Swink Direct Mail Promo Piece

swink design

Many thanks to the good people at Madison, Wisconsin based design firm Swink for sending me this awesome promotional piece. Swink put this together as a way to invite people to reconsider the way they’ve been marketing themselves and to believe in the power of a good story — their story. It comes with two plaid lawn chairs (so you can invite a friend), a fire and your very own dinosaur. To top it off, the whole thing comes packaged in a mailer with a giant smiling hot dog! That’s what I’m talking about!

The piece was letterpressed by the always top notch studio on fire.

swink direct mail

swink direct mail

swink promo

I grabbed a few of the guys hanging around the office and broke out the fire. Thanks Swink! This hot dog is for you.

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On a side note, Studio on Fire recently launched a sweet blog called Beast Pieces. This could be the coolest blog name ever.

Also worth checking Hatch: Promotional Bird Mobile

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That. Kicks. Ass.

Mark |

Found design |

yeah Drew!

I love love love this! Who is that a finger puppet of?

Grace |

Found design |

Playful and promotional, I love it.

A word of warning though guys, last time I invited Senór Banana to a wienie roast, he ate EVERYTHING.

Just a quick note about the printing — it was letterpressed by our good friends at Studio on Fire in Minneapolis. They are the bomb.

cuteeeeeeeee!! going to a picnic

like colors matching, it’s very lovely

Eleanor Roosevelt appears to enjoy the company of that jolly banana.

Muno Brunari |

Found design |

Props out to Muno Brunari for bringing Eleanor Roosevelt to the party.


So how do I get one?

oh man That’s gorgeous!

Jen you should email Swink. They might still have a few left.

If you’re looking to pick one up, send us an email through the Swink website. We’re asking people to send us something random, cool and design related. In return, we’ll send a little fire out to you…


go drew garza, go!

kevin |

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Oooee, so clever and cute and creative and sweet and cool, gotta love this.

Fleur |

Found design |

promo piece is ki-ller.
finger puppet looks like Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served.

Ernie Folsom |

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How cool! They should sell these :) ) I’d buy one!