketo and Kitsune Noir.

expo 67 poster

1 Montreal Expo67 German Pavilion Uncirculated Print courtesy of Three Potato Four.

Extremely rare authentic original near mint uncirculated large-format poster print from the Montreal ’67 Expo German Pavilion. Poster is printed on thick paper stock and still retains all of its original vibrant colors

Poster Dimensions: 23.5″ x 35.5″

+++ Note -  Three Potato Four is offering Free Shipping on all Domestic orders over $50 to Grain Edit readers until midnight on Sunday Dec. 13th 2009. Use promo code GRAIN3P4 during checkout +++


1 HunterGatherer 15″ laptop sleeve courtesy of Incase.

Designed by HunterGatherer – curated by arkitip. Specs: 14.1″ x 9.6″ x 1″

anorak magazine

a 1 year subscription to Anorak Magazine + Anorak Tote Bag courtesy of Anorak Magazine.

nobrow magazine

An issue of No Brow #2 The Jungle courtesy of No Brow Magazine.

Features work by: Marc Boutavent, Henning Wagenbreth, Blexbolex, Pietari Posti and Paul Blow, and the emerging talents of Eda Akaltun, Jon Boam, Jack Teagle and Sroop Sunar.


Prize Option 1

invisible creature

invisible creature haven

invisible creature haven

1 Winter Hole Fish Game Target Gift card for $25 designed by Invisible Creature

2 prints from Invisible Creature’s Haven Series -  Dad’s Den + Late for Practice. Both prints 16″ x 16″ Edition of 50, numbered and signed.

Courtesy of Invisible Creature.

always with honor

1 Black Bear T-shirt (Limited Edition of 100) courtesy of Always With Honor.

Mine studio

1 Everything is OK Poster by MINE
The first in a series of prints dedicated to exploring
the OK-ness of things. It features 67 pie graphs each depicting a different statistic which may or may not
be OK. Printed in gray, black, two hits of flourescent yellow plus gloss and dull varnishes. 24″x36″

1 Everything is OK Poster by Jason Munn
Created for Everything is OK by Jason Munn of The Small Stakes, this two-color silk-screened poster can be hung upsidedown or right side up, depending on just how optimisit or jaded you’re feeling. 18″ x 24″ Edition of 100. Signed and numbered

Both prints Courtesy of Mine.

jez burrows

1 Modern Listener’s Guide – Destroyer’s Rubies Print courtesy of Jez Burrows.

Limited Edition of 200

gavin potenza

1 Norge letterpress print courtesy of Gavin Potenza + Script & Seal.

A 5×7″ letterpress print. Edition of 60, 2 colors on 110lb eggshell cotton paper with a special blind debossed edge providing a subtle raised effect for the stamp itself.

mark giglio

Your pick of 1 t-shirt from the Pen Pencil Stencil store (must be from available shirts +sizes) courtesy of Mark Giglio/Pen Pencil Stencil.

wonder thunder

1 Moody Toast Pillow courtesy of Megan Claire Hall and Sasha Barr of Wonder Thunder.


Prize Option 2

lab partners

1 Penpals set courtesy of Lab Partners.

This set includes two three color letterpress prints featuring a letter writing Llama and Cheetah. Size: Flat, 8″ x 10″ or 20.3 cm X 25.4 cm

katie kirk

1 New York Set courtesy of Katie Kirk.

Size: both prints are 8.5″ x 11″
Paper: French Paper, Pop-Tone Blu Raspberry, 100 lb. Cover

Dora Drimalas

1 Ladies day out print designed by Dora Drimalas courtesy of Hybrid Design.

Size: 16″x20″

sol linero

1 Five O’ Clock Tea print courtesy of Sol Linero.

Silkscreen print on 280 gm paper.
• 10 x 13.5 inch • 4 Colors Silkscreen • Numbered and signed •

rilla alexander canapy

1 Canapy print courtesy of Rilla Alexander.

size: 360mm x 690mm

werner design werks

1 copy of the Alphabeasties book courtesy of Sharon Werner & Sarah Forss of Werner Design Works.

9 x 11-1/2 in; 56 pp ; full-color illustrations,

ward o matic

1 Callico Elly print courtesy of Ward Jenkins.

8.5″ x 11″. Signed in pencil by Ward.


Prize Option 3

jim datz

1 Manhattan poster & 1 Brooklyn poster courtesy of Jim Datz/ Neither Fish nor Fowl

Each print is individually signed by the artist and measures 16″ by 24″. Prints are hand screenprinted seven colors (including gold metallic) on thick 100% Recycled acid-free 100# soft white paper stock. Both prints are exclusive to Three Potato Four online shop

+++ Note -  Three Potato Four is offering Free Shipping on all Domestic orders over $50 to Grain Edit readers until midnight on Sunday Dec. 13th 2009. Use promo code GRAIN3P4 during checkout +++


meg hunt

1 Make Way, it’s the Mobile Zoo print courtesy of Meg Hunt.

Size: 14″ long, 11″ high -  limited edition of 50

kate bingham burt

daily purchase drawings + monthly zines that they appeared courtesy of Kate Bingaman-Burt.

Each daily drawing is part of a limited drawing edition of TEN.  Also included is a screen-printed certificate of authenticity.

josh brill

josh brill

1 Western Tanager-Silver Edition & 1 Woolly Mammoth-Extinct Edition print courtesy of Josh Brill/ Lumadessa.

Limited edition of 50, signed and numbered by artist Josh Brill

the beast is back

Your choice of any two available prints at the Beast Shoppe. Courtesy of Christopher Lee/ The Beast is Back.

nobrow magazine

An issue of No Brow #2 The Jungle courtesy of No Brow Magazine.

Features work by: Marc Boutavent, Henning Wagenbreth, Blexbolex, Pietari Posti and Paul Blow, and the emerging talents of Eda Akaltun, Jon Boam, Jack Teagle and Sroop Sunar.


Prize Option 4

christopher bettig

the mountain label

1 Paris print – 18″x24″ limited edition of 50.

1 It All Begins With A Smile print – 18″x24″

1 We Are Not Two We Are One print – 18″ x24″  yellow third edition and is limited to a total of 50 prints.

Courtesy of Christopher Bettig.

mark weaver

1 Bang Bang print courtesy of Mark Weaver.

18″x24″ – Limited edition of 50

mr bow legs

1 Magic Island t-shirt courtesy of Jeffrey Bowman/Mr. Bowlegs.

andy j miller

1 Love Yes Wow poster courtesy of Andy J. Miller/Koma Design.

11×17 – Signed & numbered edition of 32

mark giglio

Your pick of 1 t-shirt from the Pen Pencil Stencil store (must be from available shirts +sizes) courtesy of Mark Giglio/Pen Pencil Stencil.

skinny ships

1 Things I Like poster courtesy of Richard Perez/Skinny Ships.

18″x24″ – Limited Edition of 100


and now a special thanks

Many Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors for helping to make today’s giveaway happen. Please take time to visit their sites.


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the neither fish nor fowl interview was my favorite.

My favorite post of the year (so many to choose from), would have to be the Kevin Dart interview.

AMAZING prizes! i want them ALL. Thanks for the article on Hatch. I’m from nashville and love that Hatch Show Print is keep authentic letterpress design alive in such a cool way.

Hands down, my favorite post was the one about my good friend Mikey Burton. He’s the best!

Thought the illustrations by Jim Datz were wonderful!
I’m already a subscriber.

Two times…ftw!

neither fish nor fowl interview

I just realized, I’ve been using the wrong email on here. Whoops. Hope I win. And thanks for the opportunity to win some of this great stuff.

neither fish nor fowl interview was my favorite

I’ve been a subscriber for a long while now – Loved the interview with Matt Stephens and spotlight on his work. I follow him on flickr now and adore all the superb artists grainedit has introducted me to in 2009!

It’s got to be the “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” interview. I’ve forwarded that to so many people.

Loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview! I go back to it all the time!

Hmmm that’s a tough one, but if I had to pick one I’d say the LITTLE FRIENDS OF PRINTMAKING INTERVIEW… Now, give the me prizes!

My favorite post was the little friends of printmaking interview. i loved the different perspectives within the two as a whole and the work is mind blowing…plus i still cant get over that awesome print set up they have (JEALOUS!!!)
thanks guys, you rock!

Oops! And my favorite post was probably the Dress Code interview too. Andre and Dan are the best. Also, anything Frank Chimero.

I think my favorite post this year was the one about the Alvin Lustig Vivaldi record album covers. That one stuck with me, and ever since I’ve been known to dig through the record album bins at thrift stores … even though we don’t have a turntable.

Hard pressed to choose a favorite. I would have to go with the Photo Lettering – Alphabet Thesaurus Vol.2, followed closely by the Stefan Kanchev post.

my fave has been the feature on dan cassaro/young jerks. but it was hard to choose, i love everything about this site!

Fav post was the House Industries interview.

i think that article about Alphabeasties book was the best.

Vintage travel posters!

dress code interview

Loved the post about the vintage Esquire magazine covers.

I loved the Neither Fish Nor Fowl Interview. Such amazing Work!

Three way tie between the Mark Weaver profile and the Cristiana Couceiro post.

Frank Chimero’s interview got me through a tough spot! Thanks grain edit!

Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. Excellent work!

They were all good, though I liked the Jez Burrows post, and also really like the swell season poster

Favorite post was the Little Friends of Printmaking interview, very cool, thanks for doing that.

hmmm… i guess the one i keep thinking about is the little friends of printmaking ivu. but hard to narrow it down!

Two way tie between the Mark Weaver profile and the Cristiana Couceiro post.

Loved the Esquire Magazine covers!

i will like these, yes?

My favourite post is the one titled “Jazzin’ the Black Forest: The Guide to Saba/MPS Jazz Records” dated 07.14.09., because this is when I first discovered your blog! I still have it bookmarked (which makes me think that I should change it to the homepage… it would makes things much easier…). Anyway, I have the cd released on Crippled Dick Hot Wax Records. It’s a good one.

the vintage Russian posters were awesome

the swell season poster, or the Jez Burrows poster

Loved the Monocle feature

There was so much goodness, but the “Little friends of Printmaking” and the “Invisible Creature” interviews were the top for me!

I too, like the vintage travel posters! way cool!

My fave: Vintage travel posters

My favorite post was your interview with designer Frank Chimero!

That’s a lotta loot! Consider me in!

m welch

Aah, so difficult to choose, I enjoyed so many! Recently enjoyed the Neither Fish nor fowl Interview, such lovely work <3
The Russian posters were beautiful too.
So many lovely prizes!

I’m brand new to grain edit so I’m still catching up on all the posts, but I’d say that so far I’ve been most inspired by the ‘Neither Fish nor Fowl’ interview. yep.

WOW ! awsome stuff !
i want somthing :) plzzzz

Fave post of the year would have to be Frederic Chaubin: Photographs of Soviet Architecture. Just amazing!

the Mark Giglio Studio Visit was great!
those wood works are amazing!

I started subscribing just a couple of months ago and still it’s impossible to choose! Right now it’s a toss up between the Frank Chimero interview and the Sollinero Illustration post.

My favourite interview… mmh, very hard to pick! I should say the Invisible Creature one, I read every single line of it :)

now, give me that Sol Linero print right away!!!

Too Many!!! But If I had to pick one, I’d say LITTLE FRIENDS OF PRINTMAKING… Now give me PRIZES!!!

there are so many great posts, especially the ones on vintage european graphic design… though recently i loved the Tom Palumbo Photography post you recently did. keep up the lovely eye candy!

Wow, this year’s giveaway is amazing! My favorite post this year would probably be your interview with Dress Code…I loved their book and I love their work! Keep bringing the great posts and inspiration!

My favorite was the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. But you guys have tons of incredible articles and interviews.

my fave post this year…
Eli No! Children’s Book

i LOVE LOVE LOVE Katie Kirk’s work & i SO want to buy this book for everyone’s kids i know & the biggest kid of all – me!!!

Big up to Grain Edit from a UK Katie x

I liked the Lumadessa post so much I got the Chickadee print for my fiancee for her birthday. Everything has been great!

My favorite post was the Hatch interview

My favorite post must have been the David Klein: Vintage TWA Posters. Beautiful stuff.

My favorite is sol Linero.

I really loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview,the Monocle feature & Mark Weaver profile (love his work!).

I can’t even think how happy I’d be if I won all this lovely stuff! It’s all so GOOD!

Modern See-Saw, no question. Hilarious.

Thanks Grain Edit!

Grain Edit = fantastadon.

My favorite was the Vintage Travel Posters.

too many great (and educational) posts. but i’ll say that the ones that had the most impact are all posts on books or products i might not have otherwise seen … such as “Graphic Design Referenced”, “Lars Muller’s New A5 Book Series”, “Bodega: Vinyl Wall Art Collection Curated by Arkitip” to name a few recent ones. (and yes, already RSSfeeding …)

Jonathan Greene |

Contests and giveaways |

Mark Weaver! Fantastic! :) As fantastic this giveaway is! :)

My favorite post of the year was the Lumadessa prints. I went right there and grabbed the Chickadee for my fiancee, and she loved it. As two biologists, we really enjoy the nerdy stuff.

This is great. I need some prints to decorate my apartment.

The entry of Stefan Kanchev’s TV graphics would be my favorite, you’ve covered him August 24th. It reminded me of one of my alltime favorite pieces: Norman McLaren’s Le Merle (The Blackbird), a magnificent piece of stop-motion graphic art. Kanchev’s style also reminded me of Otto Treumann, a huge inspiration. I love this website, it’s part of my daily ritual. Keep up the good work!

jim datz work is genius. lovely excellent prints you have here!

Holy cow, what a great batch of stuff! How the heck do you guys not hoard it for yourselves??
Favorite post… hm… Well. I am a big Lab Partners fan. & I love any vintage children’s book illustration posts that come through every once in a while. So hard to pick a favorite!

I first learned about Josh Brill’s bird prints through a Grain Edit post, and I absolutely love his stuff, so, I’ll pick that post.


My favourite post was the vintage travel posters!

Thanks for all the great posts though.

My favorite would have to be the Stefan Kanchev post. Great, inspiring work from someone I didn’t know existed. A wonderful surprise, and a site I go back to visit every now and then!

Frank Chimero interview was a highlight for sure.

Frank Chimero interview was a highlight for me.

the hatch interview!

Wow, I’d love to win any of these.

And the Kevin Dart interview, definitely. I’m a big fan of his work.

I love how you always feature so many good new illustrators, the Lotta Nieminen Illustration and Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions posts are my personal favourites in that respect. I also really liked the story about the title designs för Where the Wild Things Are, about Geoff Mcfetridge.

