Pino Tovaglia book – Exhibition of design work

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Pino Tovaglia book – The rule that corrects emotion

In addition to this blog, I own a small design bookstore. As a bookseller, I find it hard to find publishers that consistently produce quality titles. Italian publisher Edizioni Corraini is one of a few publishers that I look forward to their new releases each year. If you own or have seen any Bruno Munari books, you are most likely familiar with their work. They have reproduced dozens of Munari’s books, many of which I own in my personal collection. In addition to the Munari collection, they have produced books on or by Martí Guixé, Enzo Mari, Aoi Huber-Kono (Max Huber’s wife),Taro Miura, Albe Steiner and many others. With this in mind, I was delighted when I received an email from them mentioning that they had been reading Grain Edit and that they would like to send a package my way.

I will cover the contents of the package in several posts. The first being the Pino Tavaglia book seen above.

I was first introduced to the Pino Tovaglia book several years ago. It was the weirdest situation. I just sold a set of curtains (with a killer 50s pattern) I pulled out of an estate sale to a guy on craigslist. When he pulled up he gave me the cash and pulled out this totally rad design book he happened to bring along for the trip. It was the Tovaglia book. I was floored by what I saw. I was on the hunt for a copy but, I was unable to get my hands on one till I received this package from the publisher.

Forty two students from twenty different countries came together in workshop about PinoTovaglia directed by Massimo Pitis. The end result was an exhibition of Pino’s work as well as this monograph. This book serves as a wonderful retrospective of his work. I find his designs playful and experimental but with a calculated restraint. Looking at the photos above you can get a sense of this and his versatility as a designer. Many of his designs would fit right in amongst the work being produced today.

You can purchase the Pino Tovagllia book here.

Next week we’ll look at the rest of the package, which includes an exciting new project Edizioni Corraini has recently announced.

Check out all of Edizioni Corraini’s book titles at their new website.

Pino Tovaglia book - Exhibition of design work

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