Graphic Design Twibe for People on Twitter

Wayne Pate

A twibe is a group of Twitter users interested in a common topic who would like to be able to communicate with each other.  On each twibe’s page, there is a list of twibe members.  There is also a tweet stream that lists tweets from twibe members which contain key word tag.

We created a twibes for grain edit, mid century modern and graphic design.

Join the graphic design twibe here.

Join the mid century modern twibe here.

Join the grain edit twibe here.


Catch us on Twitter @grainedit


joined all 3!

Thanks Christina!

OK…maybe I’m going to sound a bit of a hypocrite since I have a My Space profile to show off my work (however, I don’t log into it every day and do “mood updates”), but am I the only photographer/graphic designer to post here who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Twitter?!

Sorry, there are serious cons about Twitter. More than half of the tweets I see on profiles are rubbish (“I ate Cajun food…”, so what, I can cook it!), and maybe put out more information than what needs to be known. It also bespeaks our society’s growing slack of having better things to do (such as helping their community, quiet meditation on a mountain top, cooking Cajun food, ACTUALLY getting laid, etc.) rather than sitting around texting in their latest tweet.

I’ll get off my soapbox now (I need to get back to my real life). Grain Edit, I love your blog entries, but enough of the Tweeter, man. It’s really a turn off. Remember, 2-3 years from now, folks will be “Tweeter who…?”

Sr. Nuevo

Right on, Senor. Against the grain or no. Twitter is the evaporation above the writhing mass of sweating cyber-housed vanities. If it is indeed gone in two or three years I will be among those rejoicing. Give me some good old solid. Bring back the solid.

R. Craw |

Grain Edit News |

“Twitter is the evaporation above the writhing mass of sweating cyber-housed vanities.”

The greatest single post I’ve read on the interweb this year.