It’s all about the Kevin Dart posters for me. Man, that guy is incredible. Everythign I’ve ever loved about art, design, typography, movies and women captured to near perfection. Sigh.

Little Friends of Printmaking interview was the bees knees.

Hope I win, this stuff looks incredible.

Frank Chimero interview and just about every other single post this year.

The Charley Harper post! I went to the gallery opening here in town because of it and got to see some of his wonderful art up close.

Great inspirational site all round but my favourtie posts were the Invisible Creatures and Kevin Dart interviews.

I loved the Meg Hunt interview, along with all the others of course!

Hard to choose, but I loved the TWA stuff. Also thanks for cluing me in to Mark Weaver’s excellent work.

Little friends of printmaking interview is my favorite ;)

*Sigh* I salivate at the beautiful illustration and typography! Wonderful! Pick me, pick me!! ;)

Sigrid Lindholm |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh man, I would die if I won this!! I especially love that gun poster. :) One of my favorite posts would have to be a recent one.. the vintage travel posters. very cool!

The article recently on Mark Weaver ( was awesome. His work and the article jumpstarted my creative process again.

Yes, please! Favorite post would have to be the Little Friends interview…

Jonathan Armstrong |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh to win! What awesome stuff you guys have gathered up! Some people are going to be awfully lucky! My fave post(s) of the year were the Hatch Interviews – great insights!

An amazing assortment of beautiful, creative, and inspiring work! Some real talented designers / artists involved. My favorite post, and there are more than one, but if I had to narrow it down I would say the Alvin Lustig Vivaldi record album covers. Love cd / album covers that is why I am excited for the Invisible Creature merch
Here’s to Grain Edit..and the Grain Holiday Giveaway Bash!

I adored the posting for PUFF by William Wondriska. I found a copy within minutes and it has been looked at weekly since it arrived.

Very much enjoyed the Hatch interview, along with everything else you’ve ever posted.

I have to say that all the vintage travel posters are my fave! Thanks for the awesome stuff this year!

Marc Hughes |

Contests and giveaways |

I really enjoyed the Frank Chimero interview!

Mikey Burton’s work is so good it hurts.

Vintage travel posters was definitely my favorite post of the year

I am a big fan of The Small Stakes, great stuff!

My favorite was the Sasquatch Music Fest posters.

I absolutely LOVED the Esquire magazine post. I loved finding the face or eyes in each cover!!

Kate El-Bizri |

Contests and giveaways |

oh yay, so exciting! pick me!!

I loved the post with all the vintage Russian posters. Eye candy for sure!

My favorite post of the year: Cristiana Couceiro Modern Collage Work.
I LOVE GRAIN EDIT! (and: WOW!! Yet another amazing giveaway. But this one really takes the cake!!)

It’s all about Mark Giglio.

Kate Earhart |

Contests and giveaways |

i’ve had my eye on the bike print set for a while now!

The Kevin Dart interview was by far my favorite. It was interesting getting a glimpse into his life.

all of the posts have been amazing! of course i’ve always loved mark weaver’s stuff. the autografik post was amazing as well!

Brent McCormick |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite post was the vintage travel posters because I WANT A COPY OF THE POLAND POSTER SOOOOO BAD.

grain edit is one of my daily favourites!
and the Frank Chimero interviews was one of the eye-openers of the year!
thanks for all the inspiration!

(and kanchev! and little friends of printmaking!)

My favorite post of the past year would have to be the Little Friends of Printmaking interview

Hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with the movies reimagined as vintage Penguin book covers:

Thanks for this great contest offer!

I think I screwed something up. My favorite was the vintage travel posters.

My favourite post of the year : The Frank Chimero interview !

Thanks for all the good things this year! :D

Monsieur Doinel from France

Thanks for such a great blog


Hard to pick one, but loved the Mark Giglio-post!

I’ve loved any posts on gig posters and the great ones you guys have found.

My favourite :

Keep the good works :D

Love from France!

What an amazing giveaway!
Maybe for sentimental reason, my favourite post would be the czekoslovakian tourist map.
Many thanks for such a nice blog.

So much cool stuff, Grain Edit is a daily destination!

This giveaway is c-r-a-z-y, which actually makes it my favorite post of the year! ;)

The best post of the year was totally the one about Mikey Burton. He is an amazing and talented designer and dude. Totally deserved!!!

Hard to pick one, but the Mark Giglio-post was top notch!

HANDS DOWN my favorite discovery from the year was orba squara’s web site. i still check it out constantly. it’s that good. thank you for all the visual goodness in 2009!

caroline duke

My favorite post would have to be the Kevin Dart interview ( It’s what got me in to this site.

Wow, what a giveaway! The ‘Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview’ is my favorite post of the year. Close second is the vintage travel posters one, and third is my favorite font foundry, the House Industries interview. Thanks for all of those great posts!

so hard to choose- so much good work. grain edit is the best!!! i pick the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview – i LOVE the illustration of Jim Datz.

holy sha-moly. this giveaway is freakin’ awesome. amazing artists!!! thank you heaps for a chance. all good wishes!

Wow – so much to like it’s hard to pick just one. I love the interviews (Hatch). I love getting a peek into other people’s studio’s (Mark Giglio). My all time favorite has got to be vintage travel posters – those colors are amazing.

Sarah Reynolds |

Contests and giveaways |

Little Friends of Printmaking! So thorough.

Well, okay I’m a little biased as a semi-fellow-Wisconsinite.

huge giveaway! count me in :)

My favorit post was the Czech Tourist Map… I don´t know why but I like that kind of stuff…. also liked the different Studio Visits that you have made… Thanks for everything…. greetings from the South side of the world

Oh, it’s so hard to choose! The first one that came to mind though was the Kevin Dart interview. Love.

Holy giveaway Batman! Super cool stuffs! Favorite post from the last year was the “50+ Designers on Twitter: Our favorites to follow.” Found some interesting inspirations and new people to follow. Thanks!

I loved the Tom Palumbo post recently. Such lovely prizes!!!

My favorite post was the vintage travel posters!! It seems to be a popular one!

I love Mark Weaver’s work…but pretty much everything on here is great!

Yukiko Corella |

Contests and giveaways |

Ooh, either the Fish nor Fowl interview or any post that featured wonderful vintage design (board, I know).

Hard to pick a favorite, but the House Industries interview was pretty great.

The vintage travel posters post rocks. Just a great roundup of old art porn.

I enjoyed the Hatch interview. The owner is a fellow UW-Stout grad. Always great to see what fellow Alumni are up to.

Oh wow wow.

My favourite post was the Hatch interview, I love love love their JAQK work.

I think I liked the Frank Chimero interview and the post about Skinny Ships (he’s been one of my favorites ever since) best.
The architecture posts were awesome too…

found lots of wonderful stuff through your website, thankyou!

Tough choice, I’m going with the Jim Datz interview. No wait, the Invisible Creature interview. Hmmm…maybe the Hatch interview. Shoot…too many good ones!

The alphabeasties and other Amazing Types made me subscribe.

I really liked the Frank Chimero interview. I absolutely love the stuff this man does.

The Kevin Dart interview, without a doubt. I loved seeing the drawings from his childhood. Like everyone else, I also really enjoyed the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

enjoyed the HATCH interview! top stuff!

The vintage travel posters were a nice find!

i’m mildly obsessed with mark weaver at the moment, so im going to say your mark weaver post!

The Hatch interview is definitely my favorite post, what an amazing group of people!!!

Is it fair to say that this is my favourite post of the year?
Look at the talent on show – you’ve pretty much curated a show of the most talented people working in print today.

Beautiful work.

I’ve been a fan of the RSS for a while but many thanks for the ‘follow on twitter’ idea. Keep up the great work!

euh oui moi j’aime!! et mon post préféré a été celui de “18 Dick Bruna Book Covers” yesssssss…incroyable!

The Kevin Dart interview was pretty cool

Man oh man oh man, I want that Weaver print! Such a killer collection of prizes, you guys have really outdone your selves.

My favorite post was the vintage travel posters!

My fav post of the year was: 18 Dick Bruna Book Covers

Mark Weaver is the TRUTH! Best post, ever.

In general Grain Edit is awesome! However, if I were to choose one it would probably be the Frank Chimero interview! He certainly is a wise man!

If I have to pick a favorite (there have been some exceptional posts), I’ll go with the 18 Dick Bruna bookcovers. Whimsical, beautiful, books I’d buy for the cover art alone. Love the man.

Oh man, this is awesome. There’s going to be some very happy people.

The designer in me wants to say the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. The Vinyl collector wants to say the Mike Cina mix. I guess its a tie.

Mine was absolutely the interview with Kevin Dart, creator of Yuki 7:

Good luck to everyone!

Hard to pick, but I loved the vintage travel posters.

so many great posts, but picking one randomly off the top of my head is adrian johnson’s. but there’s a heck of a lot of good stuff around these here parts.

this giveaway is amazing. i thought i was going to scrolling through awesome prizes forever!

Hard to chose from all the amazing features and posts, but i loved the Dress Code interview, very inspiring!

I always enjoy an interview.

Cory Weaver |

Contests and giveaways |

I love so many of your posts, it’s hard to pick a fave. Such amazing and inspiring things to see everyday! I was happy to see the work of Cristiana Couceiro featured though—beautiful stuff.

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Happy holidays!

New to Grain Edit past few months and loving it!
What a treat each day. I show my students along the way.
It’s all wonderful – I’m a poster fan but enjoyed seeing the wall art too (Bodega: Vinyl Wall Art Collection Curated by Arkitip).

My favourites wrere the Ed Nacional and Tom Messengaer stuff – so cool. Keep up the good work.

Jesse Yuen |

Contests and giveaways |

so hard to pick, but I will go with:
Spacesick’s Retro I Can Read Movie Series

I adore everything that Frank Chimero does and loved taking a peek into his process. Thank you, thank you.

hatch interview

frank chimero or mark weaver

The book cover posts are always my favorite. I especially love the kids’ books, like the little tiger and his zoo animal friends. But I will take any Grains you want to feed me!


as far as picking my favorite grain edit post for ’09, I’d have to say that I really enjoyed reading both the Frank Chimero & Invisible Creature interviews. Thanks for being such a great source of inspiration!


gorgeous stuff! I’m following you via reader. love the alphabet book!

My favorite post was about the Methane Studio.

My favorite was the Mark Giglio studio visit. Love the way he works and the way the place was set up. Made me wish I had a studio like that. Very inspiring.

Loved the Frank Chimero interview. I even bought a few prints afterward.

It was the vintage arcade game graphics that first caught my attention when I stumbled upon this blog this year, and it was the vintage russian posters that made me drool and know that I had to stay and nourish myself with yummy fresh grain feed every day if I had any hope in all hell of staying inspired and motivated with my own make-something-cool-everyday project. Having just graduated with a degree in fine arts, I’m feeling a little lost out here in the world and your blog keeps me in tune with all the beautiful, eye-pampering things I need to sustain myself!

Gotta be the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview!

My favorite post was the international travel posters

Great giveaway! Win this one and my whole house is decorated!

Wow! Awesome prizes!

I really loved the Hatch interview! Thank you so much for it and all the other great interviews/insights.

Little Friends of Printmaking! Go Wisconsin!

What an INCREDIBLE giveaway! It was tough to choose one, but I loved the Mikey Burton post. :0)

Argh, don’t make me pick just one post! I have a folder with perm. links bookmarked of favorites. It’s too massive.

Um, keep up the good job!

I really like the post about “Little friends of Printmaking” I am from milwaukee and live out of state right now, so it was nice to hear about some people from your hometown coming up! There is some crazy work by them.

I really loved the vintage esquire covers post. It led me to hours of inspirational goodnees.

Great, I’m following via google reader.. My favorite post was the Kevin Dart interview about Yuki 7 and also the Little Friends of Printmaking interview … good luck to everyone.. this is the best giveaway :D

yowza! what a contest! it’s all good, but loved the kevin dart interview.

i’ve been following RSS for a WHILE now… love it all!
my favorite recently was the Vintage Travel Posters piece. so beautiful and so inspiring…

thanks for doing this giveaway! it’s huge!

my fav post is between Kevin Dart interview and the Friend of Tyoe post

love the recent post on the metabolist movement…keep the architecture posts comin!

My favorite was the Frank Chimero interview. And I love the TWA posters! And then there are the maps…oh the beautiful maps…
Congrats on an inspiring year! Happy Holidays!

I’m really smitten with the Swell Season poster. Sometimes it’s just one image that takes you over. Already a subscriber. Thanks.

My favourite post was the beautiful vintage travel posters. If only design could be more like this today. That Rhino is amazing!

I loved the mid-century modern homeplans. now if I can just find someone to build me a mid-century modern home!

Recently i LOVE the Mark giglio studio visit. But mostly i love the posts on designs from a specific country, like the one about vintage russian posters, or polish book covers, i find them really inspiring!

Love the cool bird prints by Josh Brill.

Vintage Travel Posters is one od my favourites. Wonderful blog!!!!

I really enjoyed the Vintage Travel Posters posting.

Lisa Vance |

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frederic chaubin soviet architecture pictures

Loved “The Whimsical Works of David Weidman” post! Great illustrator.

So many great posts. One of my favorites was the work of Micah Smith/My Associate Cornelius. Very inspiring.

Thanks Grain Edit!

Seeing the pics from Alphabet Thesaurus Vol.2 was amazing, so that’s got to be my favorite post. There’s just something about vintage type that totally gets me going. Oh, the things I’d do for a copy of that…

Anything that dealt with typography!

Philip Reaves |

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i love the christopher lee post. thank goodness for grain edit. also could the toast pillows be any sweeter? no. i don’t think so.

lovechicken |

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Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview no doubt


Favorite post would be Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.
Great work!

My favourite post was Lisez, Jouez et Decouvrez La Scandinavie avec Andersen!

I’d have to say it’s a tie between the Mark Giglio visit and the Vintage travel posters. :)

Thanks for a great year and great giveaway!

Favourite posts? Lab Partners, Kevin Dart, Chad Hagen, Mark Weaver… too many to choose.

Keep on editin’ that grain

Hatch interview was great. This giveaway rocks!

I loved the Andrew Bird poster with the bull.

The Frank Chimero interview introduced me to Frank Chimero and a deeper way of thinking about design.

Hmm. It’s a tie between the Ken Leung and Neither Fish Nor Fowl interviews. Both great!

Thomas Lees |

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Long time rss subscriber. Loved the ‘Advice to Sink in Slowly’ post, great illustration in there. I also love most of the vintage posters/manual posts. Great year, thanks a lot :)

The Frank Chimero interview introduced me to Frank Chimero and a deeper way to think about design.

