Kevin Dart: The Yuki 7 Screen Gems Giveaway

Kevin Dart Yuki 7 Fleet Street Scandal

Adventure, mystery, intrigue! This irresistible giveaway package has it all!

To commemorate the July 3rd release of Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful Mister Kevin Dart in presenting The Yuki 7 Screen Gems Giveaway! This package is chock-full of behind-the-scenes goodies, sure to make your jaw drop!

One lucky winner will win:

Kevin Dart Yuki 7 Fleet Street Scandal

Kevin Dart Yuki 7 Fleet Street Scandal

1. An advanced signed copy of Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7. Includes movie posters, behind-the-scenes stories, promotional artwork, productions stills, and much more. This book will not be available to the the rest of the world until July 3rd, so be the first to own it!

(Books are available for pre-order at

Kevin Dart Yuki 7 Fleet Street Scandal

Kevin Dart Yuki 7 Fleet Street Scandal

2. A complete set of signed Yuki 7 English movie poster prints, including:

  • A Kiss From Tokyo
  • Danger is a Female
  • Roman Rendezvous
  • To Catch a Temptress

Kevin Dart, Yuki-7, Fleet Street ScandalKevin Dart, Yuki 7, Fleet Street Scandal

(Photos by Gritbox Photography)

3. Finally, a brand new Yuki 7 t-shirt featuring the French poster for A Kiss From Tokyo, a Bon Basier de Tokyo to be precise!


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From our two entries (One from the comments of this post and the other from the twitter messages), we will randomly pull one Yuki 7 giveaway winner.

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Huge thanks to Kevin Dart for making this giveaway possible! You can follow Kevin on Twitter here. He also has a Yuki7 Facebook fan page. Pre-order your copy of the book at today!

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Man, all the depth in that trailer is beautiful. I don’t suppose this would actually be for a real feature, or is it purely a promotional piece for the book?

Yuki 7 and Kevin are too awesome. I love the part towards the end when she encounters Diamond Eve but the whole thing from intro to credits is just phenomenal.

If you have not seen Yuki 7 yet, do it now!! its an amazing project done by an incredible artist.

My favorite part (as a designer) is the look and style of the trailer. It feels like something right out the 60s which happens to be my favorite era of design and architecture. From the authentic 60s film studio opening to the scene cuts and transitions to the final credits, its so cool.

Check it out! Now!! Go!!

Absolutely stunning. I love the way it almost looks photographic as Yuki is driving up the coastline.


Soooooo, have you watched it yet?!?!

Love the shot where she’s driving on the cliffside road and the car pulls up behind her. The shot just looks so good.

Finally a book and shirts and more Awesome Kevin Dart stuff to spend my monies on… Its all beautiful .. Great stuff Kevin!

I loved the car chase scene. It’s amazing. It has the same look than the films in the 60s.

By the way, two days ago, I already posted the trailer in protoones, my blog about animation.

You can take a look here:

I love the look. Reminds me of japan’s ultraman series from the 60s. Very futuristic, yet retains that naive vision of technology. I specially like the attention to detail, such as the cracks and pops in the music, to the condensing of the fades in between the scenes. Very true to form. Well done

My favorite part? The authentic “grainy” (no pun intended) feel of the entire trailer. That totally kicked me in the ass when I first saw it. Stellar.

Wow I’ve watched this trailer like tens times since it came out and it still just blows me away. My favorite thing overall, other than well everything, is probably the close up on yuki’s eyes midway through. It’s such a simple shot but the drawing and color are perfect.

The whole trailer was pretty amazing. I liked how it felt very authentically vintage while at the same feeling fresh and cutting-edge. I really loved the whole thing but I think my favorite part was the end credits. They were so slick and flowed well from one credit to the next.

Very cool indeed. I love the overall look of the piece, particularly the “brushy” style of it. The exploding building was nicely done as well.


Victor Davila |

Contests and giveaways |

I love Kevin’s art. The trailer is brilliant. I dig the small fight scene and the typography, not to mention Yuki 7. She’s classy.

Me want some

Fantastic! Reminds me of Pizzicato Five in animated form!!
Outstanding trailer that feels like from another time/era.

I loved the subtle details all working together to create the vintage feel: vinyl record static, film grain, old-school transitions like the blur-and-fade. Excellent.

The best part is the fact that if you beamed this trailer back in time to 1962, I think it would have won an Oscar. Oh and the type is out-of-this-world.

I just love the combination of big words flashing on a red background to 60s bond music. always works for me.

konservendose |

Contests and giveaways |

I like Yuki 7′s white minidress

Of course I’m a HUGE Kevin Dart fan. As an animator, my favorite part of this is the stylish and highly effective use of “limited” animation. Even though the animation isn’t some super polished and fluid movement, the more limited animation really enhances the personalities of the characters and the mood of the story. Well done sirs!

really dig the international productions logo. Sawweeeet

OK, there was a lot going on in that trailer that I loved. To start, the amazing vintage illustrations (I love the way they drew ladies’ calves!) were just perfect. And the outfits! So divine. But the part I loved the most? That gorgeous, hello-lover, hand-drawn type. Purrrrrrr.

I love the Avengers meets Saul Bass meets James Bond-ness of the trailer. Kevin Dart really captured the feeling of those brilliant early 60′s films. I love the whole thing, but my favorite part is the International Productions Swirl at the beginning…is that so wrong?

I’m at work where sites like Vimeo are blocked, but I don’t really need to see the trailer now to know that it looks awesome.

gotta love yuki!

Nice! Count me in!

Blowing up the TWA terminal!

