Zalando Logo


Zalando is an online retailer that was founded in Germany. The company initially specialized in footwear, but has since expanded into clothing and accessories. Recently their design team put together an animated video on how their logo came into being. Inspired by an imprint of a stiletto heel, the orange triangle found in the Zalando logo goes on a brief, but magical journey in this charming story. Along the way, the triangle gets caught in a tree, lost in the wind and even hitches a ride on the beak of a passing bird. You can see the complete video at their website.


A must have for a designer



It’s becoming more and more important to have an online presence if you are a designer. Clients and potential employers have come to expect immediate access to your work and offering a strictly paper based portfolio is no longer an option. In addition to being a place to display your latest projects, having a website will allow you to easily share your resume, collect payments and notify users of the various associations and social media channels you participate in.  In the past setting up a website was intimidating and often limited to designers with coding experience. With the wealth of tools now available it is no longer necessary to have coding experience to create a well-designed portfolio. Below are just a few of the options.

 For those looking for a simple and clean platform that is free or low-cost, Carbonmade or Cargo Collective should fit the bill. Both options include hosting and allow you to easily modify the look. In addition, you can embed audio and video files and add slideshows.

 If you are looking for a solution that includes ecommerce capabilities, Squarespace, Shopify, and Goodsie are worth looking into. In addition, 1and1 offers lots of tools  to create a robust website. All of these options will allow you to sell products and manage your orders.

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