Woo AWESOME prizes.

Fav post? just one?! The interviews and studio visits (fishy fowly) are brilliant thats for sure. And the other ones are fab too :)

It’s a tie between the Ken Leung and Neither Fish Nor Fowl interviews for me. Lots to stare at, lots to read, good stuff.

Thomas Lees |

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My favorite post from the year is tied between the Frank Chimero interview (he is now my favorite illustrator) and the post about s.Britt. But honestly, I love every post. Keep up the good work!

Katie Kuehl |

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I always enjoy the various book cover posts an interviews, but the Polish book covers was my favorite.

Awesome prizes. I drool.
Favorite post:
Kevin Dart interview
But I have to say, looking through the comments reminded me what stellar posts you have had all year long. Keep up the excellent inspiring work!

My favorite was the Kevin Dart interview — it was the first I’d seen of the book, though I’d been a regular visitor to his site a few years back. I wound up trading him a rare-ish Japanese superspy flick for a copy of Seductive Espionage, thanks to Grain Edit!

wow, wow, wow. Dave, you guys are always coming up with such good giveaways and this one does not disappoint! Count me in.

My favorite post was the one on Evan Hecox—such a great talent.

The Ken Leung interview is what brought me to the Grain Edit site and so must count as my favourite post.. For without it I would have missed some fantastic vintage posters and would not have known about that great photolettering alphabet blocks set..

cheers on a wonderful site..

Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview was beyond great.
Thanks for the chance :D

The travel posters and Polish book covers were just some of my many favorite posts here.

the lollipop trollop |

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My favorite was the Photo Lettering, keeping my fingers crossed!!

My latest favorite is the Mark Weaver post. He rules! :-)

This giveaway rocks!

My fav posts from you guys are always on graphic art, so I’d have to say my top fav is the one on Spike Press posters. The Devendra one is simply amazing ♥

Hi, what an amazing giveaway – a friend of mine told me about grain edit a few months back, I always enjoy your taste in graphics. My favorite post from the last year was the Tom Messenger post, I love his colour choices most of all – super sweet! Thanks for the great feed.

The Kevin Dart interview introduced me to his work and I have been a huge fan ever since…

Kevin Frew |

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i really liked Mihail Mihaylov’s work!

I really loved the Alphabeasties post. I just fell in love with that book and I was actually surprised when I received the book for my birthday!

I enjoyed the post about Cristiana Couceiro’s collage work.

Brian J. Harris |

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I can’t pick any single post as my favorite – I just love subscribing to Grain Edit!

I love the update on Jean David, and the other posts that highlight designers from places around the world we don’t normally hear about in North America.

Thanks for this contest, the prizes are fantastic!

Totally dug the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. The German Children’s ABC Book was quite lovely too but oh really how does one chose from the delights you provide! What a wealth, Thank You!
And Thanks for the chance and these incredible goodlies…WOW!

What an awesome contest! My favorite post of the year has been the interview with Little Friends of Printmaking!

i want that black bear t-shirt !

Mark Weaver & Autografik

Wow, what incredible prizes! My favorite post was the ‘Neither Fish Nor Fowl’ interview. It was really inspiring to read about someone making a professional shift from something that turned out to be not as fun as it was in school…I know the feeling! I also love seeing all of the vintage travel ephemera and luggage tags. :)

great stuff!!!

The interview with Hatch was fantastic. Loved their entire packaging design for JAQK Cellars.

My favorite post in the past year was the highlighting of Christopher Lee’s work. I really dig his style and had forgotten to bookmark his site and had forgotten his name. Thanks.

The mobile zoo print from this post was pretty memorable for me, I loved it:

My favourite has to be the most recent Mark Giglio Studio Visit. Love his scope of work from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional design.

I love much of what you post here, but in a pinch, I’d have to say Kevin Dart’s work comes out on top.

I’d have to say the dress code interview

The Swink promo piece was awesome and memorable. But there’ve been many great posts!

Thanks for good daily reading

Took a while to find it, but “Loto de Socorrismo: The Morbidly Funny Game for Kids” is one of my favs.

Merry Christmas!

I’ll say the David Weidman post a few months back just because I’m glad to see him getting this much-deserved attention. Keep up the good work!

I liked the ‘Hatch Interview’ post because I love their work and it was interesting to read about them.

Aaina Sharma |

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My favorite post was the Jonas Bergstrand Illustration Post, it made remember of many things, besides the illustrations are fab.

I love you guys for ALL of the original content. So it’s hard to choose, but my personal favorite, was the interview/mix with Mike Cina. As a self confessed record geek (who loves spiritual jazz) and designer, the interview brought together the best of both worlds for me. I find it incredibly interesting to learn what inspires other artists. Thank you!

New reader to Grain Edit, but I read you guys because of the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I’m studying printmaking now, so it was a good article for me.

I liked when you posted my fellow Vancouverites art, design, film, music, misc blog,

rory O'Sullivan |

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I really loved the orba squara feature, I look at it all of the time! I hope I win!!

I liked when you posted a fellow Vancouverites blog,

rory O'Sullivan |

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I really loved the post on Lubalin Now Exhibition at the Cooper Union.

Wow. REALLY hard to pick a favorite. So I’ll pick a recent favorite: last month, you posted several gorgeous images of vintage travel posters that I’ve been drooling over ever since.

What an absolutely AWESOME giveaway! Thank you for a wonderful blog full of endless inspiration.
Happy holidays!

the frank chimero interview. partially because i have a huge crush on him. please don’t tell. :X

christine davitt |

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Toru Fukuda Illustration – What a gem! A fantastic retro style.

Oh man, so many great articles to choose from… but I’d have to say the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview gets the #1 nod.

Being a big collector of photographic ephemera, I will have to say that anytime a vintage poster or catalog shows up I go B°nKer$.Although I would love to see more of the designers library . Maybe make that a section. I have turned on many of my friends and students to your blog. Education in a snap!

I love all the studio visits this year. The site is an amazing read everyday.

hatch—hands down the best interview of the year. It was so inspiring to take a sneak peak within the cracks of their daily routine and studio. I was so inspired and thrilled to learn much more about their creative process and fine details between each hatchling. It’s nice to see that even smart creative individuals such as Joel and Katie even go through a long development process. A peak of their creative space was an added bonus. Love, love, loved this interview and looking forward to many more alike.

I’m new to the site but I really enjoyed the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I love their work

My favorite post would have to be the Kevin Dart interview.

I really enjoy every post, but especially love the studio tours. My fav from this past year has to be Chris Bettig’s tour.

Thanks for all you do, and happy holidays! :-)

Dunno about one favorite but I really enjoy all the visits in artist’s studios.

Jakub Janousek |

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The Vintage Travel Posters!

Wow, there are so many awesome posts from this year, but I must say I really enjoyed the Little Friends of Printmaking Interview!

Oh, wow! I’d have to say the Tim Gough interview, with House Industries as a close second, although it’s oh-so-difficult to choose.

Its hard to choose one really, but the interviews are always some of my favorites! I especially enjoyed the Neither Fish Nor Fowl and Little Friends posts this year.

there are too many fab posts to pick from but I did like the 50+ Designers on Twitter….kept me busy!

Like a lot of people, I loved the “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” post, great stuff.

I think my favorite post of the year might be the Jonas Bergstrand Illustration stuff. That alligator esepecially.

Hi, Grain
I love your blog very very much.
Especially I loved the Sollinero Illustration post.
Keep on the good work,

kevin dart vs travel posters….um, both.keep up the good work Dave.

Entered! I have too many favorites to list, but the Vintage Russian Posters post was the most mind-blowing for me, and the Mark Giglio studio tour.

Sam's Myth |

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My favorite post was the one with the vintage cassette tape covers!
and every post with great illustrations :D

Thomas Heylen |

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my favorite was the post about coast modern

i think this might be my favorite post. i’m so excited and have my fingers fiercely crossed.

favorite post…. apart from all of them, vintage travel posters perhaps.

I loved the interview with Little Friends Of Printmaking and the Mark Giglio Studio visit the best

like the “Polish Book Covers”. awesome work.
in fact, there’s a lot of inspiring stuff out here. keep digging it out.

I love the Spacesick’s Retro I Can Read Movie Series post. Awesome!

I loved Mark Giglio Studio Visit ! Man I would love a corner just like that :D Btw, you have so many great prizes you could have 10 prize winners instead of 5!!

I love the Christopher Lee ‘The Beast Is Back’ update post.

So much to choose from. Probably the Kevin Dart interview.

Rob Goldsmith |

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Hmm. Fairly new to this great website, so my choice is more limited as I have been through the archives fully… I really liked the polish book covers, buy as s visual beast I think I like the travel posters most. “Come to Africa” Yes please!

The Little Friends Of Printmaking interview was my favourite of the year – yeah!

I really liked the recent visit to Mark Giglio’s studio or the David Weidman from a little while ago.

the studiovisits are the best.
keep up the amazing work!

oh and i agree love the little friends of printmaking interview; sorry i miss read the instructions :)

Shaun Elizabeth |

Contests and giveaways |

Me! me! new studio wall craves tasteful adornment! Plz!

Erik van Blokland |

Contests and giveaways |

*coast modern post

My favourite post of the year was the vintage travel posters

Neil MacLeod |

Contests and giveaways |

There’s so much to choose from! Kevin Dart, House Industries, Bombo, Hatch……..Just to name a few.

I really really loved the Odilea Toscano piece + the interviews are always interesting & inspirational.

Amazing giveaway, I haven’t got a hope in hell. Favourite this year was the Little Friends of Printmaking one, I’d seen their Fantomas poster years before but didn’t know who did it, finally the mystery solved. I went straight to their site and bought a poster – keep up the good work, always a beautiful start to the day with Grain Edit.

Hi all, pff… hard to choose. So many great posts and some of them so different that you can’t compare. Love so many. All interviews, studios, all things with letters are great. Love the vintage posters, and love Mark Weaver… he is just brillant!

Tnx for all the great content and inspiration. Enjoy the holidays!

Gimme gimme gimme.

Awww I have been eyeing off that Boston poster for ages on Three Potato Four but the postage cost is outrageous to Australia.

Fingers and toes crossed. One Question. How on earth do you guys pull such fab prizes!?

The Neither Fish nor Fowl interview was my favourite – love Katie Kirk’s work.

Wow! Almost everything here on grain edit is very, very beautiful, but the 2 posts i liked much, were Birds of a Feather and The Little Friends of printmaking.

As always loving the interview bits… particularly the Hatch interview. Keep up the amazing stuff guys!

tom palumbo photography! whoop whoop!

meeeeeeeegan |

Contests and giveaways |

My favourite post of the year had to be the Little Friends interview. It gave me a warm glow inside. I want a design wife!

Holy shit, thats a lot of swag!

I thouroughly enjoyed the kevin dart interview btw.

I really enjoyed »Little Friends of Printmaking interview«!

thanks alot i hope i winnnnn =^..^=

i dug the fish fowl itw too, it was really nice seeing the work process the more the bettaaaaa

Stefan Kanchev’s logos, TV graphics, and stamp designs. One very cool Bulgarian.

I was very much intrigued by the Little Friends of Printmaking interview- especially good to see the step by step process of working up the sketch to finished print!

It’s impossible to pick just one. How can I, when in every post you discover some great artist, illustration, link, book?

I really liked the alphabeasties post, because it combines some of my favorite things: type, children books and illustration (, but there were also many other amazing ones.

Thanks for another INCREDIBLE giveaway :-)

My fave post o’the year was about a german book for kids, no text, just a series of picture and a green cover – yeah, I know

My favourite post : Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions. I love this illustrator that I discovered because of you. Thanks!

Holy cow, what a selection of prizes. Thanks Grain Edit for a year of fantastic posts. The internet needs more (better) selective editors of material. Thanks for helping to swing the signal/noise ratio in the right direction! Hard to choose a favorite post, but I’d have to go with the Lumadessa-Brill bird prints. Novel, yet timeless. Kind of like Grain Edit…

I love the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview because i love his stuff !
But this article rock too …

My favorite post was about Typografische Monatsblätter, a typo-magazine.

Hi there. I love your blog and I love the fact that it celebrates anything vintage. It makes it very hard to choose a favorite post because a lot of them were so good. But, if I had to choose, I really liked the interview with Kevin Dart. Thanks for another great year of blogging! :)

Katerina Cherrell |

Contests and giveaways |

Mine was Paige + Modern, I love the photo of the Centenary Pool in Brisbane, I now subscribe to her feed as well :-)

Kirsty Elliott |

Contests and giveaways |

Difficult to choose among so much good stuff but I will go for the Vintage Travel Posters just for the Hunting in Poland poster.

Way too many great posts to choose just one, but i always love the interviews and studio tours as well as all the lovely vintage ephemera!

‘Little Friends of Printmaking’ was definitely my discover for 2009 through this colorful and grainy site!

Cheers from Spain!

Love Always With Honor ‘s work and I’d pick the post about them, though I greatly enjoy everything you write!

My favorite post was on Mark Weaver. Thanks!

There all nice and dandy, but the winner must be the post about Stefan Kanchev.

Wow, those are some prizes! My favourite post of the year was the Little Friends of Printmaking. A great run through of their printing process, and a really inspiring array of art!

I love any post with typography but I love the vintage Esquire posters the best!

I love the interviews/features that you do because they help me “discover” designers like Little Friends of Printmaking and Frank Chimero.

My second try to post: I liked »Little Friends of Printmaking Interview« very much.

I may have fallen in love with the Russian Posters and Stefan Kanchev, but generally I am always amazed by the things you guys dig up!.

One day i would love to feature on your pages :)

I loved the Frank Chimero interview, but everything this site has to offer is wonderful.

Jason Chenier |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite post this past year was Richard Perez. I love his clean design style and colors used in his designs!

Missy D'Agnillo |

Contests and giveaways |

I really enjoyed the Mark Weaver post as I had also been following his Make Something Cool Every Day Flickr account and thought it was great to see it had been recognised on here

Hi, I’m a reader from the other side of the world. We are waiting for our very warm Christmas here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I really enjoy the site, it is difficult to choose one favourite post, beside this of the giveway, but I think I liked Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

hey hey, thats a massive giveaway! good luck everyone!

I guess the interviews are always my favorites. cheers!

second try at posting…
I’m new to grain edit but loving it! Difficult to choose a post – I love the inspiring illustration and posters. Was great fun to see the wall art in Bodega: Vinyl Wall Art Collection Curated by Arkitip………and then there’s the Giveaway post…..!!!

