Meg Hunt Illustration

meg hunt

Step aside Partridge Family, there’s a new bus in town!

This four-color print, by the wonderful Phoenix based illustrator Meg Hunt, incorporates a few of my favorite things: animals, transportation, and lots of patterns! This mobile zoo accounts for a lot of animals, including a llama, zebra, long necked giraffe, and even a tiny little quail. I really love the juxtaposition of wood grain patterned bus against the intricately patterned road and buildings, and the color scheme makes me want some bubble gum. Fun!

meg hunt illustration

meg hunt

meg hunt

Meg is a gem of an illustrator, and her work always manages to cheer me up with it’s bright colors, whimsical subjects, and detailed patterns. To see more of her work, visit her website. Don’t forget to stop by her shop and pick up a print or two!

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Fantastic colours. Great find!

I’m totally head over heels with everything she does!

oh she is golden!

Ra rah rah for Meg!
Hooray! I consider Meg the queen of colors.

This is really refreshing to see this in contemporary illustration! So much fun!

man this is some really cool stuff.

The bus looks gorgeous on a canvas, I do think her greatest skill is her colour combining.

amazing works! very suitable for children illustrations book. Very vibrant and complicated detailing.

I totally love this work! I am such a fan of Mary Blair and this is so evocative of her spirit, I think!

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