The illustration work of Atsushi Hara

atsushi hara illustration design

I wonder who this guy is waiting for? Maybe he’s into Planespotting? Whatever the case, the guy in the back with the brown jacket looks pissed.

Great Airport scene from Japanese illustrator Atsushi Hara. His work is reminiscent of Miroslav Sasek and Richard Erdoes. Check out Atsushi’s portfolio for a selection of hand picked gems.

(via stickers and stuff)

Hey Dave, glad you like Hara’s work too!

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they are also some reminiscents of roger duvoisin
thanks for your blog !


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Nice work!!
is strange this sillustrattion stile for a japaness Ilustrator


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Cool illustration
He apparently liked the color and/or design of All Nippon Airways better than Japan Airlines! :-p
I think the guy at the monocular thing is looking for his girlfriend’s plane coming in waiting anxiously with the dog that he has been dogsitting for her. And the guy in the brown coat… pissed? lol Hard to tell on my screen, but maybe he is crying as his lover is leaving?
I’ll bet it is at Haneda Airport, which is pretty close to central Tokyo, right on Tokyo Bay – see the water in the background.
Then again, maybe it is just imaginary….
Fun illustration either way :-)

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