My favorite was the Vintage Travel Posters

I enjoyed the Little Friends piece.

the book on swiss graphic design by geigy was a good pick, though i think i particularly remember liking chad hagen’s fake graphs. in any case, its always a pleasure to see yummy fresh grainedit land up in the inbox each day!

brilliant giveaway, you’re really outdoing yourself this time!!

I love it all! Favorite was Dick Bruna covers. I just LOVE him.

Apart from
Grain Edit’s Holiday Giveaway Bash?

- dresscode interview maybe.

The studio visits are my favorite posts.

I’m with Brett, loved the vintage travel posters!

Barbara Abbes |

Contests and giveaways |

I think Mark Weaver and the Kurokawa Nakagin Capsule Hotel are in my top 10, is hard to pick a favourite though…

I loved the Cristiana Couceiro Modern Collage Work! I thought the compositions were wonderful, and I never would have found them if not for you guys!

would have to be the “Neither Fish Nor Fowl” interview, and big ups to Jim Datz, for sharing some secrets on his linework.

The ‘Neither Fish Nor Fowl’ interview is one of the highlights for me this year, I love to read about the way in which designers work. Grain Edit inspires me throughout the day at work! Keep them coming.

My favourite was the Cristiana Couceiro post, because it’s one of the first things I looked at when my friend told me to check out grain edit. I love her work. :-)

favorite post, that’s a tough call. but among the many great posts, the LFOP one was sticking out.

Favourite would have to be the ‘Herbert W. Kapitzki: Graphic Designer and Teacher’ – as I had never heard of him before. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

HUGE!! tons of giveaways, that is awsome, I would to have some of those tees.
Que Bueno, mucho regalos para todos, me gustaria mucho algunas de esas remeras especialmente la the oso, muy bueno .. feliz Navidad Garin edit

this year was better because of grain edit–i always have something to read at work and something to talk about at home. among my favorites…darling clementine design and neither fish nor fowl. woot!

Happy Christmas :-)
I’ve enjoyed the posts which feature stamps.

Would have to be the jim datz, fish nor fowl interview, big ups to jim for sharing some secrets on how he makes such beautiful lines.

Grainedit is awesome. I’m a design teacher and make sure all my students check it regularly. Good luck everyone and happy holidays! :-)

I loved the story on David Klein. His work was so amazing!!!
I also like all the posts on vintage travel posters that you have had.

erin Abbott |

Contests and giveaways |

hard to pick a favorite, but I’d have to say: Invisible Creature! :D

I really hope I win! These prizes are amazing!! I look forward to my Grain Edit update in my Inbox each morning. A nice way to start my day.

I love all the designer interviews! Very inspiring :D

Ken Leung Interview! No Grain Edit post can really be favorited, I always love being introduced to something new and most posts are fairly informative. But as a huge fan of Monocle it was great getting to know about Ken Leung, and learning that he was happy with his decision to stick with print.

Darling Clementine’s lovely posters and ‘Hide and Seek’ by Dan Matutina were up there with the best for me x

Jenny Rawlings |

Contests and giveaways |

Vintage travel posters, hands down ;)

My most favorite post of all year was Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions. Posted on September 17

Great giveaway!!!!
Favorite post definetely the Hatch interview

Panagiotis Spiliotis |

Contests and giveaways |

THIS is my favorite post of all time, what a load of Christmas spirit ;) well done!
Oh, and the 70′s Portuguese brochure as well.
For real, the Little Friends of Printmaking interview.
Well, I could go on… I think I’ll spare you.
Kisses from Lisbon!

It no doubt a cop out but I love ALL the interviews and GE helps keep my dream of being a succesful illustrator alive whilst sat at my desk job.

Oh how I’d love one of these prizes- any one! Great great giveaways!

Nadolig Llawen everyone,


The best post ever was the Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions. Posted on Sept 17.

Wow! A perfect array of inspring swag!
The post that had most of my eyeballs was the Kevin Dart interview. Not only did it reveal a lot about the mystery man, but the early sketchbooks made me dig out my own–from my parent’s attic.

Hmm I think my favourite post was Mark Giglio Studio Visit :) have a nice day or night all:)

not only is the read worth coming to the site but these giveaways are amazing

The best post was Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions. Posted Sept. 17

I can’t believe how much stuff you guys are giving away. Absolutely bananas! Anywho, my favorite post of the year was definetely the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I loved seeing them make a poster start to finish, and all the photos of their home and workspace. Reading about their collaborative process was great too. :)

Happy Holidays everyone! Grain Edit you’ve been super great this year! <3

I also love studio visits!

wauw, what an amazing giveaway, i can’t believe the first prize, i just had to keep scrolling down. I’d love to enter this contest. I’ve subscribed for the email updates and i’ll take a look at twitter (don’t have an account yet).
My favorite post from a while back were the Vintage Travel Posters.
Have fun picking a winner!

It’s so hard to pick one, all Grain Edit articles were so amazing! But i have to go with Poketo + Kitsune Noir = SPACETIME! article – awesome pictures! :)

I loved the post with the Olivetti Lettera 22 manual. Makes me want one even more to add to the collection of small machines.

Thanks for the year’s hard work!

Getting the Grain Edit email in my inbox makes every day that bit better! My favourite article this year is a tough pick, but I think it’s the Little Friends of Printmaking interview, which inspired me to do a screenprinting course at my local college! I love it!

Your email is always the highlight of my lunch but, my fav recent post was those vintage travel posters… :-)

Your email is always the highlight of my lunch but, my fav recent post was the vintage travel posters… :-)

Always enjoyed the work featured on this site. And my favorite? Two words: Kevin Dart.

Yay for GrainEdit!- My daily dose of great design to fight off the glossy everything has a reflection pop-design culture.

Ab-SO-leutly in LOVE with the “things I like poster” as well as many illustrations shown above! LOVE LOVE LOVE :D

Melissa Smith |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite was Little Friends of Printmaking. Your my new favorite site!

Lumadessa Bird Prints are my favorites! :)

Monserrat Valera |

Contests and giveaways |

The vintage travel posters- by far my favorites.

I loved the Frederic Chaubin: Photographs of Soviet Architecture post. They’re so freaky they almost look fake. Oh and Frank Chimero was great too!

I think my favorite was the Kevin Dart/Suki 7 stuff.

crashguitar |

Contests and giveaways |

This site helps the day be a little brighter. A perfect wedding gift from me to myself. Alternativley, I would happily accept the Audi!!!!

Really, pick just one? I will cheat and pick two of my recent favs: Mark Giglio Studio Visit and the Czech Tourist Map. So much amazing stuff!

memememememememe!!!! I bought that meg hunt print after you featured it, it looks fine on my wall! If I win another I promise it’ll go to a good home x

My favorite Grain Edit of 2009 is easily the Poster Cabaret. I have set aside so many as gifts for myself and others. Honestly, a treasure trove of gift ideas and happy browsing! In case you missed it…

Thanks Grain Edit!

It’s very hard to pick a favorite post, all of the posts are wonderful and inspire me, but I’d have to say the interview with Kevin Dart was certainly quite good. A great glimpse into a very interesting mind.

Another great collection! The posters ROCK! (esp. the German Pavilion)

Really hard to choose, but favorite posts of the year have to be 18 Dick Bruna Book Covers and Mark Weaver. Love the blog!

I loved the vintage travel posters!!

Brad Renner |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m pretty sure I’m going to win.

Wait… yes. Yes, I’m going to win.

kidvinegar |

Contests and giveaways |

The best was definitely May 5th, Loto de Socorrismo. Haha.


The Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview is my favourite :)

I love he Terrible Yellow Eyes article the most. my son (2y 8m) loves it too. great inspiration!

I enjoyed the post on Dirk Fowler! The studio tours throughout the year were excellent!

Hatch Interview was real good.

My favorite interview was easily Neither Fish Nor Fowl—I love his work!

I’m a twitter and RSS follower!

I love anything to do with Gavin Potenza! And I think my favorite post of the year was the Little Friends of Printmaking interview–it’s a tough call though.

My favorite post featured Borja Bonaque, a compatriot of mine, with really nice illustrations. It is really great to see what people are doing in my country from my studio in Brooklyn. Thanks grain edit!

I’m pretty much stunned by every post on grainedit, but I love me some LFOP!

this blog is awesome!!!!!

Richard Parez/ Skinny Ships Posts way back in april is one of my favorites (although it was hard to choose)

Main for the two posters at the end “Stick around for a while” “While I bust this free style”

I love so many of these posters! Over the past year, I liked the Jonas Bergstrand post–lovely talent! And the Mike Cina was good as well.

The interview with Frank Chimero was my favorite post this year. Thanks for all the wonderful content!

My favourite story was the Hatch-Story. I hope I have luck and win one of this great prizes!!!

Loved the Jim Datz/Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. The Mike Cina jazz mix was awesome too.

I subscribe and follow on twitter! I love this stuff!

I picked up a copy of Graphic Design Referenced, based in part on your post.

Cristiana Couceiro’s collage work was really nice.

Loved the Jim Datz/Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. And the Mike Cina jazz podcast was awesome.

My favorite post from this past year is definitely the Vintage Airline Posters sent out Aug 6. I work for an airline and love to collect airline poster art. Beautiful!

Wow just wow, thats a whole bunch of amazing. I’m rather fond of the interviews you guys get especially enjoyed Matte Stephens and Kevin Dart.

Love the site. It keeps me from being too cynical about my chosen profession. Keep inspiring.

there were so many…very hard to choose but loved the Kevin Dart interview. Always inspiring to see the process from brain cells to final product and all the thought and work that goes into one project. keep up the great work grain edit!

I love Grain! And my favorite interview was definitely Hatch. Tough call, but Hatch! And I want that Paris Print so bad!

my favorite post was the one with Richard Perez and Skinny Ships

i think THIS might be my favorite post ever…

I wanna win stuff! :D

My favorite post of the year was the interview with Little Friends of Printmaking (although, I must say, it was hard to choose!)…

Happy Holidays, Grain Edit!

great giveaway. pick a post? really? just one? impossible.

peripheral |

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I loved the travel posters…

t.r. wexler |

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I love the Chad Hagen fictinfographics posted: 22 May 2009 01:21 AM PDT

I loved the little friends of printmaking interview.

I love the vintage travel posters!

my fav was the neither fish nor fowl interview.!

Sign me up. I’d wallpaper my house with this!

I’m now officially obsessed with Jez Burrows thanks to you guys, by far my favorite designer of this year. The Little Friends of Printmaking feature was pretty amazing as well. As was the Neither Fish nor Fowl….too many to name. Love this site!

The interviews are always my favorite (especially Hatch and Neither Fish Nor Fowl). Keep ‘em coming- thanks!

Little Friends of Printmaking interview! Happy December!

P-R-I-Z-E-S-! Sweet contest. I really liked the Kevin Dart interview but always love what shows up in my inbox and what I find every time I visit the site. Grain Edit is the highlight of the Web!

My favourite post was the Lumadessa / Josh Brill: Flora Fauna – Bird Editions.
I loved so much the vectorial images of birds.

Ummm…I really loved your interview with Little friends of Printmaking. They are really rad and such talented screenprinters. Kudos to Grain Edit for a great year!

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…” Great giveaway, count me in.

I look forward to my daily email update and thus it’s hard to pick a favourite as they’re all so enlightening. Keep up the good work!

The travel posters post was my favorite! But I love so many of them… always looking forward to checking my e-mail and seeing what’s new :D

Vintage travel posters fo sho’, some sexy pieces of stock rite there.

The Kevin Dart interview, I still want that trailer to be feature-length!

Vintage travel Posters fo sho’. Some sexy pieces of stock right there.

The post on the Lots of Bots book (featuring Wall E) was awesome. I ran right out and bought one, for my nephews of course. It really is a gorgeous book. I get the feeling one of your editors has kids, ’cause I’m constantly getting great ideas for my nephews from you and they are getting lots of fabulous artistic gifts… gee I’d love to win that magazine subscription for them… fingers crossed!

My favourite is your post on the Kurokawa Nakagin capsule hotel – it was fascinating!

Darling Clementine made me smile lots

loved the vintage travel posters and dress code interview!

my fav was the interview with the Little Friends of Printmaking. Now I’m a huge fan of their work!

Vintage Russian Posters – Real 1970s Proper Like!!


the Mark Giglio thing was mighty fine

Tough one, but probably two of my favorites were the Hatch interview and the Little Friends of Printmaking interview.

I can’t pick just one! Little Friends of Printmaking interview definitely or the Mark Weaver feature. Both were absolutely lovely, but if I had to pick one, I’d go for Mark Weaver. His prints are magic.

Pretty much every post here gets my creative motor running. Too hard to choose just one!

My favorite postS are the ones that remind me of design of decades gone by that still continues to influence what we’re doing today – the vintage travel posters, the esquire mags . . . .

My favorite post was the one with vintge travel and airline posters! I want them all!

I am a follower!

Wow, what an AMAZING giveaway! Tough to decide on a favorite post from the last year, but recently I enjoyed the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

So many great choices – I love the Brooklyn posters!

My favorite post is the feature on Ed Nacional. Even though I am inspired by all your posts, this one hit me upside the head. The Terry Shop logo has been the screensaver on my Mac for a long time. He is a talented designer and I was happy to learn of him through your post!

san francisco book sale find was the winner for me! there is nothing like judging a book by its cover and getting it so wrong, and being so pleased that you were wrong, and it is a gem of a book all along! happy times. surprise vintage russian posters, gert lush!

geoff Mc’F's Where the wild thing are post!

Holy wow. So much great stuff, so many great posts. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be The Art and Illustrations of Kevin Dart, with Vintage Travel Posters a close second.

This is my favorite art/design blog hands down. I love your style and eye!

My favorite post – and one that has resulted in me buying MANY a Christmas present – was the Lumadessa post. I’m glad to see that there are some Lumadessa prints as prizes. I love the bright bird prints!

Look forward to more great stuff.

Loved the alpha-beasties! added it to my 5 year old’s Christmas wish list immediately.

Loved the Neither Fish nor Fowl interview. Great to see the process.

Roy Fleeman |

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I still go back and look at the covers of Jauna Gaita magazine all the time.

My favourite post was the Dress Code Interview.

My favorite post of 2009 was the Interview with Frank Chimero (March 12th). I’ve felt such a charge reading it and was inspired by Frank’s generosity in sharing his process. Too often we guard our process as if it was some sort of “special sauce” when in reality none of us has reinvented the wheel. I’ve since referenced this interview and shared it numerous times.

Thanks for a great year of content Grain Edit!

Well, I’m new to Grain Edit, but I just read the Dress Code interview and it was great, so I would have to say that’s my favorite !

My favourite post was the awesome Dress Code interview!

