Frederic Chaubin: Photographs of Soviet Architecture

frederic chaubin

“Druzhba Holiday Center Hall” (Yalta, Ukraine, designed by Igor Vasilevsky 1984)© Frederic Chaubin

Fascinating photos from Frederic Chaubin. Many of his images feature strange buildings from the former Soviet Union.  Most of the structures were built during the 1970s and 80s and look like something straight out of Sci-fi movie.

frederic chaubin

“Roads Ministry” (Tbilisi, Georgia, 1975) © Frederic Chaubin

frederic chaubin

Soviet Palace (Kalinigrad, Russia, 1975) © Frederic Chaubin

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It’s look like fake but it’s not ! amazing :)

That top building is fantastic and totally looks like it just landed there. I hope they’re still in use.

The resort building in Yalta is so wonderfully futuristic. Yalta was like the ‘Orlando’ or Soviet Union… they put a lot of money into the resort business.

Le corbusier would have been more than welcome in Soviet Union !!!

He was more than welcome in Russia. As the result, he won a competition and made a project of build in Moscow which is still in a good condition.

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One of the more interesting pieces of orphaned USSR architecture in North America is the USSR Pavilion of Expo 67 World Exposition in Montréal, Canada:

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