Daniel Levy |

Contests and giveaways |

Wow, hard to pick just one part. Probably either the rear-projection shot of driving on the coast or the airport bombing. That was fantastic.


Absolutely LOVE the repetition of the slow step of the woman’s tiny feet in the beginning and later in the outro credits. I’m not an expert on motion graphics but I really felt that this kind of detail for a trailer is pretty much a guarantee for a great movie.


Che spettacolo!
I love this contest. I love this design. I love this t-shirt. I love this movie. I love Japan and a love Yuki.
Is enough to take part..?

some amazing art and vintage-feeling animation! Driving sequence was perfect and the soundtrack is a bonus.

I just love the whole’60s-retro vibe!

Love the trailer, Love Tokyo, Love your Giveaways.

Splendid! So wonderful.

This is my first time seeing this work. The modern influences are pleasing to see. Really love the theme here. Big ups to the designer + the animator. The animation rocks.

Trevor Davis |

Contests and giveaways |

I just want to slouch down into a pile of Kevin’s illustrations and weep! He’s brilliant.

The trailer is amazing. The best part is the sound, light and motion added to Kevin Dart’s already incredibly cinematic illustration/design sensibilities.

I love the opening where the interior of the mid century modern home is blurred and slowly comes into focus.

I love how vintage the trailer is. the colors are amazing!

I love the fact that Diamond Eve conducts her evil business in her skivvies. I do the same but more out of laziness than sexy retro villainy.

Everything looks great, but the best part is the car scene for sure—brings very well the feeling of Humphrey Bogart movies :) The artwork si wonderful, especially shown blown up like that :)

The whole trailer is brilliant, but I think my favourite little bit is towards the beginning when Yuki pulls off her red robe seductively, mostly the way it crumples to the ground. It’s a small detail, but I like it.

Love it! Especially the vintage feel…

Yuki 7 makes me want to put on some spy guitar records (music that’s heavy on the Fender Jazzmaster and spring reverb sound). It’s stuff like this that makes me wish illustrators had more pull in Hollywood these days.

I forgot to say my favorite part of the trailer was the real flames after the explosion! I loved that touch.

i love the style of the whole piece! i liked her white babydoll dress. the scene of her kicking the gun outta the guy’s hands was awesome.

this is the first i’ve seen this, and it looks great, the overall style of the piece is really interesting.

Joseph Sites |

Contests and giveaways |

nice silhouettes in the end titles…those classy transitions get me every time.

Gorgeous colour palette & background designs. Now I’m going to have to dig out my old United Future Organization records!

it’s just such an interesting mix of illustration and video, love the smoking guns!

The first time you see Yuki your love for her is merely coincidence, when next she appears in her tribute to Thunderball it is purely happenstance but when she disarms your heart it is enemy action. Great art that really captures the essence of what was great about the period.


I am so excited to follow along with the new adventures of Yuki 7 and her nemesis, the devious Diamond Eye!

Evil has nowhere left to run from Yuki 7!

I love the coloring-out-of-the-lines style that is used here to perfection. The music sets a perfect Lalo Schifrin mood and brings us fully into the world of Yuki 7.

I am enthralled with the whole idea. The Shag-esque graphics, the lettering, the colors, the whole damn thing. It is a modern take on a 60s feeling that never quite happened they way we remember.

Oh, and I adore her helmet!

Red Cell

“Oh, and I adore her helmet!”

Sorry, I meant Sunglasses!

Oh, and I adore her sunglasses!

This is the first time I heard of Yuki 7 or Kevin Dart. I’m pretty much blown away by the whole thing, and as someone who likes animation the quality, the colors, the overall design — what’s not to love, really? It makes me think of Charade and other movies along that line. Wonderfully retro and quirky.

Do I HAVE to pick a favourite part? The entire thing is amazing right down to the music, transitions, gun shots and miniature explosion! I love the animation style—clever, sexy and beautiful—but I’m a sucker for type so the retro International Productions intro and sweet title graphics are hitting all of the happy spots in my brain. I have to watch it again.

My favorite part is Yuki 7′s cute outfits. :) Especially her white mini.

The Yuki driving shot is fantastic! Takes some real talent to be able to capture the projected background driving shots of the 60′s in ANIMATION. Reminds me of Connery Bond in the Aston Martin.

Love the animation style. I’d like to see the process behind it.

jessica wong |

Contests and giveaways |

Love the animation style. I’d like to see the process behind it.

jessica wong |

Contests and giveaways |

I think the question should be what DON’T I like about the trailer. The driving shot. The title scene with the large rocket. The music. It’s all so perfect.

the whole thing is so awesome. i cant say a favorite part. i think the style is my favorite. i have several prints of his & chris & yuki will be a fantastic addition.

I loved the animation and how it captured all the style of those Bond and Flint and other super spy films without parodying to the level of an Austin Powers.
How I wish it was a full length animated film. I will love the book.

I just stumbled across this trailer last night and was blown away by it. I love the way photographic footage of flames are used when the bomb goes off at the airport. I also kind of want to be lame and say that the typography is my favorite part. The flashing words in time with the music are super cool!

My favorite part is the very beginning – you guys totally nailed the preview opening! The silent logo presentation, the popping soundtrack – you have transported me back to a better vanished time! I love it! Thank you so much!


Mike Taylor |

Contests and giveaways |

Oh wow… Yuki’s clothes make everything else come together so well!! Kevin designed some incredible outfits- I love her little white and Formica mint pleated mini. Complete with huge, huge earrings. Man can that spygirl accessorize.

It’s the details that make this tribute to the many influences that Kevin mentioned on his blog so slick and stylish but also very heartfelt and resounding to many of us.

