Montreal EXPO 67 memorabilia – Soviet guide book

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Ephemera from the Soviet Pavilion at Expo 1967 (World’s Fair)

I found this guide book a few weeks ago hidden in a box of old paper goods. I almost dropped a loaf when I saw the maps contained within. The maps display the table arrangements and walking paths for each floor of the Soviet Pavilion which was designed by Russian architects M. Posokhin, A. Mndoyants and B. Tkhor. Simple and effective layout of the information. I love Circular blobs, lines and arrows and these maps are chock full of that good stuff.

The Soviet Pavilion was filled with cool exhibits including; Russian postage stamps, Matryoshka dolls and folk art, space exploration as well as a restaurant that featured bliny and Ukrainian borsch.  I wish I could of gone, but I wasn’t even born yet.

These are beautiful they definitely are full of the good stuff, I love how stuff from back in the day isn’t all perfect there is something so tactile and warm about it.

Nick |

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That’s amazing! Beautiful stuff.

Richard |

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I purchased a box of things @ a garage sale. In there were several Panorama of several COuntriies, Korea, Federal republic of Germany,Britian,Australia,Reisen in Deutschland and official expo Guide book,with stamped seals from other countries. Are these collectible? Thank You

Elizabeth |

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I have a box of such memorabilia from Expo 67…know anyone who wants to buy some?

S. Hershberger |

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