Design Coordination and Corporate Image – FHK Henrion

design coordination corporate image FHK henrion

Design Coordination and corporate image – FHK Henrion + Alan Parkin c1967

This is an excellent book on the subject of corporate identity. All the big design guns are in here. The best part, for each case study the designer explains the problems he encountered and his thoughts behind the design etc.

Includes case studies by Dick Merricks, Metra International, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Barilla, BTR Industries, Watneys, Braun, IBM, Westinghouse, PAM, Olivetti, Celanese Corporation, Olympic Games Tokyo 1964, Clydesdale Bank, Mazetti, Pirelli, London Transport, Therma, Italsider, British Rail, Rohm and Haas, Herman Miller, Anker Bier, Lunch Bier, British Traffic Signs, Sainsburys, Steendrukkerij de Jong

Designers Include: Otl Aicher, Saul Bass, Lester Beall, Erberto Carboni, Eugenio Carmi, Wim Crouwel, Design Research Unit, Crosby, Fletcher, Forbes, Charles Eames, Olle Eksell, FHK Henrion, Yusaku Kamekura, George Nelson, Paul Rand, Willelm Sandberg, Giovanni Pintori and more.

metra international fhk henrion

erberto carboni barilla

paul rand westinghouse





You can pick up a copy at Amazon.


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