Always With Honor: Design & Illustration Part 2

Always With Honor

Illustrations for Good Magazine by Always With Honor

Let it be known! These are charted waters, literally!

Designed by Brooklyn based creative collective Always With Honor for GOOD Magazine’s June issue, this devastatingly entertaining info graphic depicts the “Largest Bankruptcies in History.” Its design is straightforward, simple, and fun as it uses bright colors and geometric shapes. Each boat appropriately corresponds with the data, with tiny sailboats depicting small money loss and huge cruise ships depicting major losses.

Tyler Lang and Elsa Chaves are the wonder couple behind Always With Honor. In addition to creating neat info graphics, they also specialize in map and icon design as well. Their work has been featured in Print, Men’s Health, Esquire, and they regularly contribute to Monocle magazine. Find out more at their website.

always with honor

always with honor

always with honor

always with honor


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I love these guys. I have the hotdog + beer bottle set as the background on my iphone. Summertime-y!

I love GOOD transparency every Tuesday. So many amazing artists.

Great meeting you, Grace in real life at the RCF!

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great illustrations!