The Tree House Press: Illustration

tree house press

The Tree House Press is alias of UK based illustrator and designer Marc Aspinall. This illustration, aptly titled Love Letter, nicely blends rough textures and halftones with organic shapes and distinct line work to create a fun and endearing piece.

tree house press

tree house press

tree house press

tree house press

tree house press

Marc’s work blends mid-century sensibilities with elements of Japanese culture to create memorable images. To see more of his work, visit The Tree House Press‘ website and his shop.


Also for your viewing pleasure: Ryohei Yanagihara

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Love this style, especially the halftone effects that run through areas of the images. Seriously cool.

Marc’s work is fantastic–the line quality is beautiful and his use of halftones is always spot on. He’s great to follow on Dribbble where catch glimpses of his work in progress. Great post!

fantastic – love it!

good stuffs

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I agree, love it.