Sigrid + Hans Lammle

sigrid and hans lammle

Beautiful Cityscapes designed and illustrated by the German couple Sigrid and Hans Lammle. These illustrations were for a calendar published in 1957. Really amazing details and the colors are super bright and saturated. I need more of this! Any guesses as to what city this might be?

sigrid and hans lammle

sigrid and hans lammle

sigrid and hans lammle

sigrid + hans lammle

sigrid & hans lammle

sigrid and hans lammle

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my educated guess would be: Hamburg

Yes, Hamburg.
Very nice! Thanks.

Yes my old hometown Hamburg. Very nice piece, thanks!

Yes Hamburg for me too. Really lovely, You know, I’ve seen stuff like this before. That type of line drawing with the color blocks that seem to have been deposited on top after. In my old school books from Latin America, there were lots of illustrations like this. On my next trip I’m going to have to search at my parents house for the textbooks.

Great work, thanks for finding and posting.

Wow, these illustrations are amazing! I want this calendar.

I don’t suppose there are desktop-sized scans of this? What a great wallpaper it would make.

NobleCrayfish |

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Thats a great idea Noble, I’ll put it together

Looking at all these photos of Hamburg. I’d love to go there.

consider me a fan

Nice! I love the colors.
The cars are cool too :-)

pure fun

to the max!

The 2nd one is Düsseldorf ;-)

Perditia |

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duesseldorf really?