New Fonts Available at YouWorkForThem

ghs font

GHS / Designed by the House of Burvo

We’re big fans of YouWorkForThem and we’re excited to announce that they’ve recently added a slew of new fonts to their shop.

ghs font

GHS / Designed by the House of Burvo

GHS is an exciting new typeface from HouseOfBurvo, it comes in 4 styles, each style is sold in 3-font sets containing a Key font, and two ‘Layer’ fonts separating the Hairline Strokes from the Stress parts. These layers can be combined to create endless variations.

hernandez font

Hernandez Bold / Designed by Sudtipos

Hernandez bold is a ‘slab serif display’ font. It has a unique feature, it gives the possibility of composing words in different rhythms. It has a big number of alternates, which allows the user various combinations within a text.

cumulus and foam font

cumulus and foam font

Cumulus & Foam / Designed by Stefan Kjartansson

Like other unbeautiful creations, Cumulus is not an easy read. Its delicate origins (in Didot) are perceptible, but this familiarity is cloaked with malproportioned outgrowths and misfigured swellings. Not only have the characters all but eluded recognition, there is a sense that they haven’t ceased to form. As clouds transmogrify when borrowed for a dream, so does Cumulus bloom and thrust when committed to a baseline.

ghs font

Inlove / Designed by Sudtipos

Inlove is ideal for magazines, posters or flyers, Inlove is a modern take of Ariel Di Lisio passion for geometric and very contrasted typefaces.

daisy lau font

Daisy Lau / Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Daisy Lau is based on a script from the 19th century. The Inky texture gives this font a realistic handwriting appearance.


Clairemy / Designed by Blake E. Marquis

Started in 2008, finished in 2010, Clairemy is a whimsical and crafty handset design of upper and lowercase letters

rita font

Rita / Designed by Sudtipos

Thick and rough, with subtle curves. Rita it’s Daniel Hernandez font, inspired by woodtypes. It has two variants: Regular and fat, wich allow the user to compose text in the most dynamic way with better use alternatives.


Ritornelos /Designed by PintassilgoPrints

Ritornelos is a lively hand-drawn typeface, perfect for adding a whimsical touch to your designs. It’s a unicase alphabet, containing two variations for each letter

ne10 font

Ne10 / Designed by Corey Holms

Ne10 is a monoline sans-serif face works in both large and small scales, making it versatile at bridging the gap between corporate and urban communication.

panels font

Panels / Designed by Bryce Pedersen

Panels is a set of hand drawn 3-dimensional letters (vector format).

camera font

Camera / Designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa

Camera is a legible, simple and lovely sans serif based on art deco advertisments from 1800s to early 20th century.

candy script

Also added to the YWFT catalog is Sudtipos 2007 release Candy Script.

Value Packs – Slab Serif collection 01


Also available for your viewing pleasure: 

Vette Annonce type specimen

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