Tom Palumbo Photography

tom palumbo

Outtake for Junior Bazaar, early 1950′s

Absolutely stunning photographs from Tom Palumbo. Tom got his start working under the art direction of Alexey Brodovitch at Harper’s Bazaar. He later went onto shoot for Vogue, and many other publications.

The photos seen here are part of an extensive archiving project with New York’s Wonderbred.

tom palumbo photographer


tom palumbo photography


tom palumbo photographer


tom palumbo photographer


tom palumbo


tom palumbo


#2 Paris 1962 #3 Paris 1962 #4 Anne St. Marie (Tom’s wife of many years + super model in the 1950s) for Bazaar 1959  #5 New Frocks II 1955 #6 Outtake for Vogue, circa 1960 (This photo ended up in one of Cristiana Couceiro’s collages.) #7 Tom in his studio, mid 1950′s

You can see more of Tom’s work here.

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Also worth checking: The photographic works of Julius Shulman.

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I think you mean Wonderbred?

Confused me for a minute thinking you were talking about the bread company.

These are wonderful. I find outtakes while they may not be as goodo enough for publication are wonderful on their own.

John |

Found design |

reminds of this german photographer who is just shown in berlin in an amazing retrospective:

These are so great! Thanks for posting <3

Gorgeous! I really love the black and white ones. 50′s and 60′s fashion photography from people like Palumbo, Parkinson and Avedon are my absolute favourites.

Wow! Those pics are nice! I wish we have them at Pixmac ;-)

This is very unforgettable stuff. Absolutely brilliant. Some very fine examples of fashion photography. Who’s the girl at #5?

i love that first shot.
reminds me of my home in Traverse City
the colors… the colors…

Look at those polka dots and the cigarette holder! Lovely photographs.

…beautiful pictures…thank you for sharing!

It always amazes me when I see shots such as the girl in the turban that look so contemporary and right for now but were taken 40 – 50 years ago.

this is brilliant.