Favorite post by far: Hatch!

Little Friends of Printmaking for the win!!

If I say the Hatch interview was one of my favorites am I just a sheep? I also really enjoyed the Herb Lubalin Archives post. That guy is a freaking genius.

my favorite grain edit entry was this year was definitely:

lisez, jouez et decouvrez La Scandinavie avec Andersen -by Paul de Roujoux, Pamela Labonnelie and Mireille Ballero. Illustrations by Martine Bourre

loved it!


I would have to say the neither fish nor fowl post. Really enjoyed the content.


If I say the Hatch interview was one of my favorites am I just a sheep? But that was probably my favorite. I also really enjoyed the Herb Lubalin Archives post. That guy is a freaking genius.

I was particularly, inspired the Hatch interview.
Please sign me up and enter me in the Holiday Giveaway.

Wowsa!!! What a haul. This is my favorite post currently, just to see all of the goodies.

Gotta love on the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview!

Hard to pinpoint a single post as being favorite.
I do especially enjoy when you feature vintage ephemera. It makes me want to “touch people’s dusty things”.

Everything MINE does is FTW! So nice to see a post about their studio; it’s one of my favourites!


I’m pretty new to Grain Edit, but what an amazing place it is. It’s become one of my daily visits. Vintage Travel Posters is my favorite post so far. Blew me away!

I love all the interviews — can’t choose one!

My favorite post was the one about Mark Weaver, love of all his work.
This is such a cool giveaway. Good luck everyone!

love all the studio interviews, but.. House Industries interview-THE BEST

I want all of those fancy t-shirts!

Terrible Yellow Eyes was my favorite.

Dave Parker |

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The post I still talk about the most was your feature on Eric Smith @idrawallday

first time on the site . . . for the contest. but i linked in from a Mark Weaver flickr upload, so his feature is the only one i’ve read . . . so far . . .

bookmarked. looks like a great site for inspiration and resources.

eric Strunk |

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My favorite post was the Dress Code article because it was how I stumbled upon Grain Edit in the first place and then proceeded to become a dedicated follower. Keep up the great work.

My favorite post was the article on Dress Code because it was how I initially stumbled upon Grain Edit at which point I became a dedicated follower. Keep up the great work.

I really enjoyed the polish book covers but I like all of Grain Edit’s posts!

Wow, good loot! Meg Hunt’s poster is awesome!

i really liked those Kurokawa Nakagin Capsule Hotel pictures. rad prizes, by the way!

My god this is massive! would love to win something! :D

I want to thank you for the ‘We Are The Friction’ post, this book was a particular ’09 highlight for me.

Too hard to pick a fav… Anything Doublenaut related because they’re buds and they do awesome work…The Mark Weaver profile and any of your vintage Euro stuff (like the Polish Book Covers) are also incredible… Too much good stuff!

My favourite was the Kevin Dart interview. thanks!

Little Friends of Printmaking, favorite interview and amazing work.

i just love to find a new article in my feedreader every morning, and you guys have been inspiring me a lot over the last 2 years…so, i just like to say thank you for that! my favorite article from the last year was the feature/interview on house industries. i really enjoyed getting a look behind the scenes of my favorite type foundry.

There are so many wonderful designs to choose from, but I enjoyed seeing the vintage travel posters. Thanks for putting a little sunshine into my inbox! It would be incredible to receive all of this work. :)

Amy Ashton |

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Look at all that cool stuff– this has got to be my favorite post of the year!

I truly enjoyed the interview with Dress Code. I am interested in seeing great design work from all corners diving into many styles, but hearing experience and advice from a studio I very much admire is what I enjoy about grain edit. Great writing and good questions are the things that separate good interviews and bad, and you guys hit the nail on the head.

i wanna win!

i loved the house industries interview! love all things alexander girard.

I like everything! But I especially loved the vintage travel posters post.

I agree, there were a ton of great posts, but since I have to choose a favorite it would be the Mark Weaver post. I love his work and am now hooked! Plus that post lead me to the Ken Leung Interview which was a great read because I have always been a fan of Monocle.

Kevin Eichorst |

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Wow – what an amazing give-away. Just followed/tweeted about this on Twitter. My paws are crossed that I win!!!

I loved the posts about Kevin Dart’s Yuki 7 project; the interview was especially interesting.

I think the Frank Chimero interview was done this year. He’s one of my favorites so that article was one of my favs too!

So many favs! The one that pops into my mind first was the Drop Cap. Excellent!

Love the little friends of print making interview.

but lets just say all of your interviews, they are always fantastic.

I really enjoyed the Dress Code Interview, and all of the studio visits! I love seeing the environment designers/artist create their work.

I also loved Kevin Dart’s Yuki 7 interview, but my favorite was the Hatch interview.

Frank Chimero interview was a good one!

LFOP was a pretty good read

I’m so happy I came across this website, I look to it almost everyday for inspiration. My favorite update of the year would have to be the Dress Code Interview, I loved it so much I went out and bought their book “Never Sleep” which is amazing. Cheers!

So much good stuff this year.
I really like the friends of printmaking & the photos from Tom Palumbo Photography were really good.

i love everything herb lubalin related. thanks for feeding my addiction!

I discovered one of my all-time favorite artists Meg Hunt through grain edit.

Thanks so much for everything! This is one of my favorite sites for artistic and design inspiration :)

Long time subscriber. My favorite entry is the Terrible Yellow Eyes post:

This is a FANTASTIC give away! Wow! I have to say my favorite post from this year is from a few weeks ago w/ the Sollinero Illustration. So much great stuff on the site!

I want i want i want!

Dear Grain Edit, please give me a wonderful gift for the Holidays. Thanks for the constant inspiration and delight.

frank chimero

The recent Dress Code article was probably my favourite.

Lumadessa for sure. The simplicity and restraint in those pieces is inspiring.

I’m quite fond of the Kevin Dart interview, however I find a majority of what’s posted on here to be inspiring. Keep it up Grain Edit!

Frank Chimero’s little how-to was awesome!

Kevin Dart was my favorite!

Heidi Easudes |

Contests and giveaways |

What a truly tremendous giveaway! So many faves this year, always look forward to the Grain Edit email… particularly enjoyed the visit to Mark Giglio’s studio and the Kevin dart interview. Thanks!

WHOAAA! This is the mother of all giveaways! I loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview, they are super talented and so much fun! And as a fellow Argentinian I have to mention Sol Linero’s illustration post too.

My favorite was Jim Datz post!

My favorite was the Hatch interview, but I haven’t seen a post that I haven’t liked, yet. Thanks.

Favo(u)rite article of 2009 = Dress Code interview.
But my all-time pick is still the Invisible Creature interview, 2008.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

With love from Toronto,

The best posts where the frank chimero & the jim datz!!!

Kevin Rufus Ruffcut Harris |

Contests and giveaways |

Sneak Peek at Rilla Alexander’s Studio was by far my favorite. Great display of work space.

The Hatch interview was my favorite.

My favorite post of the year was the Frank Chimero interview. I had seen his work and completely spaced on his name and couldn’t find him anywhere. Grain Edit, you really saved me the day I saw that post. I thought I would never see his lovely work again. So thank you.

Definitely the best one was Jazzin’ the Black Forest. Great art visually and aurally. Keep up the killer posts on here.

The Frank Chimero interview was my favourite and most inspiring post. Thanks!

Favourite: the Dick Bruna post(s), i’ve loved this stuff since i was little..
(Also thank you lots for the Vette Annonce post, use it way too often now..)

Well… I love your blog in general. It is one of my daily stops. I really enjoyed the Hatch interview and so many more….!

Melissa Anderson |

Contests and giveaways |

Please pick me! Its my birthday!

Darling Clementine Design & Illustration
Posted: 28 Oct 2009
Thank you for introducing me to Darling Clem!!

My favorite post of the year was the Frank Chimero interview. I absolutely adore his work. I had seen some of his prints at one point, but completely forgot his name. Until the day of that post, I thought I would never find him again! So thank you Grain Edit.

I love the interview series with all the different graphic designers. So many cool creative cats!

Pick me!

(hmm, first comment does not appear)
my favourite: post(s) on Dick Bruna, i’m a fan since i was a baby (still am?)
(also liked the Vette Annonce post, use it way too often)

me likey mogwai poster – my super fave
(maybe biased as i am a big fan of the band also!)

Little Friends of Printmaking interview; hands down the best post of the year.

This is a great giveaway no matter which prizes! The Ward Jenkins print? The Destroyer chart poster? The Mark Weaver print? The great AWH shirt?

I really enjoyed the Jim Datz feature. He has such mastery of that particular 60s/70s graphic style.

vintage travel posters! i love the paris one…

Invisible Creature + Mark Weaver + Aesthetic Apparatus = yes.

I loved the “neither fish nor fowl” interview! fantastic!

Invisible Creature + Mark Weaver + Aesthetic Apparatus = yes.
My favorite article would have to be that Vintage Poster one from a few weeks back. Such a great collection of images!

As a fan of Mark weaver I have to say MArk weaver’s profile. But I also love your entry Designer’s Bookshelf: Michelle McCormick.

the Hatch interview was my favorite….probably because I wish I had designed that stuff….the font choices were beautiful and the color choices fit so well… i assume that they labor in love

randy mckee |

Contests and giveaways |

Loved the article on Hatch Show Print in Nashville. We have been huuuge fans of their work for years, and finally made it over there last Xmas. There’s not much letterpress work in Australia so we really appreciate it when we see it! Keep rockin.

Nice Giveaway!! I want some free stuff so I can actually show up with gifts for people this year. I liked the Frank Chimero interview post.

wow. these prizes are amazing. LOVE.
so many great posts this year to choose from, but i’d say one of my favs was the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. keep up the good work!

The Sanna Paananen Illustration from March is really cool.

Through your posts Skinny Ships is now one of my favorite artists!!! Thank you!

edo Plasschaert |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh, that`s an amazing giveaway… I’m certainly in!
So, let’s see… My favorite post was “Eli No! Children’s Book”.

My favorite post was the Sollinero post, just a month ago. It’s how I found you and put you on my readers to begin with. I think I saw it posted elsewhere but the linkage lead me here.

So, it goes without saying that I have my heart set on that if I were a lucky winner! Or Pen Pals. Or Mobile Zoo. Or the Tanager.

Definitely, the article on Cristiana Couceiro Modern Collage Work. Great discovery.

Shoot, how to choose! I enjoy all your postings, but i guess i’m a sucker for anything of a vintag illustration bent.

Super giveaway ps!

I bookmark this website, everyday i love to start my day by viewing many cool design in this website. My favorite article is Mark Giglio studio visit.

I enjoyed the one about the Alphabeasties book!

I loved the Eli, No! children’s book post!

my fav post of the last year is “Matte Stephens interview”

Erica Salcedo |

Contests and giveaways |

I love anything you’ve posted about Mark Weaver or Dick Bruna’s work.

That would be so hard to choose. please let it be me.

Little Friends of Printmaking interview! Loved seeing the process from start to finish.

geminirene |

Contests and giveaways |

Fish Nor Fowl!

Vintage Travel Posters is my FAVORITE post from this year! Especially the one for Poland! Oh please, oh please, oh please pick me!

My favorite post was Charley Harper Illustrations – Giant Golden Book of Biology, what a flippin’ inspiration!

Too many great posts to choose just one. Loved the Cristiana Couceiro, Frank Chimero, Mark Giglio, Stefan Kanchev and the Finnish illustrator posts, among many others!

Ah, favourites, so hard to choose. I liked seeing Stefan Kanchev’s work. And the interview with Frank Chimero…

I really like the post about “Little friends of Printmaking” I am from milwaukee and live out of state right now, so it was nice to hear about some people from your hometown coming up! There is some crazy work by them.

i want anything, and everything mark weaver.

allison Kerst |

Contests and giveaways |

i loved the sets of vintage travel posters.

this is always my favourite post of the year!
(i do love many of the posts through the year too though.)

I’ve been loving your interviews this year and your great vintage finds.

The Frank Chimero post was awesome!

Hard to pick a favorite, but I’ll go with the Jim Datz interview. Very inspirational. Thanks for ALL the posts, and for all the great loot that I’m sure I’m about to receive.

Hey guys, I have only recently discovered your fantastic blog, but my favorite post would probably have to be the one featuring Jim Datz of Neither Fish Nor Fowl. His work is awesome. I also enjoyed the Mark Giglio studio visit… very interesting artist & work. I look to your blog to find really good inspiration… as an illustration/design student it is always thrilling to find new sources of inspiration! Thank you!

The Frank Chimero interview was fantastic. I love that dude’s work like fat kids love cake.

i can’t decide which is my favorite… but i’m going to say little friends of printmaking because i immediately bought one of their prints after seeing them on here. that was the first time i’ve bought a print online!

So many wonderful postings! I love the vintage travel posters,fabulous!
Thanks for the chance

There were two that I remembered right away. The Vintage Cassette Tape Covers ( I used to have a bunch of those. And the second was the Vintage Kids Book Le Vaillant Petit Tailleur with illustrations by E. Probst ( I went right out and found a couple of other books with this illustrator. Amazing work. Thanks for letting me know about them.

18 Dick Bruna Book Covers is definitely supremely awesome.

I found Mark Weaver’s work through Grain Edit, THAT was my favorite post of the year.
Mark Weaver BANG BANG—gimme gimme…

I thoroughly enjoyed the Vintage Travel Posters.

Can I win them all? :)

So many great posts and interviews; loved the Hatch interview; specifically the JAQK process.

recently loved the jez burrows post

I loved the little friends of Printmaking article. It was the first time I had heard of them. Thanx fo tellin meh bout them!

Grain edit, You Rock

One of my favorite entries in Grain Edit is Mr. mannun card and poster design.

my favorite post was the josh brill/lumadessa bird prints. so gorge (as in gorgeous)!

I really enjoyed the Neither Fish Nor Fowl Interview.

Love the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I’ll cross my fingers and toes to win one of these awesome awesome pieces!

Favorite post: It was nice to see photos of the Lubalin Now Exhibition at Cooper Union… for those of us who missed out.

LOVED the Frank Chimero interview from earlier this year. His work and his attitude toward design were inspiring. This is a great site!

Odiléa Toscano’s illustrated magazine covers… I’m in love.

My favorite discovery this year was Edward McGowan’s textures-galore illustrations. Happy Holidays!

i can haz christmas gifts?

hey guys! thanks for the awesome year of waking up every morning to some serious inspiration! my fave of the year was ‘neither fish nor foul’ love jim datz’s work. thanks for everything. peace. oh54

I am looking through my favourited posts from grain edit, and…hm… I really liked the Kevin Dart interview… because I really like Kevin Dart… :D I really admire his work.

