Exclusive Maxim Dalton Desktop Wallpaper for Grain Edit

Maxim dalton

We’re super excited to present this wallpaper designed exclusively for Grain Edit by one of our favorite illustrators…. Maxim Dalton. We approached Maxim about the wallpaper a few weeks ago and was thrilled when he agreed. Since he is based in Buenos Aires, I asked if he would include the Buenos Aires National Library in the illustration. This beautiful, spaceship looking, brutalist beast was designed in 1961 by the architectural team of Clorindo Testa, Francisco Bullrich, and Alicia Cazzaniga. The library is the large building on the left hand side of the illustration.

You can download the Desktop wallpaper in various sizes here.

If you like the wallpaper please check out Maxim Dalton’s website and drop a note in the comments of this post. Maxim also has several other wallpapers available at his wonderful blog.

Thanks again Maxim!

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¡Me encanta!

Thanks for the gorgeous desktop. I especially love Scouts in the Moon.

its beautiful! thanks from brasil…

brazilian architect niemeyer have a couple of buildings that look like spaceship too!


Gracias por tanta alegria!

yes! love that illo!

Thanks for my new desktop!

Icon-wallpaper interaction isn’t new, but this wallpaper does it fantastically.

Great job Maxim, hooray for grainedit :)

Using the iPhone version on my iPod Touch. I love it.

DukeXC |

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OOOOhhhh nice. What a shiny new desktop i have now, thanks!

Made me smile.




Thanks guys, I’m glad everyone is into the new wallpaper!


looks great! unmistakable style