Maria Holmer Dahlgren – Bricka Stockholm tray

Maria Holmer Dahlgren Bricka Stockholm tray

Orange buildings, black suns and a white glob with two eyes in the upper right corner. Anyone have an idea what the white glob is? I guess it doesn’t matter, it looks cool.

Many thanks to Kim Eriksson for posting images of this Bricka Stockholm tray. You can get in on this good stuff here.

The Glob is Globen (Stockholm Globe Arena) and is an ice hockey arena. It’s one of the worst things ever built in Stockholm. The politicians who made that decision built a landmark for themselves.

This disgusting building is one of the main reasons the hockey clubs playing (or played…) there are having enormous problems with their finances.

It’s nothing but a disaster and should be burned to the ground.

On topic: The tray is still very beautiful though… :)

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