Zoudov – animated film

zoudov - french animated film short

Many thanks to Laurent for sending me this animated short. After watching it, I couldn’t believe that it’s a student film. It looks like something straight out of PIXAR. Laurent mentioned that films, cartoons and design from the 1960s were the inspiration for the project. Excellent animation and great use of James Bond soundtracks to set the atmosphere.

View Zoudov on Youtube or check it out on the official Zoudov website.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Speaking of which, after getting a tip from my friend Wes I decided to rent “King of Kong”. Thats on the playlist for the weekend. Anyone else seen this?

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YES! There are no words to describe the shear greatness that is “King of Kong”… just watch and be amazed. Truly, utterly amazed.

Just watched it last night. highly recommend. gave it 5 stars on my Netflix rating. I was surprised at how compelled I was at the subject matter. very well done documentary. and the extras are well worth the adventure. especially the 8-bit Wonder accompanied by excellent illustrations.

Just watched Zoudov. liked it very much. little too much Incredibles look to it, but a great short nonetheless. excellent lighting. loved the end credits sequence.

King of Kong is outstanding. We’re going to videotape my friend Bill completely crushing the world record high score for “Back to the Future” on the NES and send it in to Twin Galaxies.

I saw King of Kong, it is just ok! Donkey Kong doesn’t really lend itself to the generic Sports Movie template.

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amaaaaaaazing!! your future is certain! lol seriously!