Jessica Barrett |

Contests and giveaways |

love the soundtrack and the style. oh yea!

camelcamel |

Contests and giveaways |

Favorite part? Not sure I can pin down just one part. The driving scene was great. The short “Starring Kimiko Suzuki” pan stood out to me. The end credits were great. You know, I hate to say it since the animation was all so good and was, I’m sure, hard work, but I think my favorite part might just be the title screen visible before hitting play. The one with the sword. I’m sorry but that’s just awesome.

My favorite part is the entrance– her legs are delightfully reminiscent of the ‘just legs’ lady from the old Tom & Jerry cartoons!

Man I love the use of the old film grain texture, with all the dust marks made it feel like a classic spy thriller! But my favorite part of the trailer had to have been the the driving scene, that back drop always stuck out in my mind when I think of those movies! Great job Kevin!

I love the ‘International Pictures’ logo animation at the start. It’s a small thing, but the way it’s done perfectly sets up the rest of the trailer.

Oh baby, I think I’m in love. PLEASE.

I loved the whole trailer, but my favorite part by far was when the “Kiss from Tokyo” title came up near the end. The lettering, the logo design, the layout, it was all pitch-perfect. It LOOKED like the on-screen trailer title for an old movie, and in that moment I tingled with the fleeting fantasy that this WAS real, and I could put it in my Netflix queue. The rest was great, but that sealed the deal for me. That logo, and watching as it climbed the rocket…

Thanks for making the world more awesome.

Anytime I see Terminal 5 (or a facsimile, thereof) I am a happy lad – but really this whole trailer was amazing, from the opening logo to the music to the red and black ending montage.

I too was about to click over to Netflix….

An amazing collaboration. From what I’ve seen you’ve put together a really slick looking piece.

Looks spot on.

Best of luck.

The use of focus and blurring effects is completely fabulous.

And really, it’s just great to see Yuki 7 in glorious Chromalux, breathtaking Cinemascope, and Stereophonic sound!

The fact is it’s a wonderfully produced piece, hitting its targets from start to finish. That said, the driving sequence 0.48-0.53 just lit me up. I’m always a sucker for multiple focal depths in animation and this was beautifully executed.


The car scene with the coastline highway is definitely very slick.

What I enjoyed the most (aside from how beautiful it is) is that they cared about type. Most movie trailers or movie posters use Helvetica or have poor type treatment. The trailer also oozes with style.

just pick me :-D

What I liked best was the overall design of it… the retro colors, the rough edges.

i gust want to say some thing “great job”

Update your Twitter randomly according to your intrest Or, from Rss Feed Or, from your own tweet message list Or, Any combination of the above three

I admre Kevin Dart and his work a ton. The trailer for the book is amazing!! My favorite parts of the trailer were the beginning, because of anticipation while it loaded, and the end, because it blew anything I could have expect out of the water. I cannot wait for this book to come out! Hope I can score an early copy. :)

My favorite part? The chase scene–it looks straight out of the first ten minutes of the original The Italian Job. Self Preservation Society!

Its been wonderful following this project over the past months. The trailer captures the feel of those Asian Girl Bond movies so beautifully with a hint of Danger Diabolik. My favorite part of is the final pan up the rocket with the music swelling and the titles appearing. Love the helicopters flying off in the background. Great stuff.

My favorite part is definitely the typography.

while the whole trailer is fantastic, i’d have to say that my favorite part is actually the full saul bass mode in the credits- that just knocked me off the chair.

I think the whole things is extremely well done. The 2.5D is spot on. I wish the end titles went for longer than three scenes — those three are extremely well executed. Would love to see what else Kevin and the animators could come up with for transitions from red to black and Vice Versa. Well done guys!

I am also following this project over the past month. And beside Kevin`s amazing work I really love the amount of great illustrations from the guest artists!

The lack of text animation and use of radial & linear wipes in the first part are what works for me. Although you’ve got gaussian blur, focus pulls and 3D cameras in other parts of the trailer, it’s the flashing DANGEROUS at the start and the attention to details like that are what really had me wondering if this was done in the 60s or not!

The car chase scene with superimposed backdrop was well cool too, love it.

The way they’ve EDITed in the film GRAIN is nice, the blurriness and depth are beautiful, the music is spot on, but my favourite thing has to be the clever use of type, it just sends it right over the top.

pretty difficult to pick a favourite, but at a push, the International Productions logo at the start (always a sucker for a fanned out type effect) or the Saul Bass-esque end credits. The book looks gorgeous, definitely on the wants list

Hard to choose my favourite part of this trailer as it’s all so brilliant, but I really like the first time the ‘Yuki 7′ title comes on (at about 00:43). The way the title words ping on in time with the music is great (and very retro), and the world map in the background is lovely (roughly outlined, but clearly recognisable – wonderfully Kevin Dart). Plus this is the first time in the trailer we Yuki as Yuki, with her amazing shades – Great!

The “credits” that roll before the real credits. I’m a typography nut, and those were some amazing credits.

It’s all great but I especially like the jiggling of Yuki’s earrings.

Sometimes it’s the little details.

Great work Kevin!

Yuki 7 enters the room, striding confidently on her long legs and dainty feet, before stopping abruptly. One deep draw on her cigarette, luring my gaze towards her luscious lips, then BAM!


I cant choose a favorite part.. i love the whole thing!!!

When I grow up I want to be Yuki 7.

reminds of me of when i was little girl.
love the film sparkles and her lashes
meow yuki 7 !

The soundtrack! The cleavage! The car chase! The way the guns sound when they’re shot (pop pop). I also love the Yuki 7 logo.

It’s got to be the ‘Kiss from Tokyo’ title. Cracking 70′s cinematic font!

