Poketo + Kitsune Noir = SPACETIME!

poketo wall decals

YES! Our wall decals from the Poketo and Kitsune Noir collaboration, SPACETIME, finally arrived! This collaboration features four of our favorite illustrators: Mike Perry, Damien Correll, Cody Hudson, and Andy Miller. These gents each designed wall decals, shirts, and wallets.

spacetime wall decals

Grace: I had a naked wall in my living room, so I happily decorated it with Damien Correll’s awesome decals. They have interesting shapes, and now it looks like there are mini-vortexes all across my wall. Cosmically cool!

spacetime wall art

Here’s Twig critiquing my layout.

Dave: I had a blast putting these Cody Hudson wall decals up. (Note – upcoming plug for general awesomeness) The wall decals are removable and re-stickable, so I was able to rearrange them easily. The walls are pretty bare in this section of the house, so it’s great to finally have a little bit of color.


Here it is from an another angle. Still looking real good. Now I’m surrounded by cool art when I sit down to fondle my aqua globe! (see plant)

Here’s the decals that are included in each wall art package.

poketo wall decals

poketo wall decals

You can purchase goods from the Spacetime collection at Poketo.

Don’t forget to check out the the always top notch Kitsune Noir as well.


Also worth checking: Andy J Miller + Damien Correll.

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YEAH, Twig. Two super awesome things of bueaty all in one photo, way to go Dave, and Poketo. I wear my poketo t-shirt every night, love there stuff. All I need now is a Twig tee…

your whole blog is simply beautiful. it truly has the modern day vintage element. well done to you.

it goes in my blog roll :)

everything vintage

yea these are really nice wall decals. :) yehey!

nice, but..em.. does one have to own an Eames chair to go with them..?:)

I think so, you might need a cat as well.

These are exactly what I want in a decal! I’ll have to pick these up.

Those decals look great – what a simple way to make big changes and impact in a space that needs color. I love how you guys both used them!