Love them all.

Wow…look at all those wicked prizes … I’d say my fav post would be the oe about Meg Hunt Illustrations, introduced me to some great images :)

I always love your poster picks

There have been so many illuminating posts this year but I’d say the vintage travel posters (11/09) cheered me up the most. Colours, images and typefaces in perfect harmony.

Hit me, hit me, hit me! I love reading all those in-depth interviews. Unique content!

Wow i’m just happy cause i’ve found this place some days ago, great stuff up here. Now i come by every morning to take an inspirational trip before my daily work burn my head out for the rest of the day. To pick one of the posts its difficult but i think that the Little Friends of Printmaking interview was great, and also Sol Linero’s work.
Well that’s all folks, have a merry xmas and happy new year.

*Sorry for my bad english, translation droid malfunction…piiiii…

Difficult to choose but if pressed I’d go with the House Industries Girard, truly inspirational! Keep up the great work!

Hei, I loved the post about Darling Clementine Design & Illustration.
But I actually love them all too.

it is very difficult to narrow it down to one and but i love Jason Munn’s work and loved reading his interview. thanks for sharing new, fab stuff everyday. and way to put together an awesome giveaway! my mouth dropped open and my eyes grew wide.

…forgot to say, I love the Photo-lettering post!

Little Friends of Printmaking. This is an awesome giveaway. Can I play the birthday card? 12/18 is my 30th! ;)

Mark Weaver’s prints are rockin’

The Mark Giglio studio visit twas a gooden.

My favorite posts this year were the ones about Esquire covers and Andrew Holder illustrations. And I really liked the little friends of printmaking interview.
This website is awesome !

Wow! this is the best xmas gift ever! You did lot’s of amazing posts, expecially about old vintage posters and graphic design stuff that inspired me, I think one of the last very good was the documentation of Lubalin exhibition :)

Wow! Hard to pick just one favorite but the Kevin Dart interview and spotlight really stands out for me. Every post is awesome and a daily-favorite to read.

The Tim Gough interview was my favorite. Thanks for the great content! Happy Holidays!

Oh my, I like everything you post! Hmm I really enjoyed the “Neither Fish nor Fowl” interview – it’s great to get to hear the process behind the work!

it’s a tough decision, but i liked the “advice to sink in slowly” feature and the orba squara website. the interviews are also a great way to learn about designers and contain info. you can’t find anywhere else. keep it comin’!

I always like the map posts. What can I say, I just simply can’t resist a well designed map…

Cannot just choose 1… I love the interviews!

wow. The amount of entries is insane. I would just be happy to win something for once, and especially off this blog.

pah-haha – love the moody toast pillows!

This is absolutely awesome! Whata a giveaway!

I’m a regular follower, and i always find little treasures everyday with you, but i remember specially Pablo Lobo. Love his work!

Happy holidays, and good luck to everyone!

I’d have to say my favorite post is the interview with the Little Friends of Printmaking. I had the opportunity to meet them in Chicago this summer, and they were very genuine and kind. Happy Holidays to you!

This is an amazing give-away. Thank you for the offering.
Two favorite postings: Little Friends of Printmaking and the visit with Mark Giglio. !!!
Crossed Fingers.

Being a game developer, I found the Vintage Arcade Game Graphics post on 9/14 pretty rad.

Fish nor Fowl and the Little Friends of Printmaking’s processes were awesome! thanks

I always love your poster picks!


i don’t have a favorite post this year, most of them were (are) awesome.
I wish you… hum.. happy halloween ?

My favorites are the Neither Fish Nor Fowl and Frank Chimero interviews. Fantastic illustrations!

My favorite post this year was the was the little friends of printmaking interview. I actually love all the interviews the best, because I love getting a glance behind the scenes of awesome illustrators.

Love all this…
It is really hard to pick a favourite…
But I think I willgo for the one with the Esquire covers^^

Best post: Little Friends of Printmaking interview/studio tour…and this is by far the best giveaway ever–so much stuff!

I’m delighted to have been introduced to so many wonderful artists and publications, but one of my favorites was Jeff Canham back in May.

I really liked the Hatch Interview. I love me some wine labels.

hello, there are so many to choose from stamp illustrations are always great but I think the Dick Bruna covers where the best.

I liked the crazy retro-futurist Russian architecture. All posts are consistently good – impressive!

i LOVED the Katie Kirk wedding invites. Any post where you feature illustration work is always a hit with me. Thanks for having such a quality blog!

I just can’t choose only one!! so much great stuff! Sigrid and Hans, Mid Century home plans, Neutra slab, Coast Modern documentary, I could go on and on and on. your emails are completely addictive!

my favorite was the one featuring Skinny Ships.

This might be my favorite post of the year. Its a great collection of whats going on by some amazing artists!

Hands down Dress Code was by far my favorite interview.

I love the Vintage Travel posters, especially Israel: The land of the Bible produced for the State of Israel Tourist Centre designed by Jean David

Love every single little thing about Grain Edit, but if I have to pick one…the Vintage Travel Posters took my breath away. Great giveaway!

OH MY!! yum yum!!
Well the Monsters of Folk poster has stuck in my head but I know that was recent… there has been so much good stuff!.. An Otto Treuman cover got me out of a HUGE jam one day… THANKYOU for all your impeccable taste.

sheree bridge |

Contests and giveaways |

Love all the articles and it’s tough to choose one, but one of my faves was Mark Weaver’s Interview.

My favourite would have to be the Hong Kong Festivals Stamps post. Really nice stuff!

I absolutely adored your interview of Kevin Dart. It was chock full of creative goodness, complete with all the trappings of an inspiring process…

All great stuff – no coal in the pile! It would be the best Christmas ever if I won any of the prizes. Clearing wall space right now…

This is so great! Amazing stuff in here! Would be great to have a little gift of grain edit under ma Christmas tree this year! By the way, I became a HUGE fan of Christopher Lee’s little characters because of you guys, a big thank you for sharing his work! :)

Too many to choose !

adam vaudin |

Contests and giveaways |

All of these things are fabulous, I would be thrilled to win any of them! I can’t choose a favorite post, I enjoy them all. If I had to pick, today’s would be the best with a chance to win some of this great stuff!

Best post: the one about Neither Fish nor Fowl. I love the New York posters!

The “Sanna Paananen: Illustration” post was my favorite!

Okay I got 3 favorite post. Dress Code intvw, Hatch intervw, and the Orba Squara post. There were many more dude but those stuck for some reason. Keep it up Grain. I hit you guys up everyday.

I’m definitely going to have to say my favorite was the recent interview with Jim Datz (Neither Fish Nor Foul). I was about to burst looking at all his work! (This post gets runner up even though it is getting my hopes WAY up this holiday season.)

pick me! cause i love you everyday!

I was so happy you introduced me to Mihail Mihaylov. From the look of his work I thought he had to be from the 50s-60s but was surprised to find out he’s a current living/breathing designer. Lucky for us!

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I quite liked the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. They were very generous with their answers.

My favorite was the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. Hard to choose, though.
Oh and any of the vintage travel stuff you put up.

Beth Callaghan |

Contests and giveaways |

Awesomest awesome giveaway! My favorite post was the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview of Jim Datz! Amazing work!

Karen Cantu |

Contests and giveaways |

So many are inspiring! Lumadessa and the Frank Chimero interview were two of my faves.

i don’t know if it’s my favorite, but i loved the post about Darling Clementine. I’ve always loved Norwegian children’s illustration and that was a great find. Yay!

I loved the book covers post!

Loved the post about Lubalin!

Look at those fabulous goodies! I found you via posts about postage stamps; my 9 year-old collects them. I became a lover of them too when I saw how cool they can be. I subscribed only a few months ago; my favorite posts since then have been the Sollinero and Lotta Niemenen illustrations. Your blog is fantastic! I started a Tumblr blog but found that you were doing all the good work for me!

Mark Weaver ‘Make Something Cool Every Day’ was such an inspiration. His aesthetic and skill for collage making is breathtaking and the post featured on Grain Edit lead me on an epic trawl of the web finding similar designers, fans of this style and the thinking behind it. I lost half a day… and frankly I don’t give a damn. It was worth it. Great blog which I read daily. Cheers! Guys. Orabest for 2010!

My favorite post was the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

I really enjoy your website; it makes me want to draw and create, which I suppose is the highest compliment I can pay you.

You alerted me to a print show at GR-SF last week and I got to see some of these artists’ work.

The vintage travel posters. Also I like the posts about artist workspaces and studios.

Vintage travel posters, if I have to pick just one.

No question: the Mark Giglio studio visit. His work is incredible and his studio is drool-worthy.

the neither fish nor fowl is always my favourite , but its too hard to choice.
i love to see the workspaces too

grain edit the best blog !!!


Grain Edit’s Holiday Giveaway Bash!

manekineko |

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I don’t have a favourite for the year – but I did enjoy reading about the Renegade Craft Fair. Such a great idea and wonderful stuff for sale.

Argh, this is hard, but I think my favorite post would be the one on vintage travel posters.

geeze, i think i like this post best for its huge breadth of quality work displayed

Stu Romanek |

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Grain Edit is one of my favorite visits every day!

My favorite post may have been about the photolettering blocks.

Hard to pick one, but the Mark Weaver post was just great. I also love all the vintage Eastern Country posters and books.

My fave was definitely the Kevin Dart interview – I love his stuff!

Any post that has to do with Charley Harper is a favorite of mine. Though I did enjoy the recent Criterion Collection box art post and as many have already posted the… Loto de Socorrismo: The Morbidly Funny Game for Kids.

Little Friends!

Hi guys.. i’m a new reader, first time commentor and figured i would join in on the fun.

I tweeted it from @idiot_girl (my account) and signed up for the email feed

My absolutely favorite post (one i found once on a random google search) is this one:
The hatch interview

It is what opened me up to this blog. LOVE IT

The David Weidman post was my favorite. I love his work.

BlemilyDee |

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wow wow wow.
so much great things to win here.

i REALLY can’t figure out what my favourite post was, but i think this is a good time to thank you for this site. it’s always been a great source of inspiration for me.

greetings from germany

I’m brand-new to Grain Edit, and therefore can’t truthfully pick a favorite over the past year. I could crawl through the archives, but that seems a bit dishonest, no? I’ll say, then, that my favorite post is this one, since these collections of prizes are blowing. my. mind.

You know that TV show Super Friends, where all the best superheroes came together to collectively fight against evil? It’s like THAT, except instead of evil it’s boring design.

Happy holidays and best of luck to all!

The series of posts on Kevin Dart were great…

I loved the post with the beautiful images of Soviet-era architecture!

My favorite post was the one about Jacques Auriac posters, french & fresh!

As a Portland native, I love anything that shouts out to our beautiful city, so I loved the post about the trip to Portland, though I was hoping for more info on which studios you visited. I also LOVE any posts about Invisible Creature!

Thanks grain edit! Keep the great work coming!

Czech Tourist Map!

I love the posts on print makers and their studios (Hatch is my all time favorite)! Thanks!!

my favourite was the little friends of printmaking feature. those guys are awesome!


Kevin Dart!

I don’t know how to pick a favorite, but I really liked the Mark Weaver post.

kevin dart interview!

This is the craziest giveaway ever! So many good designers!!!

mattmcgillvray |

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Mark Weaver, opened my eyes!

loved the kevin dart interview. thanks for such an amazing resource!

Well, since I haven’t really read you guys (but am starting now – love the stuff I’ve skimmed since stumbling over here!) – I have to say this post is my favorite. At least I’m honest, right? ;)

superblondgirl |

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i think this is my new favorite post! fingers crossed!

This has to be my favorite post! But seriously, I think it’s the Frank Chimero interview.

What a fantastic giveaway bash!
There was a great post back in August about Aesthetic Apparatus, some fantastic work. Any posts on Charley Harper are a plus!
Thanks for all the effort to share!

The Jim Datz interview for sheezy.

You guys rock and I’m feelin lucky!

Of the few I had time to check, I really loved Kevin Dart’s interview. In fact I think seeing it was how i stumbled upon this site, which is some VERY good luck! Gotta love his retro-themed illustration!

Gabriel Pelletier |

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I love studio visits and tours, my favourite on Grain Edit being the Mark Giglio visit. A great blog you have here, highly inspirational and one of my favourite reads of the day.

Loved the little friends of printmaking interview!

Just discovered this site while browsing ilovetypography and immediately subscribed to the feed.

It has to be the Little Friends of Printmaking interview for me. Great to see everything from their studio space, their processes & of course the incredible work at the end of it all. Inspiring stuff!!

I love reading your interviews and looking at pictures on flickr from different studio tours! Always inspirational! You guys are the best!

My favorite was the Tim Gough interview. It is always interesting to get a glimpse into the work process of other designers. Usually however I am most into the articles on vintage design. I loved the article on Jorg Hamburger-anyone know where I can get my hands on one of his Citroen posters? The book on Geigy is at the top of my Christmas list. Thanks for all your fantastic posts.

Hard to pick one. but friends of printmaking stands out.

I like the Czech stuff that pops up from time to time. Czech matchbook and Czech tourist map.

Vintage Russian Posters – Real 1970s Proper Like. what I would give for a copy…
(thanks for visiting pdx – my super foxy girlfriend works at that waffle hut.)

i hope it’s not cheating but i also REALLY loved the Adrian Johnson interview. pretty much interviews and studio visits rock my world!

I actually really enjoyed the recent Hybrid Design feature/interview.

Enjoyed the Hatch interview. Quite inspiring.

Micah Smith’s Jamie Cullum is my fave from last year!

I love all the sneak peeks into artist studios, like the peek into Rilla Alexander’s studio back in April, but I think my favorite post was the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I loved watching their process as I read. Yup, that’s definitely my #1 of the year.

Can I pick this as my favorite post? No? Okay, then I really liked the Kevin Dart interview, too.

First of all, what an amazing site this is. Delightful to read and look at all the yummy graphics. Little Friends of Printmaking interview I liked. And now I likes me some giveaways!

Buddha Thapa |

Contests and giveaways |

Love the Czech Tourist Map!

wow, i can’t quite believe this giveaway – I have to keep reading through it all. There is so much I love but if I had to pick I loved the post about and illustrations by Sigrid + Hans Lammle. But anything printy gets my vote.

Thanks again for all of your super stuff. And my favorite post is the Lubalin Now Exhibition at the Cooper Union

This is one of my favorite posts ever! I am such an Herb Lubalin fan, I have described my sentiments many times in tweets and elsewhere (probably on the comments for thepost itself he he) for the Lubalin Now Exhibition as “ape shit.” And I mean this with the utmost respect and sincerity, for there lacks a more appropriate way to describe my reaction to Herb Lubalin’s art… :) I go ape shit for it! Thanks a million for sharing. Have a super day.