Super design – blending the letter ‘Y’ with Yuki’s lethal weapon.

The car chase was fantastic. Although I don’t think I could pick one part in particular that I liked best, the whole trailer was fun and makes me want to see this movie.

Incredible! I love the colors used in the trailer. Classic!

Alisa Davis |

Contests and giveaways |

My favorite part is absolutely the attention to dimension. It looks like the scenes are overlaid on actual grainy film stock and like it is a combination of real animation and film. The color scheme is pretty perfect as well. Why not make it an actual TV series?

Thank you Grain Edit for introducing me to Kevin’s art. It is all mesmerizingly cool and helps me work through the countless unremarkable design projects that keep me in the bottom tiers of the design community. I wonder if I can sneak in some Yuki 7 into the funeral home project I’m doing… It really doesn’t matter whether I’m selected as a winner because I’ll likely end up getting all of his stuff anyway…

I personally like the first part best. Till the screen only shows “dangerous”. It gives you that mysterious feeling. And the type, i really like how that typeface fits right in there. A perfekt choice I think.

:53 – :56
the “starring kimiko sazuki as secret agent yuki 7″
the side scrolling blurred out chains of white beads? BEAUTIFUL!

Loved the scuba/detonator scene.

The opening is fantastic! Instantly pulls you in with it’s sexiness and simple, elegant designs. I love the level of expression you were able to achieve with simple digital cutouts.

This book looks great. So many talented artists. Please enter me in the contest.

I love the car chase scene. The blurred background, and the quickness with which the other car sneaks up on her is perfect.

Love it.

I love the car chase scene… and the ending credits. The whole thing is amazing.
Thanks to Grain Edit for introducing me to this super work.

I just have to say, Kevin Dart chooses some really beautiful colors. I’m a total color snob and when I see beautiful colors together – oh man – it’s magic.

I particularly enjoyed the sequences where they describe Yuki 7 – Dangerous! and Seductive! It’s so fun to watch!

Brilliant and totally retro. A nice mix between 007, Modesty Blaise and OSS 117 – that it is animated an animated feature is impressive. From the trailer, my favourite bit was the end sequence with the rocket and heliocopters followed by the title – very cool typography. Nice!

Wow. The music was fantastic, the titles were great, and the little touches in the edit were amazing. Something about the way the title came in at the end over the base of the rocket felt unbelieveably genuine to the era. Oh, and the line work in the drawings makes me tingle.

I really like the style of the whole thing, the design is great! I enjoyed the shots splicing in text with the character – dangerous, seductive…those were great! I also really dig the tshirt you’ve printed.

Two parts:

1. Blazing Hot Graphics – 00:01- 00:05 – International Productions sequence

2. Blazing Hot Heroine – 00:25 – Yuki 7′s tough-as-nails, tone-on-tone Rorschach chestpiece!!!

My favorite part is in fact the car chase scene. I love the movement and I absolutely adore the lines and use if colors. And I hate to tag on to this but I LOVE the dress, shades and helmet! Too cute!

Hard to tell, I like everything about the trailer…but if I had to pick something it would be the driving shot…

Shoot! what a flippin sweet animation! I loved the inclusion of the text (like, ‘DANGEROUS’, and ‘SEDUCTIVE’) – it reminded me when in oldschool movies they had the word ‘bang!!’ and ‘pow!!’ when a gun was shot.. Even though his illustrations need no explanation cause they’re Rippin’!!
Also, sweet T’s!!

My favorite part of the trailer was definitely the car chase scene—I think the play on depth of field with the background being blurry was brilliant. The music very much complimented the style of illustration but I think the server was being hammered on Vimeo because the sound quality was horrid. btw, I loved the interview with Kevin Dart and especially the scans his mom prepared for him of his childhood four-part anthology.

i love beginning where she just walks in and BAM he’s dead. that’s my favorite part. but i love the whole thing. very saul bass-esque. it’s like if saul bass did james bond trailers… asian james bond?

the car chase scene transitioning into the intro of yuki’s character was my favorite. the detail, depth of field n’ amount of bling always gets a girl going! the international productions sequence is graphically eye-catching as well.

Gorgeous! I love the fades and the beautiful glow of the artwork!

I remember seeing this movie at the Majestic when it first came out in 1964, though I was but a gleam in my father’s eye back then. Even more than the swell fight scenes, car chases, explosions, and sexual tension, I loved the scene where Kimiko Suzuki is introduced as Yuki 7 amid all the soft-focus floating bangles. I’m so glad there’s such renewed interest in the work of Ms. Suzuki and Mr. Dart. The Yuki 7 movies really defined the look of that era.

so great! the look, the music, the typography. it’s all great.
but if i had to pick out a favorite part…it’d be the very beginning intro to “international productions”. i loved that whole bit. the motion blur of type, the logo, etc. thanks for sharing!

this was a great interview.. really love hearing/seeing the process. quite an inspiration! would love to win his stuff!!

Her green wraparound shades! So cool!

Dart’s visual style takes the cake.

The 7 with the classic 60′s iconic arrow through it!

This is one of the most unique animated movie concepts i’ve ever seen. I would have really liked to have heard some dialogue, but even if there’s not, there would probably be enough eye candy to keep me satisfied. Great old time movie effects are always lovely, as well.

I love the “rear projection” as Yuki is driving along the cliffside road, followed immediately by the 1:04 shot where she kicks the henchman and catches his gun.

