Sollinero Illustration

sollinero illustration

Ah! Nothing beats a spot of tea and the company of man’s best friend!

The composition of this print, created by Buenos Aires illustrator Sollinero, is nicely balanced and uses a relaxing color palette consisting of warm ochres and cool blue. I really love the patterns and details throughout the print, especially the little baubles that tie the rug, lamp, lounge chair, and gentleman’s pants together.

sol linero i

sol linero

sollinero illustration

Sollinero’s prints are incredibly whimsical, thoughtfully designed, and fun! See more of her work at her Etsy shop.

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What a coincidence! I open my Grain Edit email this morning to see an artist from Buenos Aires featured just as one of my friends is whisking through the air on her way to Buenos Aires!
Sollinero is fabulous, I love the color combinations and the softness of them.

kassy |

Found design |

Love the color palette and especially the little man in the pitcher. It’s almost like a little factory in there.

super fantastic.
we are heavy tea drinkers @ our house….
and these capture it perfectly.

Sollinero’s art is fantastic! Thanks for introducing me to it. I think I might have just found the next artist I want to add to my collection. :D

this art is fantastic, very well balanced. thanks for posting!

Fabulous! Love this! Might have to have one of these. My faves are the big teapot, and the elephant in India. Just superb! Great find grainedit!

These are incredible!

I can’t believe I’m in Grain Edit!!! GE is my all time favorite blog for design, I love everything post here, so you can’t imagine what this means to me.
I’m so incredibly happy!!!
Thanks to everyone for the nice compliments about my work. And I’m too a heavy tea drinker :)

Sol Linero |

Found design |

Thanks Sol! We love your work.

Sol can you email me through the contact form on the contact us page?