HunterGatherer Laptop Sleeve Giveaway


15″ HunterGatherer Laptop Sleeve

For our latest giveaway we’ve teamed up with Incase. Incase recently released the HunterGatherer Laptop Sleeve and iphone slider case. This is a part of a series of projects curated by Arkitip. To celebrate we’re giving away a 15″ Hunter Gatherer laptop sleeve to one lucky winner.


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From the two names pulled (one from the comments of this post and the other from the twitter messages), we will randomly pull our winner.

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We’d like to thank Incase for sponsoring this giveaway. You can follow Incase on Twitter here. You can follow Arkitip on Twitter here.

Background info on HunterGatherer:

Founded in 2000 by Todd St. John, HunterGatherer is an award-winning design, illustration, animation and production studio in New York City. It has earned international recognition for its spare but inventive projects, often combining experimental and hand-built techniques with more complex methods. Since its inception, HunterGatherer has stayed decidedly small, focusing on a limited number of assignments across a wide range of mediums. The HunterGatherer products for Curated by Arkitip add to the studio’s body of work, which include a number of animation projects for clients such as Nike, VH1 and The New York Times T: Magazine, as well as ongoing work for New York City’s green initiative, GreeNYC.

You can catch a video interview with Todd St. John of HunterGatherer and Gary Benzel here.


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Woohoo! I want that case, I love the Arkitip collaborations that come out, they’re always amazing.

wood detailed anything is amazing! *crosses fingers*

Because wood is good

Already subscribed :)

Woo hoo! My laptop could travel safely and in style!

Already subscribed; love this site!

oooooooooooo! I love some HunterGatherer . and that sleeve is the _ish

i HEART wood grain

Wood grain is super fresh! and so are laptops

Already subscribed as well !

entering. the design is simple, bold, and just great.
& already subscribed to the rss feed.

that there’s pretty hot right there.

have wood, will travel

this case is so much better than the ugly flower one i currently have. wood grain, yes please.

I Love this laptop case! I would love it even more if it was mine.

Just did a post on this on our blog! check it out and see other products put out by Hunter Gatherer!

I really love this laptop case!! It’s an interesting take on technology vs. nature…simulating the natural… Fantastic!! Please pick me! I have *no* laptop case and could use one, especially this hotty!

I’d love a sleeve that I could give to my mom for her new Macbook. I’m so proud of her for finally becoming an Apple lover. :)

I don’t use twitter but i follow you on my google reader.

I need this case because I got my titanium macbook as a hand me down from my brother, I would have never chose such an inorganic looking thing to be my computer, and this is not only organic looking, but cartoonishly organic! a winner combo.

Cause the wood grain will give my technologically driven life a small connection back to my rural upbringing. Plus I think it looks cool.

I’m from the midwest, it’s what we do.

I’m loving this new “Curated” project that Arkitip is doing. Thus far this is the nicest sleeve they’ve done, with the Krink drip sleeve coming in a close second. What I really like about this one is the waffle-stitched hunter orange interior. The attention to details on these products is really impressive.

Wouldn’t suggest purchasing the HunterGatherer iPhone slider case though. Every time I pull mine out of my pocket, people say “Oooooh, where did you get that case? Let me see it.” And then I have to spend the next half an hour trying to get it back from all the oglers.

Love the woodgrain! It’d be perfect for my powerbook. :)


count me in , that’s just plain good design!

I love it, the perfect choice for the wired lumberjack.

Dude. This is rad.

That sleeve has knotty written all over it. Get the pun?

Faux wood grain is brilliant!

hope this time is the time, i always wanted one of the really cool things grainedit givesaway… sorry, bad english :D

Wow, I love all things faux wood! I wanted the House industries wood sneakers,, so bad, but they sold out before I was able to buy them. Heres my new chance!

who doesn’t need a little forest in the city?

unique idea. wood grain on the laptop case!

YEAH! Already an RSS subscriber. Off to go tweet this!

Man, if I had that laptop case, I would take my laptop with me everywhere I went.

Also, I already subscribe to the feed for this wonderful website.

