1960s Brazilian book cover designs by Gian Calvi

Gian Calvi book cover designs

Plantão Fatídico é de c1967 -O Assassino Nudista c1968 – No Calor da Noite c1968.

Beautiful book covers by Brazilian designer/ illustrator Gian Calvi. Very similiar to the Penguin book covers of the same time period.

I’m very interested in Brazilian design from the 60s and 70s, so If anyone has any images or info please send it my way.

(via design ref’s wonderful flickr set)

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Japanese book cover art from the 1960s

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Great! guess you already know the wonderful Penguin on design book. Kind regards,
Señorita Puri

If you’re interested in brazilian design in the 60′s you should check this book released by Cosac Naify.

i hope you enjoyed the links…

http://www.benicioilustrador.com.br/ – best know for his pin ups

http://www.jotacarlos.org/ – the best brazilian ilustrator ever… (check the link “consulte o acervo” than “visitante”


Marcelo – Brazil

Thanks Marcos for posting these!

Ivo, that book looks great. I wonder if they would ship to the U.S.
Thanks for sending this my way.

Thanks for the tip on Sabadabada. Awesome site. Way too many cool album covers.

Wish I had my dad’s Brazilian LPs with me here in Houston. There was some interesting stuff there now that you’ve made me think of it. Some of it looked a bit like this. Primary colors with offshoots in the same gamma, minimal images, very sixties. When I go to Panama next year I’ll take photos of them for you.


yes, cosacnaify ship to US.
theres is another book called “brasilian design before design” from the sabe editor


David Renó |

Found design |

This designer from the North (of Brazil) is just great


Worth scrolling to see all his stuff

dkebb |

Found design |