I really loved the Mark Weaver post. He has a phenomenal aesthetic.

I really loved the Mark Weaver post. He has a phenomenal aesthetic.

I particularly loved the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview, as it was super interesting, quirky, inspiring and ultimately, something you could only find on a blog like Grain Edit.


I just love doing a flying visit here once a fortnight or so, and being hit right in the eyes by all the gorgeous stuff. I really liked the Dick Bruna post a little while back and also discovered Eleanor Grosch here – I’m very grateful for that!

Hi! My favourite post, the one which drew me here and got me loving this website, was the very recent one on the Criterion DVD covers. Not only did I stumble here and fall in love, it led me to that great Auteurs forum. Please pick me!

Really happy to have found Grain edit.
The Vintage Travel Posters posy was very enjoyable.

Everything on mid century modern!!

house industries interview fo so

camelcamel |

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My favorite post of the year was Scandinavian Logos of the 1960s & 70s

Loved the 70′s Portuguese Brochure, anything vintage with maps I love.

I just realize that this is also one of my favorite posts :D hehehe..
cheers to everyone…
following from google reader

MY favorite post was possibly the Autografik: Modern Transportation Graphics, even though it was brief. It was a great jumping-off point for finding other, similar things that I’ve never thought to look for before! Loved the capsule hotel post as well–I’d forgotten all about that. Thanks for everything!

Samuel Rhodes |

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I really enjoyed the Tom Palumbo Photography article. I loved the colors in that first photo on the beach.

Definitely loved the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. Lent some inspiration to a friend of mine’s son whose just starting to think about University and what to do with his life. Turns out designing toys is an option!

Hard to choose.. Neither Fish Nor Foul definitely stands out though

My favourite post? Hmm. That’s a toughie, each post is pretty fantastic and inspiring. I’m not saying that to sound cliché.

I loved the post on Friends of Type. I simply love that blog, and follow it every day now since I read about it on here.

I also loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I found it very interesting, and felt very inspired to work on my portfolio, as I still am doing. I found their process of creation very interesting.

Thanks again for another fabulous contest. This one is crazy-awesome. Epic even! x Thanks!

I really liked the Mike Cena mix you posted earlier this year, and shared it with a fellow jazz lover. Thanks!

I loved the We Are The Friction post, which introduced me to the incomparable Jez Burrows. I love pretty statistics.

i loved the friends of printmaking post!

I loved your March interview with House Industries, the first post of yours I ever saw and the one that got me hooked on your site.

Mark Weaver.. find of the year.. yeah..

The Katie Kirk post is probably my fave for the year – love her stuff! What a great contest!! Happy Holidays to you, Grain Edit! :-)

really quite difficult to choose, but I suppose the Dress Code interview had some strong influence. Guess I just love grain edit!

My favorite was Lubalin!

Fav post was the House Industries interview.

I don’t know what happened to the original post but I’ll repeat my comment: My favorite post of the year was the Little Friends of Printmaking Interview.

favorite post: david klein vintage twa posters. love the st. louis one.

My favorite was the post on Richard Perez. Loved his typography posters and the one that’s included in this giveaway as well!! :)

me gusta David Weidman!!

My fave was the Fernando Volken Togni one, but everything on this site is so lovely that it was hard to choose.

In the words of Ward Jenkin’s elephant, “Yay!”

I loved the Herb Lubalin post.

Favourite post: this one. ;)

I’m terrible at picking favourites. But of the recent posts I really enjoyed the one about There’s something about film stills I love.

Mike Cena Mix, thank you.

I was digging the Little Friends of Printmaking article. But then again, everything on this site usually makes my eyes melt from sheer awesomeness.

definitely the vintage travel!

I loved everything about the Little Friends Of Printmaking

I loved the Andrew Bird/Calexico poster pick of the week. The great ox now has a prime spot in my livingroom.

Happy holidays from Norway!

Can I pick this as my favorite post? No? Ok then I loved the Kevin Dart interview.

I like all the interviews you do best. It’s hard for me to pick just one. I love reading about other designers lives and creative processes.

Love the site, and it’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think it’d have to be the old school travel poster roundup you did last month.

Has to be the Little Friends of Printmaking Interview.

Studio visits are by far by favorite posts. Mark Giglio + Rilla Alexander are some of my favorites

Vintage TWA Posters – the first one that really stuck in my mind.

I loved the post on Cecilie Ellefsen Illustration. Here work is amazing! So intricate!

I drooled on my keyboard when I saw the photography of Tom Palumbo. Also, because I adore collage in all its forms, I really appreciated the posts on Mark Weaver, Cristiana Couceiro, and Natsko Seki. Grain edit – simply put, you guys rock, and I look forward to my grain feed every day :)

I really like the movie stills. But all your posts are inspirational!

Too many good ones to have a favorite, but the most immediately applicable post was probably the Neutraface Slab announcement back in May.

Not only is your site super informative and inspiring, its so damn pleasing to the eye as well! Keep it up, best article/interview: Invisible Creature, those guys are definitely folks to look up to.

I am new to grain edit, so i guess this would have to be my favorite post thus far…! looking forward to following you, though. thanks for the giveaway.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview is one of my favourites! It´s impossible to pick just one fav in a whole year…even in a month!

So many beautiful things! And I’m so happy to see that the Things I Like poster is available. I’m buying it regardless.

Love the Olivetti Lettera 22 Manual (and pretty much everything else!)

Loved the little friends of printmaking feature. And I love you grain edit!

I just found the site, so this is my favorite post so far :) But I’m loving all these prints. Especially pirate santa and the Things I Like poster.

I LOVED the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. So inspiring in many ways.

I’m a kinda a newbie to this site, but I loved discovering Meg Hunt’s work a couple months ago. I look forward to receiving tweets and email updates!

LOVE them all- amazing stuff!

& I vote for Hatch…but really you can’t pick just one!


I’m afraid I just stumbled onto this blog, so it’s a bit hard to pick a favorite – but looking at the artwork here has convinced me this blog is definitely worth following. (:

loved the Vintage Travel Posters for sure!

I love interviews and seeing how other people work so my favorite would have to be the Little Friends of Printmaking post

I think my favourite post would have to be the vintage travel posters:

My fave: Renegade Craft Fair post – I was able to track down the artist who created the pillows that I fell in love with when I went!

My favourite post: Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview… but there were so many other amazing articles this year!

Loved the dress code interview.

It’s a hard choice, since I love most of them! I pick the Olivetti manual for sentimental reasons, since my father used to work there…

The Little Friends of Print Making, Nice to hear from them after oogling at their site for a very long time.

Can’t believe I haven’t seen your site until today. Can’t wait to get lost!

Glad to see you’re offering Christopher Bettig prints. I picked one up earlier this year for my girl’s bedroom.

i’d say the kevin dart interview was my favourite. always nice to see what makes someone tick.

ken thompson |

Contests and giveaways |

Frank Chimero, FTW!

My favorite posts are of course the giveaway ones (although they’d be even more favorites if I won a giveaway!!).
Otherwise, I also liked the interview with the ISO50 guy, because I LOVE their posters! I ordered some a few years ago, and I adore them. It was cool getting to know more about the guy behind the company.

my favorite post from the past year was the yuki7 film/posters by kevin dart.

Favorite post? All of them. Seriously, I just found you guys recently, and I absolutely LOVE this site to death.

I’d have to say this is my favorite post of the past year, as it may potentially save me from the fact that I have yet to do any real xmas shopping.

Jim Datz interview was MEGA!!!!

My absotively, most favoritist post ever is THIS one… I wanna win, I wanna win

Loved the Little Friends of Printmaking feature. Great stuff.

I love the posts that include studio visits!

Katie Fritz |

Contests and giveaways |

Loved the ISO50 interview. Love interviews.

My favorite post was on Edward McGowan Illustration. So many great posts to choose from!

I tried to comment yesterday to enter but it didn’t work! I subscribed to the email list too.
My favourite post was the vintage travel posters feature. I know it was only recent but I have a thing for those old posters…

The Lumadessa/Josh Brill post was by far my favorite. His artwork reminds me of Charley Harper (who was truly amazing and irreplaceable). Thanks for everything!

Heather McCoy |

Contests and giveaways |

Phew, still have time to enter! I loved the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. So cool. And Hatch. And many, many others.

HOLY COW, best giveaway EVER.
I’d say this was a good distraction from cutting and mounting a project, yes?

Little Friends of Printmaking interview was ma fave

Tom Kingdom |

Contests and giveaways |

favorite post from the past year: the by kevin dart yuki7 film/posters

I think I enjoyed the Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I enjoyed their work. I dream about being able to meat a girl I can start a design firm with one day. =)

Hard to choose a favorite post from 2009, but mine is the “Advice To Sink In Slowly” post.

O. M. F. G.
Please pick me! I loved the Ken Leung interview, so awesome.

Wow awesome stuff!
The Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview was my favorite post.

I enjoyed the iso50 interview!

Others have said and I think it is mine, too: the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

i’d say my favorite was
the vintage travel posters

My favorite post has to be Mark Giglio Studio Visit. I love’d that one.

Modern design and the stamp – was the best for me!

was the interview with the amazing little friends of printmaking

Very cool set of prizes! Top posts for me were Hatch, Frank Chimero, Mark Weaver, and Josh Brill. Keep up the good work!

Loved the interview with Hybrid. I listened to them speak at the 2007 HOW Conference in Atlanta when I was a student—definitely an amazing and inspiring duo.

My favorite post was the interview with Little Friends of Printmaking interview. I want their prints plastered all over my room.

I really loved the Ken Leung interview!

I really love the post about the vintage arcade game graphics –

Hybrid Design interview. Wanna work there.

so far, the Czech Tourist Map is my favorite. Hard to choose with so much wonderful eye candy with the next click though!

I love the all the work you post, but if you’re are giving it away, this has to be my favorite. Thanks.

i think most posts here are fabulous. and every time you have some amazing vintage book, i scour the world for it and then curse you for your good finding skills.

however, the one that sticks out for me is the geoff mcfeteridge post. i was already loving the hand drawn credits and when i saw it was him, it all made sense. love him. love you. love cool stuff. happy holidays!

Ohh! So much good stuff! I can’t really pick a favorite.

I really liked the film stills of But Grain Edit is just an all-around great follow for me.

Thanks for a year of inspiration! Loved it all. x

Great giveaway! I think the elephant is the best :)

“Said the Computer to the Specialist” is amazing!

Amber King |

Contests and giveaways |

Definitely the Kevin Dart interview. The Yuki 7 project is absolutely phenomenal.

Definitely the look around Mark Giglio’s studio!

My favorite post is this awesome giveaway :P
Oh! and I liked the “Criterion Collection DVD Covers” post :) (I want that “Seven Samurai” dvd so bad…)

Definitely the Kevin Dart interview. The Yuki 7 project is absolutely phenomenal!

The studio visits are always my favorite. I’m a nerd for the details. The Giglio’s studio visit was amazing.

All of your posts are amazing, i love every interview you do! esp. hatch!

The Ken Leung interview. I love Monocle magazine’s design.

I absolutely loved the terrible yellow eyes collection inspired by Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are. Such an astounding amount of talent!

I really liked the Designer’s Bookshelf: Sam Grawe post

Congratulations on making it into the NY Times best design blogs list. You are the most awesome!

Loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview!

the ISO50 interview was my favorite post of the past year. thanks for hosting the best giveaway around!

Cecilie Ellefsen’s dioramas are great!

I love the studio visits, but always enjoy hearing from Scott (ISO50).

I would say my favorite was the interview with Invisible Creature since those guys have been an inspiration since the Asterik Studio days, but that interview was from ’08. So, my favorite interview from this year was with House Industries. Thanks GE for all the inspiration!

I totally love this blog but my favorite post was Little Friends of Printmaking very inspirational.

I love anything by Tad Carpenter. Love it!

Richie Cross |

Contests and giveaways |

There are so many stylish posts from you that it’s too difficult to name any of them as the best of the bests. Still, I think that some of the best posts are those that tell more about background of designer besides just showing pictures of designs they have done.

Have been following your blog, RSS feed, Facebook page and Twitter for a long time already… Thanks for interesting content. :)

Loved the Neither Fish nor Fowl interview. Thanks for being awesome, all year long.

Heaven!! This is heaven!!

My favorite article this year was about the 70′s Israeli stamps.

Second place was the midcentury modern home plans.

Dear Grain Edit,
I’m so happy I found you that it would be very hard to tell wich was my fav’ post. So, I decided it randomly. I checked my e-mail list and with closed eyes I picked this Wich is truly related to my work and reminds me of simplicity everytime I’m tempted to abuse of digitalism. It´s been great to look at your. Regards. Paola

Paola Zorrilla |

Contests and giveaways |

I liked the dress code interview a lot.

Tazim Damji |

Contests and giveaways |

Hard decision! Absolutely loved the post about with Vintage Travel Posters from last month!

Love Kevin Dart! Thanks for all the great stuff…..very inspiring.

Derek Lueck |

Contests and giveaways |

It was a great year!!

Fav post has to be the little friends of printmaking and the vintage travel posters. :P

Happy Holidays! <3

The vintage travel posters were wonderful.

charliespringles |

Contests and giveaways |

Favourite would have to be the travel posters, beautiful.

Bingo Jesus |

Contests and giveaways |

I’ve only been reading for a short time, but I loved this post:

I’ve only been reading the site for a short time, but I loved the Bodega vinyl wall art post.

All posts are brilliant, I really enjoyed the Little Friends of Printmaking Interview and the photography outtakes of Tom Palumbo.

Ohmygod, what an awesome giveaway! My fave is definitely the travel posters. But I love everything you’ve posted!

I always love the studio visits – artists/designers working spaces seem to inspire me more often than slides of their work it seems.
Mark Giglio’s studio visit was a stand out.

Happy times everyone.

Mike Cina Mix – nice music and interview

I love the Czech Tourist Map. I had a monster crush on a Czech foreign exchange student in high school, so I’ve always had a soft spot for anything Czech… Sigh…

I think this giveaway is the best post of the year.

Mike Cena mix. I’m still listening to it!

Favorite post? Little Friends of Printmaking Interview! No Contest.

Definitely the little friends of printmaking interview.