Basically I love too much about this trailer to even fathom putting down in words, but I will do my best right now. I LOVE the 60s feel to it, the colors, the scenery, and even down to the decor in some parts are all very retro and just awesome! I also am a huge fan of Kevin Dart’s illustrations so all of the characters especially the seductive girls were amazingly executed, as expected. One scene I thought was the best was when it shows Yuki (I think that’s her in the shot) and her undressing and dropping the robe and then to the viewers surprise, she’s still in her bathing suit! HAH! Soo freaking awesome! And other than that, I loved the ending credits too, the simplicity of it all was just really cool. Oh! and I really liked how it was all 2D, very flat animation but yet there was still 3Dish movements like in the swirl of one girl’s hair at one point, but the animation was very wicked. All in all, I can’t wait to see more of Yuki-7 and am excited to see where else Kevin takes this.

Hands down, the rear-projected car scene.

i love the complete retro feel of Kevin’s work. the trailer just adds to the feeling of what i belive Yuki embodies.

The trailer reminds me of the film CQ. Great work!

Love his style, his retro feel, and his artistic sensibility and playfulness. But I also loved hearing his story, how he studied to be a game designer and through various twists and turns, ended up where he is now. When I see his work, I just want to draw. And draw and draw some more, and to just have fun with it. Because sometimes you lose the fun, although definitely not in Kevin Dart’s world. And that’s pretty fantastic.

From the start of the trailer, I loved the visual graininess that set the vintage vibe throughout the entire 2 minutes. This visual “crackle” is the cherry on top of the old school art design, featured throughout the video.

Kristen R. |

Contests and giveaways |

“A Kiss From Tokyo” is great. Love the music too. But would love to win something even more!

love the trailer, even (especially?) the credits

I love the old vinyl crackle in the soundtrack and my very favorite part is the use of real flames after the explosion! what a hot chicka!

Just been looking at my book of Robert McGinnis covers, then I stumbled onto this–beautiful textures achieved through digital painting–wish I could do it!

i love the car chase scene! yuki is so cute in her sunglasses :)

my favorite part of the trailer is when the yuki 7 character is introduced. that said, the entire trailer is spectacular!

Loved the beautiful animation, the vivid color, the awesome typography, and omg.. the close up of the eyes – just breathtaking!!

Where do I begin… yuki.

It’s so seductive like those film posters from the 1960s.

This looks great! (fingers crossed ;D)

So very clever – from start to finish. But if I had to pick a favourite part – the title sequences and the awesome mod transitions. Well ok that’s two things… you got me there.

This is EXACTLY why more artists should indulge their inner flights of fancy.

1min & 46 sec of pure excellentness! Like a 60′s spoof its got it all; even a Thunderbird-like explosion! Then when one think its all over comes the end titles that would make even Maurice Binder proud. A stunning 10 out of 10, well done

I enjoyed it all, it had a very nice vibe to it but I particularly liked it when she took the robe off, the way it clumped on the floor was a nice touch.

(plus she was half naked… ;) )

Afrogwithagun |

Contests and giveaways |

Yuki’s hair & mini dress!! Adorable!!

What a fun and totally interesting interview.
My favorite part is all the cigarette & gun smoke – which is funny because in real life I hate cigarettes!

I really like the color palette and the girls’ little tiny feet. So adorable! How they stay balanced, shooting guns on those itty bitty feet, I have no idea. But it’s cute! I could look at this stuff for hours. Great work, Mr. Dart.

The trailer is perfect, and oh the Saul Bass-esque titles! But my favorite part is the rear projection driving scene.

the whole thing was amazing, but for some reason, i just loved the international productions intro most.

i dont know about you guys, but i would like to meet some of the women in Kevin’s artwork. :D

that is, if they were in human form.

I enjoyed how direct the typography interacts with the symbolic imagery. Such as “dangerous” with the shooting of the gun and “seductive” with the unclothed woman. And the helicopters off in the distance at the end of the trailer are nice.

I loved the old-school car chase scene – the way the background was placed – perfect! I watch a lot of classic movies and it really fit the bill for that scene.

I recently have had the opportunity to see Kevin’s work and I am a new fan. What’s great about this trailer is that you really see that he has a vision for every detail, from the artwork to the music. I mean who wouldn’t like a super stylish 60′s action adventure, right? Very Cool!

yuko’s red stiletto heels pierced right through my heart… hopefully, ‘a kiss from tokyo’ tshirt shall keep this wonderful wound alive!

my favorite part was those beautiful eyes filling up the screen!

Loved the closing music. The concept is very similar to Soul Providers’ “Revenge of Mr. Mopoji”, a funkilicious soundtrack for a non-existent movie.

I loved the International Productions logo followed by the moody stiletto lethargy, culminating in…gunshot…DANGEROUS.

Riko Ariko |

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I love the Car scene. can’t wait to get the book, it looks ridiculously awesome.

I love the “rear projection” used in the driving shots. The whole project feels well researched and executed

Everything is gorgeous. But, I love the typography, and the part where she’s driving along the coastline in the convertible. A-MAZ-ING.

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Oh Sweet Jesus, Yuki 7 works for me in SO MANY WAYS, MAN!!! Modesty Blaise mixed with 60′ Yakuza/JP spy movies (pref. Nikkatsu, ) and a liberal sprinkling of Bond! Hell yeah!!! Make us a full-length, Kevin!!!

Kevin has got a strong sense of composition and the animation pays a very good homage to the genre. I love the car sequence with the fake background + sexy Bond music!

I’m all for cheap special effects, especially when paper (looking) dolls are setting an illustrated building on fire.

All I can say is wicked cool animation style 8)

A little thing, but I loved the effect of the close up of Yuki’s eyes behind the green visor. Oh, and the disrobing. Yes, yes, if I have to choose one, it’s going to be the disrobing. Seriously though, it all was great. I liked the face on the dying man reaching for the alarm, too. I suggest an international team up with our man Flint for part 2. (p.s. My favorite part was the disrobing.)