Just got a new MacBook Pro. This would be a perfect house for it.

Jacob Reed |

Contests and giveaways |

Long time subscriber here!!!

love this! and my macbook could really use a case!

I need the sleeve and the iphone case for my future mac pro and iphone!!

I like the sleeve because it would keep my MacBook safe and cushy while carrying it in my messenger bag.

The sleeve I’ve sewn for myself just fell apart recently.

That’s a beautiful case. I would love to win it.

Nice! I like the sleeve!

Love your blog.

Sweet looking sleeve.
My MBP would feel really comfy in a case, protect by its cool looking outer-side! A must for semester getting ready to start.\

I like the sleeve because it reminds me of “grain” edit.

long-time subscriber, no-time giveaway-winner. huge fan of the site and HunterGatherer, AND i just got a new macbook pro! it is as if it is meant to be.

Always loved HunterGatherer’s woodgrain. I love Grain Edit, too!

What better way to protect your things with a classy looking case!? =]

I love this! it;s all organic and natural, I wish my mac was made of wood!

Alisha van Kimmenade |

Contests and giveaways |

Just bought a lappy so hope to win!

i like it because it’s awesome.

I already subscribe via Netvibes. I really need a new sleeve since my current one is falling apart, and it would be fantastic to have this one to remind me of my roots :)

I need this case to camouflage my laptop! My 8 year-old daughter keeps stealing it to play Wizard 101.

I scratched my laptop a little while ago. I was devastated. This case is not only smart, but amazing also. I think the best way to convey my feelings is through rhyme. Here I go.

There once was a case from Artkip
It looked delicious and fresh and quite hip
The case was to be won, grainedit readers had fun

But unfortunately I’m not too sure how to end limericks…

Matthew Bannister |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m subscribed to your feedburner emails.

ALLY in WA |

Contests and giveaways |

Is that made of wood? Awesome!

I need this case because my laptop is in grave danger. I’m staying at my in-laws. They are all notoriously clumsy. Even the objects in their house seem to gravitate towards damage. Last time I was here, in a freak accident, the huge mirror which had been attached to the wall over the marble mantelpiece for the last 15 years decided to fall off the wall, hit my mother in law on the head and then bounce onto my brand spanking new Macbook Pro which was then only 3 weeks old. My poor computer was dented on the top edge of the screen and the display was one big blur of mashed up pixels and leaking particles. l took it into the apple store and although no one believed this fateful accident to be true they replaced the screen free of charge as the computer was still under warranty. Now the computer is over a year old, and I do not have this safety net to fall back on. It needs all the protection it can get!



in this digital, logged-in landscape, one needs to find and appreciate nature anyway you can. great design.

Sick design. Nuff said

Strong as heck!

They should commission an iPhone app using GPS to locate the nearest berry foraging – scratch that… just use the laptop case for snaring small woodland creatures… mmmm rabbit pie.


Wood grain design is slick. Crossing my fingers to be chosen.

Thank you for the give-away.

I love this! I love faux bois prints, and the sleeve I have not doesn’t actually fit my laptop. Pick me!


i heart wood!

mmmmmmmmm…HUGA. great giveaway.

the natural calming effect of wood can give my technological side a nice mental massage… plus it looks amazing!

ooooooooooooo. nice! may I have one, please?

count me in.

peripheral |

Contests and giveaways |

I just got a MacBook Pro this week, and I need a case to put it in! This is such a cool sleeve. I like it!

This is great! Four out of five cartoon beavers would carry their laptops in this case.

love it, hope i win!

Wow that sleeve looks awesome!

I love woodgrain!!

My little sister just got a laptop for her first year of college…this would be a lovely parting gift for her!

I need this case!!!!!!

how can you not luv woodgrain!

no, no, me!


Love the case! I’m a fan of textures derived from nature, especially when used playfully like this. Plus my little macbook really needs a cool home!

Ann-Marie Polozova |

Contests and giveaways |

wood grain + orange quilting!!! incase is hot

I was already suscribed to this feed. But, this sleeve looks so much fun, I really like how original it is. Plus, if you happen to visit the forest, you’ll blend in!

this would look so sweet on my mac! I wanna win!

