Jonas Bergstrand Illustration

jonas bergstrand illustration

Mmm…deliciously patterned sweets!

Swedish illustrator Jonas Bergstrand has an awesome eye for patterns and keen sense for earthy color. These posters, originally created for Pippi Day—an anniversary celebration for Astrid Lindgren’s children’s hospital, nicely juxtapose thick and thin lines, and also has many interesting patterns and forms.

jonas bergstrand illustration

jonas bergstrand illustration

jonas bergstrand illustration

jonas bergstrand illustration

Jonas has many interesting illustrations, and my current favorite is his most recent one for Swedish publishing house Bonniers. I love the idea of a pop-up map using a collage featuring ephemeral images. Genius! Plus, who can say no to a red lobster and clown? See more of Jonas’ work at his website.


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Wow, I love the building with legs in the “hoppborg” poster.

Fantastic work! The color palettes, the line work, the textures, everything is just perfect.

AT LAST!!! :)

Great post! I love Jonas Bergstrand. One of my all time favorites.

Louis |

Found design |

I love the black and white illustrations!

I love the black and white illustrations.

The clown is our main ice cream company logo (GB) and the “lobster” is a Swedish crayfish,very popular during summer(crayfish parties)
The images really represent the essence of the Swedish summer :)