Expo 70 Japan

expo 70

Takara Beautilion Pavilion designed by Kisho Kurokawa

40 years ago, Osaka hosted the first world exposition to be held in Asia. Representing 76 countries and an array of international and domestic organizations, Osaka Expo ’70 was an exemplary platform of engineering and architectural finesse through its vast showcase of pavilions.

Expo ’70 boasted numerous temporary complexes designed by notables such as Canada’s Arthur Erickson and Renzo Piano. The event was also a fitting platform for these Japanese Metabolist architects, Kenzo Tange, Kisho Kurokawa and Kiyonori Kikutake to pursue their concepts characterized by large scale, flexible, highly-engineered structures that evoke the processes of organic growth.

expo 70

Expo Tower

expo 70 japan

Switzerland Pavilion

expo 70

Toshibia-IHI Pavilion designed by Kisho Kurokawa

expo 70

Aerial view of Green Pavilion

(via –Pink Tentacle/ images via antonraubenweiss, m-louis)
Guest post by Elizabeth Surya. She is the editor of Pleatfarm: an informational blog about folds in design.


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Soviet Pavilion Expo 67

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