Modern Czech matchbox label

1960s czech matchbox label

Solo Lipnik – UUZO Praha – Pronti Tetanu label – 1960s?

Super cool matchbox label from Czechoslovakia. Pretty intense colors. Nothing like taking a bike ride through a field of ketchup. Can anyone translate the text?

It means “Vaccination protects you against the tetanus”. So the red field is blood, not ketchup. :) I think it is from 50’s.

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cheery message!

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Here’s the real deal for matchbox labels

Mike Burton |

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Thanks Mike Burton! I was looking for some good matchbox textures.

Habboi |

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I wrote dissertation on Czech design and in my research I found great visuals of matchboxes labels from Solo Lipnik from 1950-1970s
check: Eye magazine No.10 Autumn 1993 article: Czech matchbox labels form a miniature gallery of Czechoslovakian society under communism
and TYPO magazine No.12 2004

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