Wow! It’s the first time i’ve heard of him, but I’m totally impressed.

What awesome style! Gotta love that retro spy look. Can I request more sharks and alligators?

I love the part where Yuki is caught by Diamond Eye’s guards. The transition focal transition between Diamond Eye in the foreground to Yuki struggling with the guards works so well. There is so much depth of field in so many shots in the trailer. And in that particular scene, you eye is just simply led where it needs to go.

The film grain, the typography, lighting and colours also give the trailer the distinct 60s film look. I simply love the art, the style, and the direction of the trailer. After I watched it, I was simply SOLD. I must get the book (or watch the movie) to find out what happens next in the world of Yuki 7!! ;)

Great work with the 60s-era trailer style. I also love that you can see the brush strokes, that the characters aren’t completely smooth vectors.

done and done! love the yuki7 stuff… fabulous! I’m a HUGE fan of the james bond 60s films… love the retro graphics/ color/feel and the fact that the hero is a strong, cute girl!!

Really nailed that 60′s look with the color and film grain. Love it!

There is a sincerity to the art which gives it a unique charm.

The movement compliments the design without being obvious.
This allows the viewer to savor the textures and seductive forms.

A seamless homage to a time when creativity was valued higher than technology.

It’s innovatory work preserves a beloved genre.

Its been sometime since I’ve seen a trailer for something, and wanted so bad to actually see it come to a theater. This has the charm of the Incredibles, the thrill of a Bond film, the soundtrack of a 60′s thriller, flawless in every way. I’ve posted about Kevin Dart’s work multiple times on my blog, and I cant wait for more work of his like this to drop so I can post it again.

Wrong website info on my last comment. This is the one! Shameless personal promotion. :D

I think my favorite part is how watching this makes my insides all tingly! Either that or the fact that I’m actually watching a Yuki trailer. I’ve long been a fan of Mr. Dart’s work, so it’s really exciting to finally see this.

My favorite part is the car-chase scene. So 60′s!

I cant pick one favorite part of the trailer, the whole thing was brilliant. The animation, music, art and theme are so good I get drawn in to the Yuki 7 world.

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The car scene really stood out to me, I just love the film look it has. But overall, everything about this project is fantastic.

I like the eyes, but I don’t like that she smokes…

Intro of Diamond Eve has to be the best bit – great name for a villain!

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Kevin Dart has a retro style that really suits my tastes. The best part of the trailer is the shot after the intro titles: charming legs stylishly walking and then stopping. The sequence perfectly bring the viewer into the right mood: you really wait for the legs-owner to start something deciding.

The magic you weave.

oh man i’m so stoked for this book! great work with the music and editing, but damn you for making me wish i could watch an entire movie of this!

I love the look of the whole trailer, but especially where the red dress/robe falls to the floor and we pan up to see her, of course, dressed in her stylin’ white bikini with a scuba tank strapped to her back, setting off a bomb / cut to yacht blowing up. Love it! Have admired his work for a while, and had no idea his girlfriend was Elizabeth Ito, whom I’ve also admired and followed for a while. What a great pair of artistic talents!

Certainly my favorite spot is right off the bat. The design and typography of The International Productions presents.

The best part of the trailer has to be the jump-kick to disarm the guard. This is the film that Sister Street Fighter should have been!

Love it in all of its Cinemascope glory. From the groovy spy music to the fab graphics it left me begging for more.

I liked the music the most. Try watching it without sound, it doesn’t pack nearly as much of a punch. So much brass! I am such a sucker for fluttertonguing trombones.

Also, the green eye mask really does it for me too.

how can i choose one favorite part? i love everything about it! very cool.

As a student designer/illustrator I have always found Kevin’s work very inspirational. The Yuki trailer has just kicked it up a notch. I find the rendering style incredibly amazing: loose, gesturial and expressive while retaining an air of detailed specificited, which was translated amazingly to motion. For example: I found myself watching the mesmerizing animated finger work of the generic computer agent at :20-28 over and over again.

As a student designer/illustrator I have always found Kevin’s work very inspirational. The Yuki 7 trailer has just kicked it up a notch. I find the rendering style incredibly amazing: loose, gestural and expressive while retaining an air of detailed specificity, which was translated amazingly to motion. For example: I found myself watching the mesmerizing animated finger work of the generic computer agent at :20-28 over and over again.

A full feature of Yuki 7 has to be on the cards. All the ground work is there. The character is well developed and the possibilities for more adventures are endless. I like the soundtrack, the typography and the graphics. It’s all good fun.

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love the sense of depth in the animation style. favorite part: the close up of yuki’s eyes as they open. very nice.

i love the dangerous and seductive part
love it all!

I’m completely impressed by the way this trailer nailed the old sci-fi trailers. The tracking, the type. Everything just perfect. Can’t wait to see more.

very impressive. The depth of field was awesome as well as the music. loved all of it.

LOVED the depth of field @ “Starring Kimiko Suzuki..” Just beautiful.

I love all the music to be honest, it really fits the artwork and brings together the overall feel of the trailer. The casting names and all the fancy animations are great, they really are and I love them, but the music just put me in the mood for what would be the Yuki7 feature film.

The old school flavour we know and love thats what really sets it off for me. Add that to the meticulous manner in which it the animation was carried out… and the composition is crazy magnificent. Kudos!

that chick is hott! if i were a cartoon, id be all over that

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Although the character designs and art style are fantastic, i still have a soft spot for fake, tiny explosions. The detonation of the time bomb was my favorite scene.

