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mark giglio studio

Pen Pencil Stencil is the online home and physical workspace of Mark Giglio. Mark is an amazing illustrator/ designer who’s worked on projects with a diverse mix of companies including: 2k by Gingham, Apple, Dwell, GSP, Nike, Tolleson Design, and others. Recently I had the pleasure of hanging out with Mark at his Oakland based studio.

pen pencil stencil

How do you like working in Oakland?
I really like working in Oakland. I like the slower pace is has to San
Francisco and the weather is warmer too. I’ve been here for 17 years now
so I’m kind of attached to it.

What do you like most about your space?
Having my own space to work in. Being at my studio is my favorite place to
be. All my favorite objects, books and personal projects are there. It’s
my place to experiment and think. If I have to work outside my studio on a
project for someone it is always the best feeling to return to it again.

mark giglio

pen pencil stencil

pen pencil stencil

pen pencil stencil

pen pencil stencil

What are some of your favorite objects in your studio?
My favorite things hands down in my studio are my books. I love books and
love the books I’ve collected. I can go to public libraries for hours and
search for things. Then the best thing on my bookshelf that isn’t a book
would have to be my La Fonda Del Sol menu designed by Alexander Girard.

la fonda del sol menu

la fonda del sol

La Fonda Del Sol Menu – Designed by Alexander Girard

What are some of your favorite books?
Annuals. Vintage annuals like Graphis from the 60′s. I think annuals are
great because of the amount and variety of work collected in them. Plus
you can find pieces of work that aren’t sometimes included in peoples
monographs or discover an art director, designer or illustrator you didn’t
know of before.

japanese design books

vintage design books

What are you currently working on?
Things that are either wood, cloth or paper. I’ve got quite a few projects
in the works right now furniture, fabric, clocks and wood figures. This
year I thought I’d try and approach my website a little differently and
turn the store into a monthly updating gallery. I really liked the task of
posting a new image and drawing weekly to my sites news section over the
last year and thought I’d switch it out this year by making a small
edition of something once a month for the next year and putting it in the
store. Everything will be made in editions of 3 to 15 and some months
might see more than one thing posted in it too. It all depends on how busy
I am. I don’t want to spoil any surprises so you will have to checkout the
site month to month.

pen pencil stencil

Pillows, wallpapers and various wooden objects designed by Mark

mark giglio

Kokeshi Head Spin – Wooden tops

mark giglio

pen pencil stencil

Finished Kokeshi designed by Mark

I’d like to thank Mark for allowing me to invade his studio space for a couple of hours. Please stop by Pen Pencil Stencil to see more of his work. Also check out the Pen Pencil Stencil Store, Mark has some rad items available for the month of December including: T-Shirts and limited edition Kokeshi figures.

SF Peeps can see Mark’s work at Printed Matter 7 (@Giant Robot) this Sat (Dec 5th 2009).


Also worth checking: Rilla Alexander’s Studio

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This is great! I’m a big fan of Marks work. I would love to see the finished version of what looks like a pencil ampersand being painted in the bathroom.

I have never seen his work before, but thanks for sharing – the wood pieces are great! Glad he’s giving a shout out to Oakland too.

Beautiful work. I’ve been after that La Fonda Del Sol menu for some time. Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Mark’s studio is so colorful, and his Kokeshis are so wonderful! Nice work all around!

We really dig your stuff!
Keep it up!
Berger/Hill Studios

Great piece guys. Love studio visits.. Mark is awesome.

stuff is really nice. reminds me of geoff mcfetridge, though.

penguin |

Features |

So fantastic!
I totally dig Mark’s work and this was a great sneak inside his studio!

Very nice work done by a very nice guy!

Bo |

Features |

YAY Mark, supernicenice and talented dude.

Such a beautiful/fun space to be in. It’s no wonder you produce such great work :0)

Bigs ups to Mark! Super nice guy and really talented. Extra cool points for holding it down in the “O” (Oakland)!

Great stuff indeed. Has a little of GM mixed with Swedish illustration from the 50’s going. Very cool! Made my day!

Very nice stuff. :) Im digging his Kokeshi figures.

Shogun Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GavKasso |

Features |

loving the vibrant colours and angles, amazing studio work..

wow. looks a lot like Geoff McFetridges work… verbatim

ap |

Features |

Well done Mark!!! Your words speak as eloquently as your work. Oakland needs a good rep from a rep like you!!! Impressed as always!

the wooden pieces are really nice

sasha |

Features |


thank you.

Nice studio visit !
we also loved the wood pieces :)

It’s good to see someone else has a tight studio space/living space set up. The wooden sculptures are beautiful!


Wow, his workspace is so cool. Why doesn’t my workspace look so totally cool!

Very creative.

I’d love to see more studio visits here.

I love these posts, the studio visits are cool. I like seeing other designers workspaces. Keep it up with these cool posts Grain Edit!

The Visual Science

Wish i had a studio/workspace like this one…. Great work by the way ! :)

bnito |

Features |

a pleasant workspace, but the work is pretty derivative

jp |

Features |


This is the reason that I have such a distaste for art these days. An artists’ work is about his vision and how he sees the world. When his work is so heavily influenced by art that already exists, it’s a real shame.
I’m a huge fan of Geoff McFetridge and have been for a long time. His ideas are what makes his stuff so good. The execution is always flawless but the ideas are where the brilliance exists.
But the ‘art world’ is full of people like this ashamedly….find someone who has done well, copy it and go for a piece of the pie yourself instead of finding your own voice and vision. Such a shame.

jim |

Features |

Beautiful, well funky..

The first time or two I saw Mark’s work, I chalked up his biter ways to, “well, a lot of artists look to the illustrators & designers of the past for inspiration so who cares”. Now that I am seeing more of Mark’s work, I’m realizing that he is just a thief. Mark is just keeping a close eye on what Geoff McFetridge (& others) is doing and is straight up taking his ideas, styles and icons. Sure, imitation is a form of flattery but this guy is just straight up stealing.

Can someone rename this article to “Mark Giglio Xerox Centre Visit?”

Notice I used “centre” instead of “center” so you can still feel artsy.

Max |

Features |

Fan!!! i love

Wow. Just WOW. Giglio doesn’t even bother to distance himself from ripping off Geoff McFetridge. It’s just a straight rip — not just the style, but the subject matter, even things as specific as a pencil drawing itself. This isn’t “influence” or “inspiration.” It’s just straight theft.
I sit here looking at this guy’s work trying to understand what it would feel like to consider oneself an artist, but simply copy someone else’s whole thing so completely. I can’t figure it out.

Dan |

Features |

I have to say a little more.
Giglio doesn’t just completely steal from one of McFetridge’s graphic genres. He actually FOLLOWS McFetridge from genre to genre, copying each one. Again, more than feeling any outrage at the plagiarism, the mindset continues to mystify me. It’s like copying test answers from someone next to you, then actually feeling stoked about getting an A. So weird.
And very rare, as well; things inspired by other things are everywhere and that is part of the flow of art. But you barely ever see what almost seems like tracing of one artist’s work by someone, and having the wrote product presented proudly as that person’s own.

dan |

Features |