It’s coming…

The Giveaway launches later today. Keep checking in.

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I wanna win something, please!!!!

me too!!


Elissa V Evans |

Grain Edit News |

yeah, even though i have rss, i am still checking every 15 minuters

Lukas Danys |

Grain Edit News |

giveaway to me, please!

No no, me! me!

I’ve been good this year! giveaway for me!
(favourite grain edit article: “The little polar bear : Rudolf Lukes”)

Victoria |

Grain Edit News |

oooo when is it going to start?? … I have to log off soon…. please let me win something truly inspiring to help me take a leap into the illustration world- I’m longing to get out of the 9-5.30 office job but alas I am also trying hard to keep hold of this job in these worrying times.

A nice giveaway would cheer me up!

Elissa V Evans |

Grain Edit News |

I could REALLY use a giveaway, please!!!

Laura G |

Grain Edit News |

x-mas is eraly this year

bernie v. |

Grain Edit News |

so how do we actually enter?

Grain Edit, you guys are the best! I could spend all day on your site.
(Is that enough kissing up? Did I mention you are the best?)

Ari M. |

Grain Edit News |

Yay for giveaways! Grain Edit rocks!
Plus the suspense is crazy.

Kim B. |

Grain Edit News |

i wish this give away is `hidden` one, and stuff will go to people who actualy comment on this site¨
i hope so atleast

eyetrax |

Grain Edit News |

i wrote my mail with mistake
real mail is:

eyetrax |

Grain Edit News |

Can’t wait!

ps, thanks for the 17 creative websites, love it!

Laura G |

Grain Edit News |

has it started yet?

this site is amazing – keep up the great work, guys!

I always get excited about the stuff we’ve been giving away, and I know I can’t have it. It’s nice to have an opportunity to win something from another site though. :)

I don’t think i can stand to wait anymore!

in which time zone are you?
here in denmark it is 22.52
i have to wake up early tommorow
i cant wait any longer

I know how Luke feels. It’s 21.55 here in the UK. I think I also might end up missing this.

Drats and double drats!

Kathryn |

Grain Edit News |

now it is 23:22 in Denmark…..

enough is enough

sorry guys, berlin has to go to bed now. hope things work out in one way or the other and i still can take part in this great opportunity of big giveaway-day! keep up the great work!

at least i hope they are going to give away so much stuff that it takes a lot of time to list it.

I am a big fan of grain edit,
you really manage to build up suspense this time :-)

lol maybe its just for the hits they get on here for saying there is a prize.

to get a conversation started.

to see how many people will keep coming back constantly.

lol its actually intriguing

Does winning involve some sort of perverse sexual act, or lewd behavior?

best yet!!