Kitsune Noir Poster Club

kitsune noir poster club

Jez Burrows – Walden (Part of the Kitsune Noir Poster Club)

Over the next several months, several design blogs (including grain edit) will be collaborating with the stellar art & design social network Society 6. First up is the Kitsune Noir Poster Club. Bobby of the excellent Kitsune Noir asked five of his favorite artists to interpret books they really enjoy into a print that will be a lasting work of art.

The project includes:

Jez Burrows – Henry David Thoreau’s Walden

Mark Weaver –  Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

Frank Chimero – Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughter House Five

Cody Hoyt – David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest

Garrett Vander Leun – Cormac McCarthy’s The Road

mark weaver
Mark Weaver – Moby Dick (Part of the Kitsune Noir Poster Club)

frank chimero
Frank Chimero – Slaughter House Five (Part of the Kitsune Noir Poster Club)

Over at Kisune Noir you can read interviews with each artist about the project and their approach to re-interpreting the covers to these literally classics. Handshakes and highfives are due all around!

You can find grainedit on Society6 here.


Also worth checking: Frank Chimero Interview.

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