I love that it’s so much like bond… and the use of typography to sound is great! Did I mention that I so want a shirt b/c then I’d be badass like Yuki!

‘hard to pick a “favorite” part. I really enjoyed the color palette and all the different textures going on. Looks cool.

Well done. The golden era for a spy series. I loved the whole trailer!

We gosh, I love it all!

Well gosh, I love it all!

the ladies. i love the ladies the most. : )

I like the black and red closing credits best. And the driving scene is dope. I think some of the large type early in the trailer is off point, feels weird with Dart’s rough drawing style. It’s too clean or the wrong choice of typeface. The title hand drawn type feels so much better.

Love these!!!

Stunning work, think Ive found my new addiction!

I dunno, that last shot before the credits of the rocket pan is pretty boss. Great colors!

I just rewatched Kill Bill (1 and 2) in honor of Carradine’s passing. I loved the parts where they brought an old film feeling, like you can see in Yuki 7!

The car chase scene is great!!

Car chase. Definite.

Great color and composition throughout!! Those eyes at 00:40 are just lovely!! I Gotta have that book! Love his work… also you guys should check out Phil Noto’s work, similar content at times yet stylistically soo different!!!

The grainy (yeah I said grainy) feel and the crackle and pop were a nice touch. I loved the type for the title.



looks pretty sweet! Keep up the great posts and contests, grain edit!

favorite part has got to be the car scene. and the legs at the end. and the names of the characters for sure.


awesome giveaway! my favorite part(s) of the trailer: the shot of Yuki driving her car, and the end credits.

I love the typography. But I’m a typography geek. Beautiful trailer.

truly unique, great stuff, cant wait to see the full deal!

Love everything about it! well done on the amazing work

I like the ending part >> starting from 01:11 “A Kiss From Tokyo”
and I also love the credit part (01:25 – end) – so classic :D
it reminds me of James Bond girl! hahahahaha :D

My favorite part was the cleave, naturally.

how fun!

“Benjamin: Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me.
Mrs. Robinson: [laughs]
Benjamin: Aren’t you?….
Mrs. Robinson: Would you like me to seduce you?”

Me: Yuki, are you trying to seduce me? Because I want it.

grainedit + giveaways = awesome.

sign me up baBEEE!

Sign me up!

Cool trailer – I’m in.

i liked a lot the driving scene w/ the blured background projection. and the dirty scratches and the vintage look at all.

I have to pick just one favorite part? The type, the soundtrack, the attention to the details – it’s all good.

Signed up! I’m really confident on this contest!! :) ) Yuki 7 is amazing

The textures are incredible.

Amazing – I particular took notice of the James Bond’ish silhouette end credits – great homage to Maurice Binder.

the trailer is amazing. the style of animation is just great, loved the levels/dimensions with the blur effect. esp. with the girl in the car. great stuff

I’ve always loved this visual style, even when I was a kid. My favorite part of many a 60s film was actually the opening credits. It’s great to see that look reproduced so perfectly.

Kevin Dart’s really good isn’t he? I like his stuff.

While I have a soft spot for motion graphics-type stuff — the International Productions logo at the beginning is wonderful — that car-hood shot in the middle of the trailer is definitely the best part. It just feels absolutely spot-on for the era it’s emulating.

What’s not to like? The girls, the style, every detail. Perfect.

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It’s all great but I have to say the part before the beginning and the moments slightly after the end are what impressed me the most!

I love the design of the trailer! Specifically, the colors are lovely.

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I like how they gave it dimensionality to 2D art. Also like the credits sequence at the end, and how they added the specs to make it look older.

Really good work, love the retro vibe!

I like the whole clip!!! But especially the typography!!!

Gorgeous Trailer!! Love it all but the brief car chase scene is cool. The typography is ace!

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Well – this would be nice to win (crossing fingers).

the credits were my favorite part.

webtacular |

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Style, Substance, Silkscreen, Sweet!

Yuki 7 is one lethal broad! I love Kevin Dart’s mix of clean graphics and textured line quality. As if that wasn’t great enough, the music made it a perfect movie preview! Excellent!!

The trailer is awesome! I really like the part with the close-up of the eyes.

An amazing aesthetic look. I love the textural feel of the screens combined with Tokyo/James Bond like camera movements.

Great work!


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I like the whole thing, esp. the reveal of Yuki 7 in diving gear.

the eyes, it’s always the eyes, and the typography is gorgeous too. wicked!

awesome typography. great design. cool prizes. must. be. mine.

the stark closing credits break free of the car-racing, missile-launching excitement, exhibiting instead taut restraint with spare graphics, tension-building transitions, and imagination-bursting silhouettes (if only i too could be made of ink, yuki 7…). my mind is full of a thousand possibilities, all with svelte pistols and svelter legs.

Oh, crap. I hope I’m not too late.

Fantastic images especially the lettering! Give me more!

Best bit for me was the lighting effects…

+ the lights flashing behind the walking legs on the walkway
+ the steamy soft glow on the seduction scene
+ the pulsing and flickering lights on the world domination maps

Good work… so ace

Whatever happened to those stylish helmets?

My favorite bit has to be the car chase scene. Very stylized, keeping with the visual theme throughout, but also perfectly recreating the look of old driving scenes with the filmed backdrop. Style and verisimilitude in one knockout punch! Absolutely pitch perfect!

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I loved the gunfight scene

but my favorite part of it is just how smooth and natural it felt even though the characters were very stylized cartoons. Very cool! I’d love to have some Kevin Dart work!

The use of Depth of Field is awesome.


you have the OPTION to pick whomever. The KEY is why not me!


