Milkfed Press Studio Visit

Milkfed Press

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Victoria of Milkfed Press, a letterpress and bindery studio based in Oakland. Her space is large and bright, filled with a wonderful collection of equipment and type, and was originally a grocery store where the owners used to stash cash within the walls.

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Victoria got her start studying book binding at the Capricornus School for Bookbinding and Restoration, studying with Anne Kahle. Soon after, she took an interest in letterpress printing and held an apprenticeship at Peter Koch’s Berkeley letterpress studio. Up until recently, Vic worked in the Preservation Lab at the San Francisco Public Library. Now, she’s running the one woman show at Milkfed Press, and was kind enough to give us a tour and special tutorial on letterpress printing!

Vic has a real passion for her work, which is evident in her enthusiasm in teaching Dave and I how to print using her Vandercrook letterpress machine. I was completely impressed by the fact that she runs her studio all on her own, considering that it takes enormous care and effort in creating such wonderful posters and cards as she does.

Check out more of her work in the Milkfed Press Store. Enjoy!

Milkfed Press

Milkfed Press

Milkfed Press

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Aww… You guys are the best! Come to the press anytime. xo Vic.

gorgeous work! i want to have a go :)

jill |

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Lovely prints.

Thanks again Victoria! We had a blast!