Because that’s some good wood son!

because Faux bois is the shit!

Because the hard wood will protect my macbook so well.

I carry my macbook around in a crappy old case that says ‘compaq’ on the side. When people see my case I want them be like ‘cool’ instead of like ‘eeeuuugghh!’

Michael Barron |

Contests and giveaways |

I’m loving the kitch value of this case! Oh so retro… it says “sense of humor is mandatory”.

rkblankenship |

Contests and giveaways |

I like this case because it reminds me of brobee land from yo gabba gabba.

I need a laptop case very badly and this one is sooo cool!

I adore all things wood… I would love to see my macbook cozied up in faux tree!

wood flavored macbook pro sleeve?? yes please!
wood grain rocks! plus it will match my living forest wallpaper in my kitchen.

I love love love (love) the Hunter Gatherer iphone case to bits from the very moment I laid eyes on it.
I’ve had my ipod Touch since they came out (I actually pre-ordered mine) and have always said ever since, “Yeah, I need a case.. I’ll have to buy one” and even though I mention this quite often, see many (whine about the price..), it still lives in a white ankle-sock with its scuffed headphones wrapped around it.
When I first saw the HG iphone case I actually happened to have a vaneer background on my touch (oo, matchy matchy). I drool over the iphone case, and only hope one day a modified Touch version will come out…

Thanks for another great contest m’lovelies!

je t’aime faux bois

I want all my electronics embraced by wooden texture.

Nice laptop sleeve. It’s the destiny because i bought my first laptop 1 week ago, and i don’t have any sleeve yet.

Oh yes, I just got a MacBook Pro myself, and this would adorn it nicely.

Laptop sleeve! Because I have been planning on trying to buy this, but the damn laptop I just got costs so much I’ll have to wait… unless you give it to me.

yes please! i love me some faux wood grain

I heart this case… and so would my laptop.

I love this case…. give me some wood

Ideal for all those moments when I need to touch wood

Jo Bennett |

Contests and giveaways |

I love the use of wood in this instance — a not-so-subtle hint that wood is iconic for strength, structure and protection. What better to protect my lifeline, I mean lappy with?

My ancient Powerbook got stolen from my house recently (along with a leg of lamb from the freezer and some mixed nuts, natch), so I really need to protect my new MacBook Pro in this IN COGNITO loveliness.

you would be a ‘sap’ to miss this, only an ‘ash’ wouldn’t enter! ha

i ‘wood’ like one of these

제발 저를 뽑아주세요

Cory Weaver |

Contests and giveaways |

If you haven’t checked out the video on Hunter Gatherer’s creative process, you should:

Wow, I so need this to start my grad school years out right!

Love that case. It’s mine and will be great for traveling!

that is absolutely beautiful

Man, this would be a damn good excuse to get a laptop.

It’s Log, Log, it’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood.
It’s Log, Log, it’s better than bad, it’s good!

That iphone case is pine fresh.

oooh wood is good!

ooh wood is good!

This case is teh cechx.

i ‘pine’ for one of these

Lovely stuff from HUGA as always. Had one of their woodgrain wallets for years which I sadly lost to a mugger in Barcelona a few months back… Would love one of these!

cause whittling one would be a lot harder.

wowowow! i want one!

I really love that laptop sleeve.

I love you. Now even more than before..

love the sleeve, hope im entering this comp correctly, its ace! and your site is lovely too. now to the rss feed xxx

very soild design!

I love wooden prints! And your site :)

I love this blog. So much great design! Had my eye on that incase for a while now, too. <3 all the artist series stuff.

This is great for my outdoor-loving self!

Beacuse I collect faux woodgrain anything! :) It would go great with this …

It looks nice

Wood is good!

i just love it

I’ve been looking at that laptop case for a while now, I love it!

I already subscribe to the RSS feed.

Due to unfortunate circumstances I have been forced to relocate to a tree in my local park. This cleverly camouflaged case would help me stop my “neighbours” from calling the xxx squirrel sex chat line “0845-nut-sack-nancy” while I’m sleeping. Pesky little blighters are charging me a fortune.

