The Raymond Savignac Olivetti Print giveaway, again!

Raymond savignac olivetti print

Last December we gave away a Raymond Savignac poster. Since then we’ve received emails from people interested in the poster, so we decided to give one more away.

poster details: This is not an original, but rather a reissue of the original poster Savignac created for Olivetti in 1953. We received this copy directly from the Olivetti Society in Italy.

Sounds great, but how do I enter to win?

1. Leave a message in the comments section of the post. (Maybe say hello or tell us why you’d like the poster, just keep it short)

2. Subscribe to our free RSS or Email updates (seen in the upper right corner of the website). If you already subscribe, you’re all set, no need to subscribe again.

On Sept 1st, we will randomly select one name from a trash can.

We will announce the winner on Sept 1st in the GRAIN EDIT RSS FEED + EMAIL UPDATES. We will not be announcing the winner on the website, so you need to subscribe to either the RSS or Email updates to know if you won or not.

so go for it! enter now.

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