Every post is a delight and a remarkable source of inspiration. I especially liked Tim Gough interview, filled with great designs, sketches, ideas and step by step process guide. I’m a beginner in graphic design and to take such a close look at a designing process of a designer I admire is a priceless lesson. And FUN! :D
I’d also like to thank you for all the posts on Polish graphic design – it’s always a thrill to see it appreciated.
Season’s Greetings form Poland :)

My favourite post (amongst many others) was the interview of the Little Friends of Printmaking, nice too see how people work. Great selection by the way !

Love Mark Weaver, can I win him?

discovered your site from searching out Hatch – what a pleasant find.
Love the poster section especially.

It’s hard to pick cause there were a lot of nice posts. But what first came to my mind was that I liked the “Sasquatch Music Festival Posters by Invisible Creature” a lot! It’s always good when posts make me laugh :)

This would be the most perfect birthday present ever!

Lumadessa birds were the best

Really struggling to choose a favourite between the post about Visual Acoustics – the Julius Schulman film, of the post abou the beautiful Brionvega brochures.

I think I’ll go for the Brionvega brochures – but only just!

I found jez burrows through the penguin design award…and I loved his book cover!
then I realized I adored averything he did! he’s my favourite, for sure!

I live for the interviews!

I loved the photo lettering and the Scandinavian logos! Yay.

Thankyou for introducing me to the blog ‘A journey Round My Skull’ ( – Excellent!

the post i liked best this year was the one with all the vintage russian posters.

I really live them all. But I recall m Richard Perez’ stuff as a great drop.
Keep it up!

I really like them all. But I recall m Richard Perez’ stuff as a great drop.
Keep it up!

i was originally going to say your post on the cuban posters blog was my favorite, but when i looked for it i realized that was last year – this year flew! so, i would have to say your post on jenny grigg. i was really glad to be directed to her work. thank you!

The Hatch interview was really insightful; I love to hear about how folks approach the process of work. Inspired.

Sorry there are just too many great posts! it’s too difficult to pick one!. I keep all the ones I really like in my Grain Edit folder in hotmail.
I particularly like the ‘look round’ at designer’s studios and interviews with artists and designers. All very inspiring! Love it! Keep up the good work and season’s greetings. xxx

My favorite post was the Frank Chimero interview, because it was how i first heard about this site.

Chris Kelley |

Contests and giveaways |

Loved the post “Criterion Collection DVD Covers”! I’m alerady a subscriber via RSS and now, following on Twitter and also on Facebook as a fan! Great giveways, crossing my fingers!

I’ve only recently subscribed, but the 2009 Wish List is great.

I have just discovered you guys but I loved the studio visit to Mark Giglio – his work reminds me of Alexander Girard…..he also gave me an idea of exactly what I would like my studio to be like!

happy christmas to grain edit!

Winning any of these prizes would make this the merriest christmas of all! I love my yummy fresh grain edit!

Paige h miller |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is one of my favorite RSS feeds. Thanks for doing such a wonderful curation job. I loved the post on Mark Weaver >

My favourite was vintage travel posters.

I’ve only started checking out your site recently, but it has already become a daily staple. I don’t even know how to choose a post; there are so many good ones! I really enjoyed the Hatch Interview, though, and everything about JAQK wine.

Big all around fan. Articles that peaked my interest up to this point are many, but the latest one has to be the ISO interview. I’m a huge S. Hanson Fan.


I haven’t seen anything on here that I haven’t enjoyed! Whenever I have downtime at school I read interviews and soak in as much visually as I can. What a great giveaway! I’ll take anything!

ashley mckee |

Contests and giveaways |

A year and a half ago, when I was about to graduate college, a classmate had introduced the Little Friends of Printmaking to me. I had become exponentially more intrigued with screen printing and printmaking methods prior to learning of the duo. Their portfolio really opened my eyes and gave a great deal of inspiration. I feel as if the Little Friends of Printmaking interview was my favorite post in the past year. It was great to see their work as well as the space they lived in. Can’t get enough of their work.

Sign me up! What fun prizes/art/colors/concepts!! (How can you not love the Moody Toast Pillow?) Guaranteed to bring a happy new year! Thanks Grain Edit!!!

Love the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview!

All of your articles are excellent, but the latest one is one that peaked my interest is the ISO interview, Im a huge S. Hansen fan.

The one with the weird Russian futuristic 70′s architecture.

Loved the Hatch interview!

I loved the Sanna Annukka post from today, she’s so fab

love this post

Diogo Valerio |

Contests and giveaways |

It’s time to win something… Grain Edit is the best!!! awesome interviews. The best one is from Invisible Creature studio!

i want to win : ) i think my favorite post has been your interview with hatch.

Hands down the look back in time at the cult classic films, which was followed by the event in honor of Herb Lubalin!!! One of the greatest pioneers of design as we see it today. The event held some work of Jessica Hische, Brett Macfadden, Justin Thomas Kay, Deanne Cheuk, and HunterGatherer. These contemporary designers reflected Herbs work in our day in age. Props to an awesome post that week.

I loved the Little Friends of Printmaking interview…and everything else ever posted here. :P

i feel lucky!

I loved the post on rediscovering a lost Charley Harper paintings. Just more to love from an incredible artist.

One of my favorite posts is here: His work is refreshing and inspiring! Thanks for always providing wonderful content!!!

I loved EVERYTHING! but, especially the Russian art posters, vintage posters, Sendak yellow eyes and…I could continue for every day you posted!

This site is so inspiring and fun and interesting and…more, more, more.

Please let me be one of your lucky winners.


Marjorie Jumisco |

Contests and giveaways |

Grain Edit is my favorite go-to source for design and illustration inspiration. Keep up the awesome work! My favorite feature of this year was probably the Toru Fukuda feature. His work is amazing. Thanks, and I’d love to be one of the bash winners!!

My favorite post was the one about Lotta Nieminen’s Illustrations, introducing me to her fantastic work!

Theo van Beurden |

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Seriously loved the piece on Swedish illustrator Jonas Bergstrand. How wonderful.

YellowBlueOrange Inc. |

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The interview with Jason Munn of the Small Stakes was great. Thanks for that and all the other fabulous features you give us. Don’t know what we’d do without our yummy fresh grain feed : )

The Ken Leung interview was definitely one of my favorites of the year!

thirdbeing |

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It’s all too good to choose just one thing, but if I am forced to, I would pick the interview with artist Kevin Dart. I teach a high school graphic design program and after reading the interview with Kevin I made contact with him and he has agreed to meet my students and I on a field trip in the spring. I use the Grain Edit site on a regular basis to teach my design classes, for inspiration, to show illustration styles and techniques, and open my student’s eyes to the bigger picture of design beyond my classroom.
Thank you Grain Edit. Happy Holidays!

I love the vast majority of artwork/designers you guys highlight, but the best post by far has been Cristiana Couceiro.

chadwick III |

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wow thats a haul!

article i really loved from past year was on jonas bergstrand.

Got that glorious 50s/60s illustration thing going on but pushing it forward with some glorious modern techniques

big thumbs up to the hatch interview – love their work and wanted to know more since the templin brink break – THANKS

I loved the recent ISO50 and the Frank Chimero interviews. Thanks Grain Edit!

I really enjoyed Jez Burrows’ works, specially the Poster for Instal 09 music festival ! Thnk GrainEdit !

favorite post of the year was absolutely the Dick Bruna covers. have been a huge fan of his for such a long time – great to see his stuff being shown to new audiences! thanks!

Really enjoyed the interview with Hatch. Always delivering the good stuff.

Im going to have to go with “Ferris Bueller House For Sale” :)

whoops thats 2 glorious’s, make that an amazing instead.

jonasbergstrand anyway

Really dug the Hatch review/interview. Great stuff.

I loved the travel posters!

frank chimero interview was great!

This is my top blog. I always get excited when it shows up in my google reader :D ! I like many posts, especially the interviews with artists… my latest favorite would have to be the interview with neither fish nor fowl :) Thanks for existing!!

Neither Fish Nor Fowl!! Loved it!

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Love the Hatch design interview – I love the design for JAQK cellars and it was interesting to see their design process.

I love the bear shirt!

love it

I liked the Dick Bruna book covers – and SO many other things!

There are so many good posts, but I think my recent favorite is the article on Jonas Bergstrand. Thanks for introducing me to a great illustrator! I am now inspired :)

My favorite post of the year is the little friends of printmaking interview. Change my perspective on what i thought print making was capable of… these dudes are too good with it.

this post has the potential to be my favorite ever. :)

My favorite grain edit post from the past year has to be the Renegade Craft Fair post! Great pictures and a great post.

I enjoyed being introduced to the work Richard Perez. I find myself continually returning to his site.

Neither Fish Nor Fowl was my favourite

Merry Christmas!

yey, grest things.
gimme some :)

I just found your blog, found it listed on the London Times Top 50 Design Blogs, congrats on being #16!
Their link took me to your blog and it was your t-shirt design that made me add your RSS feed to my igoogle.

I hope that qualifies me :-)

As if I even had a chance of winning!

(Still crossing fingers and toes though…)

The House Industries interview was my favorite.

I’m already signed up to the RSS & Twitter action…

By far my favorite post of the year was that one with all the weird paraplegic horse porn stuff. What a hair curler! I’m pretty sure some little red light started blinking vigorously over in Langley when I clicked into that one…

Oh well, it was worth it! Keep on doing the good work!


Every offering is a treat, but the travel posters were particularly evocative, and the wall decals were delightful.

My favourite post was on Jacques Auriac. His Bally posters are AMAZING!

Its a tie between Toru Fukuda and Vintage Travel Posters for me! They make me think of a time when I could barely see over countertops and had to climb on furniture to see what artwork was hanging on a wall.

Favorite post was the Invisable Creature interview.

Scott Hansen came in as my favorite – just in time to round out a wonderful year of grain edit. Congrats on another great year and many more to come!

Wow great stuff!

My favorite posts are the lists of vintage art, the vintage travel posters from a month back for example.

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i’m a fan of the recent criterion collection dvd covers post. being a huge film fan, the covers are a real treat. it’s great seeing them together like that. thanks.

loved the esquire vintage covers…

My favorite was the Geoff McFetridge/WTWTA. Also the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview.

Gee, picking a favorite post is so hard! You guys do such a great job with this blog and it’s constantly full of inspiring imagery.

I think my favorite post has to be the interview with Jim Datz (Neither Fish Nor Fowl). His work is gorgeous!

The vintage travel posters were by far my favorite!

i LOVED the Matte Stephens interview. that made my day. :)

one favorite entry for the year?! way too hard!

i really like Scott Hansen/iso50.

The feature on Doomdrips. We bought a print and love it.

My favorite grain edit post of the last year was on September 11th regarding Ed Nacional!


I really like the Neither Fish nor Fowl post, was kinda my entry into this new blog.

Merry Christmas!

Glen McKnight |

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Loved seeing pics of “Henri’s Walk to Paris.” I am still on the hunt for a copy!

I would have to say my favorite post of the year was Fernando Volken Togni. His designs remind me of the clean intricate Scandinavian designs but with really awesome bold color choices!

For me, it’s a tie between the Invisible Creature interview and the Frank Chimero interview. They are both so good to hear from

Oh man, the toast pillows are great.

I’d have to say the best post of the year was the Loto de Socorrismo board game.

So many to choose from: you guys are a consistent source of surprise and delight. The post about the sale of the Ferris Bueller home might have been my fave– it was certainly the one I shared with the largest number of people)– and it only gained increased poignance a few months later with John Hughes’s death. But…

…entries on the Teenage Engineering styrofoam turntable, the Philips-Twen book and the Swiss Graphic Design compendium, among many others all spoke to areas of my particular collection of pursuits in ways for which I remain grateful. Thanks, congratulations, and keep up the good work.

following from google reader… this is one of my favorite post, also de Little Friends of Printmaking interview, and many many more…amazing blog, I love it … I want to win :D hehe … cheers

I found this design blog on the London Times online listing of top 50 Design Blogs, congrats on being #16! I guess so far my fav post is your most recent post of your t-shirt design, it’s what made me subscribe to your RSS feed.

I liked the christmas lists–I found several things I want on them.

prettyPeas |

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I liked the Frank Chimero interview the best for sure! So much inspiring work! Everything else was wonderful as well!

Loved loved the Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview. Surprising to learn that Jim is from South Jersey (where I’m from).. not too many featured designers I’ve come across are. Might sound cheesy but it was sort of inspiring to me. He also worked with Mike Perry one of my favorite artists. Thank you for introducing me to Jim’s work!

Sarah Stevenson |

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The Kevin Dart interview was fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration!

Czech Tourist Map post was very nice

How can I pick a favorite? The Dick Bruna book covers were pretty fantastic.

I love everything I see on GrainEdit, but I especially like the kind of recent one that documented letterpressing custom messages onto album covers. It was fascinating to see all the different messages people requested and I love letterpress.

I love Hatch Show Print – the article was great. I’ve been there once and want to go again.


hmmm, well i’d say my favorite post was the Little Friends of Printmaking interview.

I like lumadessa

So many, but always like the travel marketing related posts and the Kevin Dart posts. Thanks and keep it up!

Can I say everything? I was pretty fond of the Hybrid design interview…

Hello! I loved the Invisible Creature interview!!!!Cheers, Steve

I would have to go with the Mike Cina mix post, good design + records makes a good combination.

Count me in for the giveaway! I loved everything, especially the Little Friends of Printmaking interview.

I don’t think my comment went through and there is this strange checkbox with no words next to it, so perhaps that was the culprit! (I never use the website since I almost always read in my rss reader). But anyway! Loved Hatch Show print, loved all the illustration posts and the hybrid design interview. Happy Holidays!

It’s hard to pick a favorite post (and I’m a new reader via Google Reader), but I really enjoyed the vintage travel posters.

Happy Holidays Grain Edit!! Favorite post of the year was “Spacesick’s Retro I Can Read Movie Series”

I’d love to win the Incase Laptop sleeve!

I loved the post about the capsule tower in tokyo..

My favorite posts are always the interviews – particularly with Matte Stephens!!

I <3 Neither Fish Nor Fowl interview

New to the site as of a few weeks ago, but my favorite post thus far was the ISO50 interview.

Loved the ISO50 interview!

I’m a fan of the book cover and poster posts… especially Jenny Grigg’s book covers. I also like posts about retro-modern spacey architecture.

Justine Mendoza |

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I’m a big fan of Vintage Travel Posters:
They’re a bit sly with their art, but highly effective.

I love everything you ever post, but my favorite happened a few days ago with the Holiday List. So much great stuff that I have to go find.

I love the Things I Like poster!

Favorite so far has got to be the grain edit new edition t-shirt, just because I love the idea of space aliens attending storytelling time.

my veryyyyy favorite post was this one …loveee it.

best giveaway ever!!! i hope i win:D