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The Public Trust / Charley Harper Exhibition

Charley Harper fans rejoice! The Public Trust is currently running an exhibition of Mr. Harper’s works throughout April. That massive Charley Harper book is amazing, but man, wouldn’t it be great to see the actual paintings in person? If you’re in the Dallas, TX area and happen to go, let us know how it is!

Thanks to James for passing this along!



The Practice Sessions

The Practice Sessions is a workshop and panel discussion by Antonio Carusone, Frank Chimero, Duane King and Matt Owens taking place at the National Student Show & Conference in Dallas, Texas. The Practice Sessions was created by Thinking for a Living, an ever-growing platform dedicated to the concept of open source design education. Through a network of topic specific design sites with a focus on education and resources, we share our thoughts, inspirations, critical analysis, design histories and individual experiences relating to a career in design.


APRIL 2 – 4 2009

Get To Work

You’re somewhere between homework and the workforce. So, how do you get the rest of the way? How do you fill the gap between education and experience? Join some of the best in the business and find out what they wish they’d known when they were getting started.

The Show

All college-level designers, art directors, illustrators, phototgragraphers, and even writers are invited to submit their finest work and compete with visual communications students from around the country. Entries in 22 categories (plus six Scholarship Categories) will be judged by an esteemed panel of nationally acclaimed creatives.

The entry deadline is February 25, 2009.

The Conference

The Conference spans three days (April 2-4, 2009) starting with Studio Tours on Thursday and kicking off on Friday with a schedule that is chock-full of speakers, breakout sessions, a job fair and portfolio review, roundtable discussions with real working professionals and a ton of free stuff. The Conference is also where the winning entries to the National Student Show will be on display and the Awards Show is where Scholarship winners and Best of Show winners will be announced.

The Conference registration deadline is March 27, 2009.

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The image above makes me REALLY want a Harper desktop background…

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So yeah, I obviously meant to post this on the Charles Harper entry.

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i wish i lived anywhere near Dallas, TX.

sam’s myth – i got bored at work the other week and spent a day tracing a Charlie Harper paining of an owl


i can send you an eps if you want to make a desktop from it? send me a mail on my flickr if you want. flick.com/photos/myleftsyourright


I went to the Harper exhibition, bought a serigraph, will be part of The Practice Sessions AND will be attending the National Student Conference. Connect 4?

If you are in the Dallas area, really, stop by and see the Charley Harper show. There’s an original of the end papers of the Golden Biology book and it’s breathtaking. The man had such stunning brush control.

The Harper show really is amazing. Words cannot begin describe the perfection of the originals. If you’re in the area, it’s a definite must-see.

I wish I could go.. I’ve never had the chance to see Harper’s work up close and personal.

Frank: Hope the practice sessions go well!

I’ve been told that Ammo are planning a smaller paperback version of Todd Oldham’s Humongous Harper coffee table book for next Christmas.
It should retail for $30 or so.