Chronicle Books Office Tour

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Thanks to Geoff Wagner and the rest of the crew at Chronicle Books for  for taking the time to show me around the Office.  It’s a beautiful space with lots of nice architectural details including exposed bricks, beams and piping. Large globe fixtures dot the ceilings and remind me of the original Lightolier ball lights that are often found in the Eichler homes of the Bay Area. The entrance to the building hosts a bookshop open to the public. Towards the front of the shop, new books are showcased on top of rustic planks of wood recycled from one of the building’s previous tenants. The top floor features an employee lounge with floor to ceiling window walls and nice views of the Soma district.

I was excited to see some of the new projects their working on. Chronicle works with some of my favorite illustrators and designers, so I knew they would have plenty of good stuff in development. They did not disappoint. Recently released and upcoming projects include work with Eleanor Grosch of PushmePullyou and Grady McFerrin.

While I was there I picked up a copy of Core Memory – A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers. I’ve been wanting this book for a while so, I was glad to finally get my hands on it. I’m curious what other titles from Chronicle have you guys been digging? Anyone else pick up the Factory Records book?

Lastly, shout outs to Chronicle’s in house design department. Lots of great work coming from there.

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