Maria Keil : Infante Santo mural

maria keil infante santo mural

While I was researching information on the Hotel Infante Santo, I came across the mural seen above. It is entitled Paredao da Avenida Santo and was completed in 1958. It took artist Maria Keil two years to complete this piece and boy was it worth it. I’m not sure why, but the way she painted the main figure slightly reminds me of the work of Doze Green.

maria keil infante santo mural

In addition to Maria’s wonderful work with tile she was an accomplished illustrator. Her personal website contains many of her illustrations for childrens books.

(Top image via Olhares Sobre Lisboa)

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She was like 40 years ahead of her time. That mural is outstanding.

Maria Keil was one of the best urban designers Lisboa ever had… her subway station patterns repeat in multiple fashions without ever boring the viewer. There are a few of her panels in the Museo Nacional do Azulejo. Super 1950s stuff.