Klas Fahlen: Illustration and Design

klas Fahlen illustration

Swedish illustrator, Klas Fahlen, has such an eye for detail and beautiful energetic line work. Some of his illustrations remind me of the work of Olle Eksell and Stig Lindberg. Check out Klas’ portfolio here via Art Department.

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Nice. Also made me recall this new Matte Stevens’ illustration/painting of Amsterdam: http://www.flickr.com/photos/matteart/3016740247/

And the style of the buildings is very similar to that of Julia Rothman’s Luxury Buildings print. http://www.juliarothman.com/

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i like his style! especially his use of color. i’d love to read a kid’s book illustrated by him.

This is so sweet – reminds me of my youth when this cool type of illo work was all the rage – thanks for sharing!

yeah reminds me of Olle Eksell definitely.
thanks once again Grace!

Really nice work ! I was really impressed with their website. I really love the sporadic use of color. Very very good design it does look a little like Olle Eksell but they have put there own thing into it.The detail on this illustration is great!
I think my painting looks a little more like Boston than Amsterdam. I guess its an Americans view of Amsterdam that has never been there :)

This work makes me think of Charles Harper, I ‘m really impressed by the wire faces in portfolio three.
Has Grain Edit ever featured any of Charles Harpers work before?
Are other people amazed Charles Harpers work and by that I mean how modern it looks, at first I thought it was another vector artist and I was amazed to find out how old the work was and how it was produced.

Sorry about the last comment, I obviously haven’t been paying attention, just found aload of infomation on within these very pages about Charles Harper.
It’s official I’m an ignorant arse!

saul steinberg-like!

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I totally love this, especially the climbing thief!