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Jeffrey Bowman

Can’t see the wood for the trees – Poster for shop opening.

Today we would like to introduce you to UK based illustrator/designer, Jeffrey Bowman whose work has been influenced by everything from space exploration and the wonders of the universe to the intricacies of type face creation and pattern repetition.

Jeffrey Bowman

Is that a Petri dish or mystic pizza? Regardless, I really enjoy the pattern and type on this poster.

The illustration on this poster is hypnotizing, as it causes the eyes to center on its thinly drawn focal point. Surrounding this point are varied shapes and weathered textures, as well as finely drawn patterns. The contrast of fine lines and heavy shapes in the type is fresh and unexpected, and the colors remind me of gum balls I gleefully chewed as a kid. Created for the Huddersfield University Research Festival ’09, Bowman created not only a poster, but a intricate wall drawing that took two days.

Jeffrey Bowman

Influenced by space exploration and the universe, Bowman created this wall drawing with the Crim Collective, made up of students past and present at Huddersfield University. I really like the juxtaposition of the white wall with black background of the drawing, which makes me feel the wall is giving us a peek into the intricacies of the universe. The pattern is clustered and out of this world, as it features mystic pyramids and dreamy gentlemen peeking through buildings.

Jeffrey Bowman, Andy J. Miller, The Wizard\'s Hat

This particular pattern, created for the Van Der Walls Attraction exhibition, is a collaboration with Andy J. Miller. Together, these guys are an unstoppable creative duo known as The Wizard’s Hat. The denseness of this pattern is overwhelmingly enjoyable, and I love the colorful melding of creatures drawing creatures.

Jeffrey Bowman

It could be me, but it’s actually Jeffrey Bowman! See more of his intergalactic work on his website, and be sure to follow him on twitter!


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Jeffery Bowman is such a nice artist and he has some dope work. I was lucky enough to interview the dude awhile back.

Jeffery Bowman is such a nice artist and he has some dope work. I was lucky enough to teach the dude awhile back.

If you didn’t tell me I would have said that it was Mike Perry.

excellent post!
I’m huge fans of both andy & jangly legs bowman.

I agree with Beefour.

Jeffrey is rad!

My God. Mike Perry called and wants his style back. This guy bites like Tyson.

skeletor |

Found design |

^^^ My God, you’re pedantic and naive.

To have a style which mirrors a more established contemporary, especially someone as well known as Mike Perry is pretty inexcusible. I could find similarities between this kind of work and cave painting, nevermind Joan Miro but real talk, it’s pretty obvious where the “inspiration” came from.

skeletor |

Found design |

I can name a handful of artists who do work in the same realm as Mike Perry and this guy. There’s Geoff Mcfetridge, Emil Kozak, and Steve Harrington. There will always be similarities between different artists, since the market has been leaning toward a certain type of work. I think Bowman has a more loose drawing style, and will certainly find a stronger voice in his work as he gets older. I certainly see where Bowman was influenced by other contemporary artists, but he can definitely grow it into his own.

Ken has a great point. You can tell what has influenced Jeffery, but you know that he is making it into his own. I think that is part of finding your style. Finding what you like and changing it in a new way.

all these know-it-alls talking about mike perry have apparently never heard of Kevin Lyons or of the year 2001. The time for whining about so-and-so ripping off so-and-so’s log-type non sequiturs or happy pyramids or crying clouds or whatever is several years behind us. This stuff is in helvetica territory people.

chuck |

Found design |

I think the similarities between Mike’s work and even Damien Correll’s work is fairly obvious. (I mean even his website looks a little similar to Damien’s) I don’t think it derives too far from what they are doing. Of course it is going to look different, but similar color palettes and motifs make the comparison all the more obvious. Sure you can dismiss what he is doing as finding his own voice and working within styles that interest him, but from the client list it looks like he is beyond doing student work and seems to be getting paid for a lot of this work.

And I actually checked out that Wizard hat site and was kind of alarmed that Mike Perry DIDN’T design it! It looks verbatim of some of Mike’s work.

Joakim |

Found design |

usually I try to keep this sort of comment to myself, but, wow, that’s some heavy biting

brecht |

Found design |

someone said that last week, now whos copying

heman |

Found design |

neasden control center
black convory
geoff mcfetridge
steve harrington
mike perry
damien correll
andy miller
will bryant
jeffrey bowman
noaha butkis
emil kozak
jim datz
justin fines
rad mountain
Joan Míro
jim the illustrator
garret morin
national forest
mario hugo
etc etc

this is just a few who work this way
, who came first, mike perry of the egg…

why is it alright to have genres of music but not genres in design…

hand job, over and over, a documentation of mike perry’s influences and inspiration, people doing what he does and what he loves, no one calls him out…..and he made two books about it…

list |

Found design |

The brown and orange, and log letters, still make me happy! Makes me think of the Log Lady and Twin Peaks. If a design makes you smile I think it gets one brownie point, even if it’s not radical.

Talbot & Ashlie Design

Bowman. More like Biteman.

Cinco |

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Did Jeffrey Bowman go to U.C.L.A. Extension?

@list I wouldn’t call this a genre of design. This: is downright copying!

Check out Mike Perry’s

Come onnn!

Nathan |

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Agree with Nathan, this guy totaly sucks!

Isabella |

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