Wall-E retro art posters – illustrations by Eric Tan

wall-e pixar poster by Eric Tan

Eric Tan nailed it with his recent line of limited edition prints for Wall-E. The illustrations were inspired by vintage Disneyland attraction posters.

I saw Wall-E on friday. The theater was packed, as you might expect for the premier in Oakland. Pixar is only a few miles away from my house, so I’m sure there were illustrators who worked on the film in the audience. It was unlike any other Pixar film I’ve seen. Amazing in so many ways.

(image via Slash Film)

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Exclusive look at the making of the Wall-E picture book.

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Dave, I went to see it 5 days ago with my little boy. We were both floored. I thought the movie was great. You are right, it does look different for some reason. We’ve already watched Kung Fu Panda 3 times (the kid is thematic if nothing else) and they both look so different. I thought Wall-E was superb (KFP too by the way) but Wall-E got to me in a different way. My theater here was packed also and it was a three o’clock matinee on a Thursday! Lots of word of mouth anticipation amongst toddler mothers like me here in Houston. Love this poster with its retro look. How ingenious.

How much of the anti-consumerist message do you think the littles are picking up?