The peanut sat on the railroad track
His heart was all a-flutter
Along came the 10:19

All I know is my heart would go a-flutter if I won this fab case.

I like softening technology. Cool case!

Nice case. I’ll take one.

NCProsecutor |

Contests and giveaways |

Those dudes got wood on lock.

Beautiful design, and a sweet product to boot.

The case is great!
My old macbook is needing a new treat.

my macbook pro loves its black incase…but it would love this one more. nice job, incase, teaming up with illustrators and designers! woot!

I <3 faux wood grain

I like it because it’ll fit my new macbook that I’m dreaming of! I want an apple!!! If I have the case, I’m half way there, right? And the new hunter gatherer is so perfect for new look!

I think I might like that fake wood grain better than the real thing! And, thanks to our state’s tax holiday, I just bought a MacBook Pro so I NEEEEEED this!

Nothing goes better with brushed aluminum than faux woodgrain. Nothing.

my wife would love this.

my mac need it!

omg i want it! my laptop will feel special… it is special, and i always use protection with the special ones!

bernard Guerzon |

Contests and giveaways |

soft wood case for my hard metal macbook pro

Yeeeeah!! It’d be like living in a cartoon!

Jessica Johnson |

Contests and giveaways |

i grew up next to the forest – literally, my window opened to a tree-front – and now i live in the city and don’t have much of this feeling anymore. the case would give me that feeling back.

Because I’d like to won something in my life…. maybe a wooden laptop case.

You know, I’ve been looking into getting a laptop sleeve.. This would make a good birthday present :3

I need this to give to my girlfriend: her Macbook is unprotected by wood!

I’d love the Laptop Sleeve, my Dell seriously needs one :(

Because I am starting a white boy gangster rap group called “Boyz in the Woods” and we all pack macs plus it would really match the wood grain dash on my gangster volvo station wagon.Jeah

Good luck and these sleeves are awesome!

I suppose if I were to win, then I would have to buy the matching iPhone case as well, but there you have it.

Because I ♥ you and my macbookpro ♥ you, too.

Its cool that i looks like wood. Thats why i want it.

help me change my generic-corporate look and blend into the forest!
I want that sleeve!

When the world as we know it ends and I’m forced into the woods for shelter, my laptop will be camouflaged and I’ll still be able to read grain edit.

My laptop is tired of it’s cold metallic skin. It would love a cozy wooden jacket.

i want that!

I love this case! If i could etch my macbook to look like split logs. i’d do it. only, you know, without the whole splintered laptop part.

Oh hey, that’s about five thousand times better than my applesac.

Raddaradda |

Contests and giveaways |

Who would not want one!? I want a coat and a bedspread and well um you get the picture OHH wallpaper and and and…. I would love it!

Going to confuse the birds when I’m carrying that around outside

nice! sophisticated and fun

I love the idea of carrying around my high tech tools in a wood grain sleeve!

I want the Hunter Gatherer iphone sleeve because it reminds me of a backdrop for Woody’s Roundup (Toy Story 2).

Simple, well executed design. Wicked. Fo reals.

I also like this, and here’s why: it matches my car which is where I do most of my computing. It’s also where I live.

yes please!

yay! i hope i win

Faux wood grain is the new black.

this would be perfect for my new macbook pro!!!

Jason Heglund |

Contests and giveaways |

I would buy a laptop to fill this.

i’d love a wooden iphone.


very nice! i think wood grain should be on everything!

I have a lame rubber iphone case now. It’s white transparent rubber kinda like an iphone condom. I would love to get a sleek wood pattern design instead.

I need some cooler looking protection for my phone for sure. Mine current case looks kind of lame and I find myself removing it which is probably not good. I’ve already dropped it once and got it scratched a bit. I need a way cooler case.

Jessica Aguilar |

Contests and giveaways |

this is exactly what i need!

Flintstones chic. Love this laptop sleeve. Love Grain Edit even more. Thanks for all the wonderful design you feature here.