Kevin Dart’s illustrations really are incredible. I love the painted look and the all those layers! The Yuki 7 trailer doesn’t leave me disappointed. I can’t get that car scene out of my head!

Krista Carron |

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I love the whole thing, but if you are twisting my arm to pick a favorite…I would have to say the perfect touch of real fire in an animated sequence is the best.

Desi McKinnon |

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All of it, naturally. Kevin’s work and ideas are fresh and exciting.

i LOVE these illustrations! the trailer was great–love the entire feel of it…as for a specific part, hmmm…i have to say i love her dress and boots. :)
pick me!!!

I love the 60′s motion graphics intro – ‘international productions’ – sweet stuff!

I know NOTHING about Seductive Espionage but have had a good peer at the grain edit stuff pics and am now as excited as a hairless bear in a shell suit.


The whole trailer is pretty great, but as for my favorite part – I’m torn between the early shot where Yuki is silhouetted against a cavernous room with a dude at the huge table, and the late shot where Diamond Eye’s goons are holding her with Diamond herself in the foreground – cool stuff!

I really dug the driving scene at about 53 seconds in – something about it reminded me of a scene from a ViewMaster (probably the the play with two-dimensional images displayed in depth).

i loved the whole video, especially the sexy shots of yuki. I also really loved the music, it just adds to the overall feeling and environments in the film.

I love all the trailer, its hard to say what I like the most. The artwork its incredible, and I love how the secuense its so well done with the tension points and the music. Great style. I want to say that the part where she is driving, or when the title comes up and the music its all intense. But my favorite part for sure its when here name comes up and she its in an alert position and the shadow in the back makes it look like its a semi 3D image, like a piece of cardboard shot for a stopmotion.

Beautiful art direction. Love the faux rear-projection Yuki driving the car scene. Pretty ironic: faking a technique that originally faked driving in a car. Funny!

Dave Knott |

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The use of rack focus only adds to the dynamism of the animation. The long focal length of the shot with the car driving along the coast is phenomenal.

seth Little |

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The blurred transitions and projected road behind the car! OMFG! Perfect.

well…look and style of the trailer an music are great. so no favorite, likt it all…now….

pick me me me!

The music is great! Perfectly matches the style of the illustration. Lovely titles at the end as well as the integration type into the trailer. These in addition to the animated transition between scenes really make you feel like this could be the next thrilling adventure movie for the summer of ’64. Cheers!

You’ve got some seriously vintage va-voom going on here. Everything you’d want from an old Bond film, a little Ken Adam design, more than a little Flint, some Danger Man and all centered around a cute 60′s chick. My favourite part of the trailer has to be her driving along the coast. I laughed out loud when I saw it. It’s the animated equivalent of a studio process shot. Great work! to all involved.

My favorite part is the car-chase scene. Fantastic work guys!

Whoa… it’s like Mr. Dart looked into my brain and pulled out everything I fantasize about. I guess all cool minds think alike, eh?

Hell yes, Kevin’s style is just amazing! Hes got some gorgeous illustrations. Can’t wait to see this kid go big. I’d be all over the movie if their were one.

Best wishes,

Alex Penny |

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Loved the music!

Loved the music! It really pulled the whole piece together. A few things I really enjoyed were the little techniques: the grain, the soft focus, the ‘bluescreen’ driving effect, and the drop shadow from Yuki. Classy!

loved the whole thing

hahah the best part of the trailer, for me, is the part where that building explodes and we’re shown those typical retrostyle buring effects.. hahah too awesome. I also enjoy the way the cloths wrinkles up, it’s a nice effect..

I love the rough linework when animated. The title card has this old-school film noir style to it. I wish this trailer was included with Grindhouse.

I love how well he captured the era he’s portraying. I love how subtle all the backgrounds are -I mean, how everything going on in the background reflects the era. The furniture, the building that exploded, all of those things are the things that screamed glamour and modernity back then (and actually still do now). Oh yes, and at the end with the gun going off and the bullet/smoke being like a giant inkblot to reveal more credits was very Bond, and very… like.. if only I could grope the pixels. Hah!

The character design, props, and BGs are all beautiful. Love it.

I love all of director, Kenji Mimoto’s, work.

I made the mistake of watching the Yuki 7 trailer while wearing my Three Wolf Moon shirt and drinking Tuscan Whole Milk. I found the explosion scene so riveting that I jumped in my seat, spilling the milk all over the front of my shirt. I too was thrown into heaven by a jealous god.

Celeste M. |

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I like it when the feet walk

Scott Mayhew |

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i’m going to have to agree on the music. Fantastic.

i guess i simply love the insignicant-seeming detail of using blur to create depth. when i saw this, it felt like no other animated movie has ever used this!

I have to agree with the person before me – the way some of it is out of focus makes it feel like a photograph with a narrow depth of field, and less like a 2-D animated movie. Very interesting!

Great Trailer. There are so many parts that I love about it.
My favorite scene (If I have to pick one) is when Yuki is driving along the coast. I just love the colors, lighting and movement; beautifully done!

I’ve been watching Kevin’s artwork for a few years now and it’s been great to see his work evolve and really blow up this year! A Yuki 7 pin-up is bound to grace my blog sometime soon. My favorite part of the trailer? Has to be the title superimposed over the pan up the rocket towards the end; Totally nailed the movie trailers of the era with that move.

I love the overall tone of this trailer. It’s so vintage modern and unlike anything I’ve seen before! The music fits the trailer so well…and the girly side of me loves Yuki’s outfits :) I’ve been a fan of the Fleet Street guys for a couple of years now and I’m beyond excited for this book to come out. Well done!