Bombo! (aka Maurizio Santucci) Illustration

Like people playing footsie, some trees just wanna play rootsie!

Such is the case in this fun, skillfully crafted illustration by Italian illustrator, Bombo! (aka Maurizio Santucci). Like a fine puzzle, all the pieces fit together nicely. The composition creates a realistic pop-up environment that I wish I could travel to, and I really enjoy the tangled roots and the nervous expression on the tree’s face. Santucci created this particular piece for the Argentinian art magazine, Atypica (Issue #33), and created another awesome collage to pay homage to one of my favorite films, Taxi Driver (1976).

The images and patterns totally capture the spirit of the film, and I’m now completely obsessed with his work! See more on his website,

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What great work, such skill and excellent choices of colour, off to “bomboloand” for me

soo beautiful.

yeah thats pretty cool. It almost looks as though he had to cut out real paper. I don’t know how he did it, but the graphics are pretty cool.

holy crap… this is beautiful–i really love this grace! you have awesome taste.

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Bombo has now an etsy shop

Yulia Bordskaya makes some nice paper works too…