Saul Bass Case Study House # 20


2275 Santa Rosa Ave in Altadena, California. Here lies the house of an exceptional designer but also a house of an exceptional design. This is the address of Case study House #20 as well as the residence of Saul Bass. This remarkable example of modern residential architecture was designed by Buff, Straub and Hensman in 1958 for John Entenza’s Arts & Architecture magazine.


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The remarkable Saul Bass, who invented that iconic type font for the Alfred Hitchcock films. I cannot wait to drive by and see it in person. I am trying to assist some folks who are building a mid century modern in Sierra Madre. Anyone know of any similar homes already in that city?

sometimes i think i was born in the wrong era. beautiful!

Attended a lecture there last night on the moderist movement and the case study house program. It is an absolutely gorgeous residence! Those vaulted ceilings seen to float on air. You can’t get a feel for the excellent design by merely looking at the street front. The only problem I can foresee, is walking though one of those plate glass windows (at least till one gets accustomed to the floorplan).